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Ridesharing services have fundamentally altered public transit in the US. This practical mode of transportation helps many of individuals in New Jersey get about. In fact, some studies even contend that these businesses decreased the number of drunk drivers, making the roadways safer. However, as ridesharing is a relatively new idea, the law is still catching up in some ways. When attempting to recover damages after an accident involving an Uber driver, you may run into extremely challenging obstacles. Fortunately, knowledgeable Union Uber accident lawyers can work to make sure that you receive fair treatment at all times.

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Although Lyft Is Convenient, Consider Who Is Driving You

Union Car Accident Lawyers

Even while you may be accustomed to using ridesharing services like Lyft and others, you might not always consider who you are requesting to transport you to your location. Independent contractors who use their own vehicles to transport customers are known as rideshare drivers. The structure that affects taxi drivers who work for the cab firm is different from this one.

A taxi business will probably be held accountable for the behavior of its drivers when it comes to responsibility in an automobile accident. Vicarious liability, however, only applies when the driver is an employee. Except in some limited circumstances, Lyft is not responsible for the acts of its drivers. As a result, you may be concerned about who will pay for your medical expenses if you collide with a Lyft driver or if your Lyft driver hits another car.

In Certain Circumstances, Uber May Be Directly Liable

In some exceptional circumstances, Uber may be held directly responsible for injuries caused by one of their drivers. For instance, the corporation might be held accountable if they negligently hired, undertrained, or failed to adequately supervise a driver. Uber might be held responsible for failing to vet a driver before enabling them to accept fares under their name, for example, if Uber engaged an independent contractor to drive despite if that person had a history of careless or drunk driving.

Should Lyft Interview Potential Drivers?

To weed out risky drivers, Lyft does need to offer some screening services. A Lyft cannot be operated by a driver who has had their license suspended within the last three years, been arrested for drunk driving during the past seven years, or committed more than three moving offenses. The drivers must be at least 21 years old and have had their licenses for at least a year.

But let’s say Lyft didn’t adhere to its own policies or erroneously recruited a driver who had a history of engaging in particularly risky driving habits. In that situation, the business might put itself at risk of direct liability in the event of a collision. Consider the situation where you are in a Lyft and the driver is speeding and operating the vehicle carelessly. You could make a claim for personal injury damages if the other driver was at fault for the collision.

You may be able to make a lawsuit against Lyft for negligent hiring if you learn that the driver has a history of frequent speeding tickets, collisions, or other indications that they are a hazardous driver. As previously stated, because Lyft’s drivers are independent contractors, Lyft will typically not be held accountable for their actions.

The Uber Policy: When Does It Apply?

Uber drivers transport passengers in their own personal vehicles. Only when an Uber driver has a passenger in the car or is en route to pick up a passenger does the insurance coverage Uber offers to its drivers take effect.

Additionally, when a driver is connected into the Uber app but has not yet accepted a customer, Uber must provide a minimum of $50,000 in bodily injury coverage per wounded person and $100,000 in bodily injury coverage per accident.

If an Uber driver is not using the app and is driving for personal reasons, their existing auto insurance coverage will be in effect. It’s possible that this coverage will cover a smaller sum than either of the Uber insurance policies.

Compensation Injured Victims Can Recover After an Uber Accident

Regardless of whether the driver was an Uber driver or another motorist, the types of compensation that victims of car accidents can obtain are the same.

In addition to receiving compensation for their pain and suffering, sufferers of personal injuries are also entitled to recover damages for their medical expenses and lost wages. The damages will partly rely on how badly the person was hurt.

Punitive damages, which punish defendants who act in extremely improper ways, may occasionally be recoverable by a victim.

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Questions and Answers Regarding Uber Accident Claims in New Jersey

Can Uber accident victims ever be held accountable?

It is unlikely that a passenger in a car accident will be held accountable. A court might, however, hold the passenger accountable for the collision in exceptional circumstances, such as if the passenger grasped the steering wheel or covered the driver’s eyes.

Does the Rideshare Insurance Cover Crashes involving Pedestrians?

If you sustain injuries as a pedestrian as a result of a Lyft driver, the rideshare insurance requirements will indeed apply. These scenarios will follow the same guidelines. You will need to file a claim with the driver’s insurance if they are not enrolled into the app and are traveling on their own. The $50,000 policy is in effect if the driver is logged into the app; however, the $1.5 million coverage is in effect if the driver accepts a ride or is transporting a passenger.

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