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Receiving a Fair Amount for Your Workers’ Compensation Settlement

If you have been injured on the job it is likely that you will have the option to consider a settlement negotiated by your attorney with your employer’s Workers’ Comp insurance company.  Given this opportunity it is very important to make every decision wisely, and doing so with the assistance of your experienced attorney will…Read More

Workers’ Comp Laws Offer Unique Advantages, Disadvantages in Different States

When a person who lives in New Jersey suffers a work-related injury and files a Workers’ Compensation claim to cover their medical costs and related expenses, the claims process is very different than it would be for someone injured while working in a state like California. That’s because each state has its own Workers’ Compensation…Read More

I got hurt on the job. Can I sue my employer?
There are almost no circumstances under which you can sue your employer if you are hurt on the job in Essex, Union, Middlesex or Hudson counties or anywhere else in New Jersey. The NJ Workers’ Compensation system covers those injuries by providing medical treatment when appropriate, replacement pay and a cash award if you are left with a permanent injury after the treatment is complete and you have returned to work. There are some exceptions. Please contact Team Law to learn more about your rights.
If I file for Workers’ Compensation in NJ, will I have to go to court?
Yes. Under the New Jersey Workers’ Compensation law, all cases must be approved by a NJ workmans comp judge. In almost all cases, however, you will not have to appear in court more than one time. Team Law will be by your side throughout the entire in-court hearing process.
Can they make me return to work before I’m ready?
Very often, the insurance company’s doctor will declare you ready to return to work before you feel you are ready. This is a highly debated and extremely complicated area of the Workers’ Comp law. You should consult a Team Law attorney to discuss the specifics of your case. We will deal with the insurance company on your behalf.
Can my boss fire me for filing a Workers’ Comp Claim?
It is against the law in NJ for an employer to punish or discriminate against you in any way for pursuing your rights under Workers’ Compensation law. If you were hurt at work and fired after filing claim, or otherwise feel you are being punished for filing a claim, contact Team Law immediately to discuss the specifics of your situation.
Does the Workers’ Compensation System allow me to choose my own doctor?
No. Under NJ Workers’ Comp law, your employer and its Workers’ Comp insurance carrier get to choose the doctor(s) who treat you. However, in some rare situations, this can be challenged. Talk to a Team Law Workers’ Comp lawyer to learn more about this.
How much replacement pay can I get?
NJ law requires your employer to pay you 70 percent of your average weekly wages (up to a maximum amount determined by the State of NJ each year) for up to 400 weeks.
Can they send me back to work on light duty?
Yes. If your Workers’ Compensation doctor believes you can return to work with light duty restrictions and your employer says they will accommodate those restrictions, you must return to work to perform light duty. However, this determination by the doctor can be challenged under certain circumstances. Talk to a Team Law attorney about your rights.
Can I work at all while I’m collecting Workers’ Comp replacement pay benefits?
No. If you are collecting Workers’ Comp replacement pay, you cannot work at all, nor can you attend any educational programs. Failure to comply may be considered fraud. You can, however, switch jobs while you are under medical treatment by the authorized NJ Workers’ Compensation doctor.

Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Rahway, NJ | Union County | Medical Benefits

Whether your job is unusually and routinely dangerous, or you just happen to get injured due to an unforeseen accident, you can rest easy knowing that you are most likely covered by NJ Workers’ Compensation benefits. By law, all New Jersey employers are required to carry Workers’ Comp insurance in case any employee has a workplace injury.

If you or someone you know has been injured at work, you are eligible for a variety of benefits that will help you during your recovery time. However, Workers’ Comp laws are confusing and the process can be frustrating. By design, the system favors the employer, not the workers. At Team Law, our lawyers have been guiding injured NJ workers through the workmans comp system for decades. We can help you get the medical treatment as well as replacement pay, also known as temporary disability, you are rightly entitled to receive. If your situation requires filing for permanent disability benefits, we will protect your rights.

How Does the NJ Workers’ Compensation System Define “Medical Benefits?

According to the NJ Department of Labor, anyone who is injured on the job, physically or emotionally, is entitled to “all necessary and reasonable medical treatment. Medical treatment, including prescriptions and all hospital-related services that are a direct result of the injury or illness which happened at work, are covered by the medical benefits portion of Workers’ Compensation. Simply put, an injured worker’s medical bills are supposed to be paid by the employer’s insurance carrier.

Some of the Types of Medical Treatment Covered by Workers’ Compensation

  • Emergency room care
  • Doctors visits
  • Hospital stays
  • Surgery
  • Imaging studies (x-rays, CAT scans, MRI, etc.)
  • Blood tests
  • Rehabilitation treatment
  • Transportation to and from appointments (in some circumstances)

Generally speaking, Workers’ Compensation does not cover alternative treatments, experimental drugs, and treatment for injuries the doctors believe were pre-existing and not part of your workplace injury.

Employers must provide the insurance coverage, but the quality of coverage is often suspect; not all Workers’ Comp carriers are the same. There are many loopholes and exceptions that leave many workers injured and unprotected. Further, the importance of the entire workers’ comp program is magnified because workers are not permitted to sue their employers when they have been hurt or get sick on the job.

If you have been turned down for Workers’ Compensation benefits or feel you are not receiving the medical benefits you need or are entitled to receive, speak to a qualified Workers’ Compensation lawyer at Team Law. We have successfully represented thousands of workers in Essex, Union, Middlesex and Hudson counties and throughout New Jersey, helping these workers obtain maximum medical benefit coverage for their workplace injuries.

When You Need to Hire a New Jersey Lawyer to Get the Medical Treatment You Need, Call Team Law

While the medical benefits portion of the NJ Workers’ Compensation System may seem rather straightforward, it’s not. In fact, the actual process of applying for and obtaining the medical treatment you need after a workplace injury is anything but simple. After you are injured at work, inform your employer, and file the Workers’ Comp claim, most of the decisions, choices and determinations regarding your health and welfare are out of your hands.

Unlike a non-workplace injury where you choose your physician and decide when and where to go for care, Workers’ Comp medical benefits are chosen at the discretion of your employer. This means your employer has the right to designate the authorized treating physician for all work-related injuries. The doctor your company chooses is the one who decides which diagnostic tests, if any, are necessary to your recovery. Further, the company-chosen physician gets to decide when you are well enough to return to work.

It should come as no surprise that a patient’s definition of “recovered and the company-paid doctor’s definition are not always the same. In fact, it’s incredibly common for a Workers’ Compensation doctor to sign off on your return-to-work paperwork before you are fully healed. After all, the longer you are out of work, the more costly it is for your employer.

When this happens, you need to hire an experienced Workers’ Compensation lawyer who will fight for your right to maximum medical benefits.

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At Team Law, we’ve been representing injured NJ workers, like you, in Edison, Newark, Orange and throughout Union, Essex, Middlesex and Hudson counties for decades. We don’t back down to insurance companies, so your employer’s lawyers won’t scare us a bit. We’ll take them on for you and get you the full scope of medical treatment available for your injury.

Contact any of the conveniently located Team Law offices today or fill out our online contact form to request your free consultation. We’ll put the full force of our experience to work for you and get you the maximum Workers’ Compensation medical benefits you deserve.

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