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New Jersey is a no-fault insurance state. What that means is that the standard automobile insurance policy automatically provides $250,000 of insurance coverage for medical bills (commonly called PIP coverage) incurred as a result of a car accident regardless of whose fault caused the car accident. In the event of a lawsuit, the first $250,000…Read More

Spectator Injuries During Sporting Events

Experts estimate that around 15 million Americans will attend at least one professional sporting event each year. Spectator injuries are a statistical rarity considering the large amount of people who attend such events, but they do still occur at times. When a spectator is injured during a sporting game, they may mistakenly believe that the…Read More

Car Accidents Involving Aging Adults

As we begin to age, we start losing the ability to physically and mentally complete tasks that seemed so simple at a younger age. Driving is an extremely complex activity that many older adults struggle with. Statistics consistently reveal that motor vehicle accidents involving older adults over the age of 65 are often just as…Read More

Skilled Motorcycle Injury Lawyers Help Clients Injured in Accidents Caused by Dangerous Road Conditions throughout New Jersey

Living or working in New Jersey, we are lucky to have a great system of roads and highways that connect all corners of the state. When you drive a car, truck or motorcycle, there’s always a way to get from here to there. Unfortunately, for NJ motorists, that means having to deal with congested traveling conditions 24/7. Like it or not, accidents happen throughout the state every day. When these accidents involve motorcycles, the resulting injuries are often catastrophic.

If you or someone you care about has been injured in a motorcycle collision in Orange, Westfield or Summit, New Jersey, we understand that you want justice. At Team Law, our personal injury attorneys have helped countless bikers injured in accidents get maximum compensation for their injuries. We will fight to hold the person who caused your accident responsible for their negligence.

Motorcyclists Face Dangerous Riding Conditions Everyday on NJ Roads and Highways in Newark, Clark and Plainfield, NJ

When a motorcycle loses traction, oftentimes even the most experienced driver can lose control of the bike. That’s because uneven, slippery and sloping surfaces affect a biker’s balance, causing them to fall. Even when a negligent driver isn’t the cause of an accident, the serious injuries sustained in a skidding accident caused by dangerous riding conditions can be very serious and often result in wrongful death.

Slippery Surfaces: Any type of liquid on the roadway, whether an oil spill, antifreeze leaking from cars, rain, ice, etc., can cause a motorcyclist to lose control of the bike.

Debris: Anything on the roadway that impedes a motorcyclist’s ability to driving safely can cause a serious accident. Debris includes sand, gravel, litter, tire treads, wet leaves, etc.

Weather: Rain, snow, ice, hail and mud are all natural debris, but poor weather conditions make for dangerous motorcycle riding.

Construction Areas: When roadwork is being done, pay attention to signage and be aware that construction debris, uneven surfaces and other roadway hazards are likely.

Uneven Surfaces: Roadways throughout Essex, Hudson, Union and Middlesex counties in NJ have potholes and uneven pavement. There are manhole covers, railroad tracks, speed bumps and other areas that can be difficult to navigate on a motorcycle. Slow down when riding on uneven surfaces. Cross railroad tracks on an angle. Grooves and gratings, such as metal bridges, can cause the bike to wobble. Avoid quick maneuvers and pay attention.

Night Riding: Motorcycles in New Jersey are required to be equipped with a working daytime headlight. This light must be on at all times. Reduce speed and be especially careful on roads you’ve never been on before at night. Visibility is naturally reduced and this is especially true for other motorists who tend to not see bikers sharing the road in the daytime. Increase your distance between other vehicles and try to look ahead to use their headlights to get a better idea of what’s up ahead on the roadway.

Motorcycle riders can help to prevent accidents in Edison, New Brunswick, Plainfield and across North Jersey when riding in dangerous conditions by reducing their speed and observing all New Jersey riding laws. Be particularly aware that other motorists tend to say they don’t “see” motorcycles and this “bike blindness” may be enhanced in bad weather. You can also use both the front and rear brakes for extra stopping power.

Lawyers in West New York, Jersey City and Rahway, NJ Help Motorcycle Riders Injured in Dangerous Roadway Accidents

When you are injured in a motorcycle crash, the last thing you need is another bill. You will likely be facing medical bills, regularly monthly expense bills such as mortgage, rent and insurance premiums, lost wages due to time out of work recovering. At Team Law, we work on contingency. There are no upfront legal fees and we only get paid if we win you the damages you deserve. Call today for a free consultation about your motorcycle accident.

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"I would absolutely recommend Roy Konray and his colleagues at Team Law. Roy took his time to get to know me and my medical malpractice case. In addition to being friendly and very easy to get along with, Roy did his homework. He is very knowledgeable about medical information and came to trial prepared to fight for my rights. He kept me informed throughout the process and was on my side every step of the way. I'm sincerely grateful to have been represented by him and even more grateful for the verdict he won for me." [read more]

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