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Are Insurance Companies Ignoring Your Attorney’s Demand Letters?

Seeking compensation for one’s personal injuries after an accident can be challenging. That’s why demand letters exist; they are prepared by one’s attorneys and are typically issued to at-fault parties and their insurance companies. In these letters, they contain information such as the circumstances of the accident; reasons that explain why the insurance company’s client…Read More

What You Need To Know About Distracted Driving

Motor vehicle accidents are common and can happen daily. In most cases, these accidents result in minor damage to the cars involved. Unfortunately, other accidents can result in serious personal injuries and even death to the persons involved. Car accidents, bicycle accidents and motorcycle accidents can occur due to a driver’s or motorist’s recklessness. These…Read More

Understanding Residual Injuries and Long-Term Injuries

If one sustains an injury in any sort of accident and someone else is at fault, a demand letter for injury compensation should be sent to the other party’s insurance company. A demand letter will command far greater attention when it comes from an attorney for the victim of the accident. Such letters, however, should…Read More

Texting While Driving Car Accidents

The use of mobile phones has become widespread across the world. While this has helped improve communication, one of the unfortunate downsides is the increase in road accidents caused by drivers who are texting while driving. If you are a victim of such an accident, Team Law personal injury lawyers can help you get the financial compensation you deserve and help you put your life back together again.

Understanding Texting While Driving Car Accidents

Countries around the world are outlawing the use of mobile phones while driving. Texting while driving is particularly problematic as not only does it distract the driver, it also means for that moment, his or her eyes are off the road. Typical accidents that drivers cause while texting include running over pedestrians, running red lights, rear-end collisions, and more. In fact, texting while driving is a dangerous habit that is six times more likely to cause an accident than drunk driving.

Why Do You Need Lawyers for Texting While Driving Car Accidents?

When you are involved in an accident that was caused by a driver who was texting while driving, the driver can be liable for damages that you incur including hospitalization, loss of income and more. Although texting and the general use of a mobile phone while driving is illegal in New Jersey (under distracted driver laws), it is still important to get a lawyer immediately to ensure that you can successfully pursue damages. Having a lawyer will ease your burden, allowing you to recuperate while the lawyer handles all other aspects of the claims process.

How Team Law Can Help

The minute you bring Team Law on board in a texting while driving accident case, you will get the expertise of stellar lawyers with over 60 years of institutional knowledge. We will immediately put together all the evidence that is required and put forward a strong case on your behalf. We will negotiate with the other party and if need be, go to court to ensure that you get justice.

Choose Team Law Lawyers for Texting While Driving Car Accident Compensation Today

At Team Law, we understand that most people often accept whatever little compensation is offered to them by insurance companies because they don’t know better. This is the reason why we offer to help you fight for your rights while you focus on the recovery process. In most cases, we go after whoever is trying to deny you justice, be it the third party or their insurance companies. We also won’t charge you any money until we have secured financial compensation for you and your loved ones. In the unlikely event that we don’t win, you don’t have to pay anything. This way, we make sure that money does not become a barrier to ensuring justice.

Discover more about Team Law’s expertise in personal injury cases from texting while driving car accidents. Contact us today and schedule a free initial consultation with us. You can get the best legal representation that you need by calling 732-388-5454.


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