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Your life may abruptly turn upside down if you are hurt in a slip-and-fall accident. Recovery and regaining control of your life should be your top priorities. Team Law’s slip and fall attorneys in Belleville, NJ do precisely that. Contact our committed Belleville slip and fall accident lawyers who have successfully defended accident victims across New Jersey for more than 50 years. One of the most successful personal injury law offices in the state, Team Law has obtained more settlements and verdicts totaling over $1 million for our clients than any other law practice in New Jersey.

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Belleville Slip and Fall Accident Lawyers Identify Liability In A Slip and Fall Accident Claim in Belleville, NJ

Belleville Slip and Fall Accident Lawyers

When someone’s careless acts cause another person to suffer harm, the negligent party may be held accountable under personal injury law. Slip and fall accident victims are protected under personal injury legislation, which also provides a way to obtain compensation for various losses incurred in addition to their injuries.

It can be difficult to prove negligence, which is why it must be done. In the majority of accident instances, the at-fault party will claim that the injured victim is somewhat to blame for the accident. It is advisable to speak with a knowledgeable slip and fall injury attorney about your case in order to counter that defense and show that someone else’s negligence was to blame for your accident.

What Happens If I Partially Cause My Slip And Fall Accident In Belleville?

New Jersey has particular guidelines when more than one party is at fault for an accident. As a “modified comparative fault” state, New Jersey reduces the amount of compensation an injured victim may obtain based on their degree of fault.

For instance, if it is found that you contributed 15% to your slip and fall accident, the amount of compensation you could receive will be 15% less. As a result, a $20,000 damage claim will be reduced by $3,000, or 15%, for a final payout of $17,000. However, if it is found that you contributed more than 50% to your slip and fall accident, you will not be entitled to receive compensation from the other party at fault.

Legal Deadlines For Making A Claim In Belleville

There exist statutes of limitations, which are deadlines for bringing a legal claim. Based on the nature of the underlying claim, each state determines its own statute of limitations. The statute of limitations in New Jersey is two years from the date of the accident for personal injury claims, such as those resulting from slip and fall accidents. The court will dismiss claims submitted after this two-year window has passed.

What to do next may be on your mind if you or a loved one has fallen on the stairs, slid on a step, or experienced another form of slip-and-fall accident. Should you get in touch with the accountable property owner? Can your injuries be compensated in any way? Should you report the accident?

Team Law is here to answer your questions because we understand how daunting and perplexing the aftermath of an accident can be. For more than 50 years, our Belleville personal injury lawyers have been defending accident victims in New Jersey. Our reputable Belleville slip and fall accident lawyers are included in the Top 100 National Trial Lawyers and are recognized as Super Lawyers. One of the most successful personal injury law firms in New Jersey is acknowledged to be our firm.

For any slip and fall accident claim, Team Law offers a free case evaluation, during which a member of our team will go over the details of your claim, address your questions, and outline your choices. Contact our office to arrange a private consultation with one of Team Law’s slip and fall attorneys in Belleville, NJ, NJ for a slip and fall injury.

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About Belleville, New Jersey

In 1797, the citizens of the community came together and made the decision to rename the place from Second River or Washington to Belleville .
Since there are only 42 other municipalities in the state that have a form of government that is comparable to the township’s, it may be said that the township is in excellent company.
In spite of the fact that the current building of the Second River Reformed Dutch Church was constructed in 1725, the first one of its kind was constructed in 1697. A new church was constructed in 1807 to take the place of the older one, which had been devastated by a hurricane the previous year.
On June 18, 1996, Belleville served as a stop along the route of the Olympic Torch Relay.
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Slip and Fall Accident Legal Services in Areas Nearby

Frequently Asked Questions About Slip And Fall Accidents

How much does it cost to retain an AOP attorney?

Team Law’s personal injury attorneys take cases on a contingency basis. Fees are only due if your slip-and-fall lawsuit results in compensation. You may avoid worrying about having to make any upfront payments thanks to this. The initial conversation you have with a lawyer is free. Our slip and fall attorneys in Belleville, NJ will go over other prospective fees and costs with you during the session.

What should you do if you have an AOP accident?

It’s crucial to follow the right procedures if you think someone else’s carelessness contributed to your slip and fall accident. Following a slip and fall, you should do the following three things:

1. Report the accident to the building’s manager or owner to preserve the evidence. A report on a slip and fall incident may be required of you.
2. Get medical help as soon as possible following an accident. The more quickly you seek care, the better. Slip and fall treatment varies since victims can sustain so many various types of injuries.
3. Consult a lawyer for slip and fall accidents as soon as you can to learn more about your legal options. Waiting even a few days could jeopardize your claim if it gives property owners the chance to conceal or remove proof like video security recordings.

What is the typical settlement for a slip and fall case?

Personal injury law safeguards the injured party when a slip and fall event is the consequence of a property owner’s negligence. In order to recover damages for their losses, the aggrieved party may file a personal injury claim with the civil court system. These losses, also referred to as damages, could consist of any of the following:

– Costs associated with medical care.
– The price of pharmaceutical drugs
– Surgical procedure invoices
– Hospital stay bills
– Rehabilitation expenses
– Costs associated with lab testing, medical scans, and X-rays.
– Projected medical expenses in the future due to the slip-and-fall incident
– Wage losses
– Loss of accrued vacation time
– Missed out on paid time off
– Loss of enjoyment in life
– A loss of friendship

The New Jersey court takes into account a number of factors when determining and assigning a monetary value to those losses that are immeasurable, such as the loss of one’s enjoyment of life or the loss of companionship.

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