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What You Need To Know About The New FDA-Approved Concussion Tests

In the medical industry, concussion injuries are commonly referred to as traumatic brain injuries (TBIs). Concussions are one of the most dangerous injuries because emergency rooms across the U.S. treat nearly three million of these cases every year. Another problem with TBIs is that they are not always easy to diagnose as existing methods may…Read More

What You Need To Know About Empty Nose Syndrome

Empty nose syndrome (ENS) is a rare disorder that mostly affects the nose and nasal passages. This condition is common in people who underwent surgery to treat symptoms such as itchy throats, stuffy noses, constant post-nasal drip, and sinus infection. Surgery such as turbinectomy can also bring about symptoms of ENS. Causes of Empty Nose…Read More

What To Do After Sustaining A Dog Bite Injury?

Have you, a family member, or a friend been bitten by a vicious or non-vicious dog? Chances are that you are entitled to financial compensation for personal injuries and other forms of damages. Oftentimes, personal injury cases involving dog attacks or dog bite injuries are complex and require the skills and experiences of attorneys to…Read More

Types of Motorcycle Accidents Attorneys in New Jersey

New Jersey has motorcycle safety laws in place to protect riders. Helmets are a requirement for bikers in NJ. Specific education and training requirements must be adhered to before someone can obtain a motorcycle license. Handlebars must rest below rider’s shoulders. All motorcycles must be equipped with a rearview mirror. Bikers with permits have limitations regarding passengers. These are just a few of the ways New Jersey is trying to keep motorcyclists safe.

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Regardless, however, motorcycle accidents happen on roadways and highways throughout the state every day. In fact, according to the NJ Department of Law and Public Safety, there were almost 13,000 motorcycle accidents in New Jersey from 2009 to 2013. Bikers are far more likely to be injured or killed in a crash with a car, truck, bus or other motorcycle, as well.

If you or someone you love was injured in a motorcycle accident in Plainfield, Irvington, Westfield, Summit, Newark, Jersey City, or anywhere else in New Jersey, please contact Team Law for a free consultation about your accident and injuries. We will fight hard to get you the justice you want and the compensation you need and deserve.

Common Types of Motorcycle Accidents in Clark, Edison and New Brunswick and across NJ

Any time an accident happens, there can be serious, even deadly, consequences. This is especially true when a motorcycle is involved in an accident. Without the protection other motorists have, namely tons of steel surrounding them, airbags and seat-belts, bikers often sustain traumatic brain injuries as well as serious head, neck and spinal injuries.

Head-On Collisions: Statistically speaking, about three-quarters of motorcycle accidents are classified as head-on collisions. The car hits the front end of the motorcycle. These accidents are usually fatal for the biker.

Left-Hand Turn Accidents: Accounting for about 42 percent of these accidents, left-hand turn mistakes are the most dangerous type of motorcycle accident. When a motorcycle is in the left lane and a car fails to see it and turns left in front of the bike, the results can be catastrophic.

Rear-End Collisions: When a motorcycle is traveling in front of another vehicle and the motorist is distracted and doesn’t see the traffic slowing down, the car or truck will hit the motorcycle from behind.

Fixed Objects: About 25 percent of all deaths sustained by motorcyclists in accidents are the result of the bike crashing into a fixed objects – such as a parked vehicle, a tree or other stationary thing.

Road Hazards: Slick or uneven pavement, gravel, oil spills, potholes, inclement weather such as ice, snow and rain, wet leaves, objects falling from other vehicles and general debris on the roadway all pose serious risks for motorcyclists.

With offices throughout North Jersey, including West New York, Newark and Summit, our knowledgeable personal injury lawyers have helped countless victims of motorcycle accidents get the financial damages they need. In fact, we’ve successfully negotiated and won more than $500 million in settlements and verdicts for our personal injury clients.

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When you or someone you love has been in a motorcycle accident, your injuries feel the same – regardless of how the accident happened. However, the type of accident and what caused it does matter in a personal injury lawsuit. The knowledgeable attorneys at Team Law will review what happened to you from every angle. We will find out who should be held responsibility for your accident, whether it occurred in Orange, Jersey City, Rahway or anywhere else in New Jersey. We will pursue justice and maximum compensation for your family. Call us today for a free, confidential consultation about your accident.

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