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An injury sustained at work can have serious repercussions. A rehabilitation time that lasts weeks or even months may be in your future, during which you may not be able to work at all or may only be able to perform certain tasks or hours. Even when you’ve recovered to the fullest extent possible medically, you can still have ongoing limitations that make it difficult for you to find productive job again. The New Jersey workers’ compensation system offers guaranteed, specified benefits to assist workers in overcoming the financial burdens of workplace accidents and illnesses. However, some businesses or their workers’ compensation insurance providers could try to oppose benefit claims made by hurt employees. Belleville workers’ compensation lawyers can assist if you are experiencing problems getting your workers’ compensation claim approved by your employer.

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In the event that you have suffered an illness or injury while performing the duties of your job, let the workers comp attorneys in Belleville, NJ at Team Law fight for your rights and interests. Team Law has defended injured workers in New Jersey’s compensation courts for almost 30 years. Team Law provides knowledgeable Belleville workers’ compensation lawyers who will vigorously pursue the best result for you in your case.

Turn to workers comp attorneys in Belleville, NJ from our company for assistance if you have suffered an illness or accident as a result of your employment. To learn more about how we can help you obtain the workers’ compensation benefits you require and deserve, get in touch with our Belleville personal injury lawyers for a free first-case assessment.

Process for Filing Workers’ Compensation Claims

Belleville Workers' Compensation Lawyers

When you inform your employer that you have sustained a work-related injury in New Jersey, the workers’ compensation claims procedure gets started. According to the law, you must notify your employer promptly—i.e., within 14 days—of a job injury. However, to retain eligibility for workers’ compensation payments, notice must be given no later than 90 days following an on-the-job injury. A manager, supervisor, or any other individual in a position of authority within your employer’s company can receive notice of your work injury verbally or in writing. It is advised that you notify your employer in writing so that you have a record of doing so.

Your employer is expected to report your work injury to the New Jersey Division of Workers’ Compensation as soon as you inform them about it. Your claim must be accepted or rejected by your employer or its workers’ compensation insurer within 60 days. You must submit a written claim petition to the Division within two years of the date of your injury or the last payment of benefits if your employer fails to submit the first report to the Division or rejects your claim or certain payments. You can file a claim petition to request an informal or formal hearing with a workers’ compensation judge in order to negotiate a settlement with your employer or to receive the compensation court’s final, binding decision on your claim. You can also get monetary compensation for your lasting damage or handicap by filing a claim petition.

Benefits Offered Under the System of Workers’ Compensation

You can be eligible for financial reimbursement through workers’ compensation insurance if you’ve experienced a work-related illness or accident. These advantages could include:

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It is only 9 miles from New York City, yet despite this, it still feels like a suburb because of the streets’ abundance of single-family homes, duplexes, apartments, stores, and restaurants. The largest city in New Jersey, Newark, is 5 miles away from Belleville. Belleville residents have many possibilities to experience the thrill of city life while residing in a suburban location because to being close to both NYC and Newark. This provides the best of both worlds to the locals and keeps every weekend new and brimming with possibilities. A historic city with roots dating back to 1797 is Belleville. Historic sites and structures can be found all around the township, including St. Anthony of Padua Church and St. Peter’s Church.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Belleville Workers’ Compensation

How are workers’ compensation benefits calculated?

Based on your typical weekly salary previous to your job injury or the commencement of your occupational sickness, workers’ compensation disability benefits are calculated. The amount of your payments, if you qualify for permanent partial disability benefits, will also depend on the bodily part(s) afflicted and the seriousness of your disability.

When may I begin getting workers’ compensation?

If you experience a work-related illness or injury, you have the right to start receiving medical benefits under workers’ compensation as soon as possible. After you have missed a total of seven days of work (which need not be consecutive), you may start receiving temporary disability payments. Benefits will be paid to you beginning with the first day you missed from work. But in reality, it can take your employer or its workers’ compensation insurer anything from two weeks to 60 days to handle your claim. You are eligible for interest in addition to retroactive payments during this processing time.

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