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DWI Lawyers in Union County NJ

Experienced Lawyers Fight DUI/DWI Charges for Clients in Union County, Middlesex County, Essex County, Hudson County and Throughout New Jersey

Getting stopped and charged with drunk driving in Essex, Hudson, Middlesex or Union county, or anywhere else in New Jersey, is serious business. You are facing the loss of your driver’s license, stiff fines, and possible jail time. You need to hire a New Jersey defense lawyer who is knowledgeable about DWI laws and who knows how to negotiate with prosecutors to get your charges downgraded or dismissed.

We Have Offices By Appointment in Elizabeth, New Brunswick, Plainfield and Additional Locations Throughout New Jersey

Don’t go it alone. From our nine office locations throughout New Jersey, the experienced DWI/DUI attorneys at Team Law have defended clients against drunk driving charges for more than 60 years. We know there are ways to discredit evidence in DWI/DUI cases and we will work tirelessly on your behalf to protect your reputation and your ability to drive. Our office locations include:

DWI Defense Attorneys Fight Your Charges in New Brunswick, Clark, Edison, Newark and Surrounding NJ Towns

In New Jersey, there are two ways in which you can find yourself arrested for a DWI/DUI. In the first instance, police officers can make an arrest if you surpass the legal NJ blood alcohol content (BAC) limit of .08 percent during a breathalyzer test. The other instance, referred to as the traditional method, occurs when you are pulled over for seemingly unsafe driving and then fail a field sobriety test. This method does not require a BAC breathalyzer test and is, therefore, more flawed.

After being arrested for a DWI/DUI, it is important to contact a traffic violation lawyer immediately. The group of attorneys at Team Law have the experience and record to best handle your DWI/DUI charges. If the arresting officer or any other investigator failed to follow protocol, we will uncover the mistake and use it to your benefit.

The consequences of a DWI/DUI can be drastic and life-altering. Depending on your situation, potential penalties include:

For a third (or subsequent) DUI conviction, you will lose your license for 10 years. This is a mandatory penalty; municipal court judges have no discretion when it comes to shortening this driver’s license suspension sentence. You will not be able to drive at all for 10 years; if you do, you will then be facing a fourth-degree driving while suspended charge. This is an indictable offense that will likely land you in jail.

Why Should I Seek Legal Counsel After My DWI/DUI Violation in Clark, Newark or Jersey City, NJ?

The penalties associated with drunk driving are severe and will impact your life forever. An experienced DWI attorney at Team Law will help you understand the scope of your legal rights when faced with a DWI/DUI charge. We will be by your side in court, working to get your charges dismissed or downgraded. When that’s not possible, having a skilled lawyer representing you and negotiating your penalty terms is in your best interests.

Perhaps the most compelling reason to contact a DWI/DUI lawyer at Team law is the opportunity to appeal your charges. Only a DWI/DUI attorney will be able to request an appeal from the NJ court and argue which laws apply to your case. This can potentially result in a reduced sentence or even a not guilty verdict.

Schedule a Free Consultation with an Experienced NJ DWI Attorney at Team Law

If you have recently been issued a DWI/DUI charge, seek experienced legal counsel immediately. Team Law has nine conveniently located offices throughout New Jersey, including Essex, Hudson, Middlesex, and Union counties. Moreover, we serve clients throughout the entire state. Fill out our online contact form or call (732) 388-5454 today to schedule your free consultation with the experienced DWI/DUI lawyers at Team Law.

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