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Rahway Workers Compensation Lawyers

Workers Comp Attorneys in Rahway, NJ Assist Clients Recovering from Work Injuries or Occupational Diseases in Union County and Throughout New Jersey

You may be eligible to receive financial benefits through the New Jersey state workers’ compensation system after experiencing a job injury or occupational sickness. The purpose of this system is to provide employees who become ill or injured while performing their jobs with no-fault benefits. However, a disproportionate number of sick or injured workers encounter significant barriers in obtaining the benefits they require to recover from their work-related illness or injury. Our Rahway workers’ compensation lawyers at Team Law will assist you if you find yourself in this circumstance. Our law firm works hard to represent the rights of those who have been hurt. We are aware of how challenging the recovery process can be for employees who are unable to receive the necessary benefits or medical attention. Every one of our customers receives the finest result possible in their case because we work to make sure of it.

Contact Team Law as soon as you can if you were hurt at work or have been identified with an occupational sickness in Rahway. Your rights under the New Jersey workers’ compensation system can be discussed with our workers comp attorneys in Rahway, NJ during a free initial consultation.

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What Benefits Are Offered by Workers’ Compensation?

In New Jersey, a worker may be eligible to receive a variety of financial benefits if they sustain an occupational sickness or an accident while doing their job duties. Depending on the circumstances surrounding the worker’s accident or occupational disease, the length of time it takes for them to recover, and whether they experience lasting disabilities or impairments, the specific benefits that are available may vary. The state workers’ compensation program in New Jersey may provide the following monetary advantages:

Rahway Workers' Compensation Lawyers

Obtaining Workers’ Compensation in Rahway

You might be unsure of what to do to obtain workers’ compensation payments if you have experienced a work-related accident or sickness. The following are the steps for filing for workers’ compensation in Rahway:

Contact our Rahway workers’ compensation lawyers at Team Law for assistance when you need to pursue a claim. For more information about how Rahway personal injury lawyers from our firm may assist you in pursuing the financial advantages to which you could be entitled under New Jersey workers’ compensation law, get in touch with us immediately for a free, no-obligation consultation.

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Interesting Facts About Rahway, NJ

In the area that was later to become Rahway, the first permanent human settlements were located in Elizabethtown and Woodbridge. People who had relocated from outlying agricultural regions were the original settlers in what is now the city of Rahway. Bridge Town, Leesville, Milton, and Upper Rahway were the four independent communities that comprised Rahway in the eighteenth century. Upper Rahway was also known as Rahway. During the American War of Independence, Rahway was the site of three major battles. The most famous combat that took place in Rahway took place in January 1777 in the location that is now known as Union County Park and is known as the Battle of Spanktown.

Rahway has had a significant increase in population in recent years as a direct result of its advantageous placement on the primary stagecoach and train routes that run between New York City and Philadelphia. As a result of the decline in American industry that occurred in the decades immediately following World War II, almost all of Rahway’s primary manufacturers were forced to close their doors. In an effort to revitalize the central business district, the city council began approving plans in the late 1990s that called for the construction of hundreds of additional housing units with market-rate rents, as well as a hotel, enlarged retail space, and art galleries.

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Rahway Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Answer Frequently Asked Questions

What will happen if I require more medical care after my workers’ compensation claim has been resolved?

You have the choice to apply to reopen your claim if NJ Unemployment Offices has closed your workers’ compensation claim but you later learn that you need extra medical care. You must present objective medical proof demonstrating that your first job injury or occupational sickness requires subsequent medical care from a doctor who is registered with NJ Unemployment. In most cases, you must submit an application to reopen your claim within seven years of the date it was closed if you wish to receive disability benefits in addition to medical benefits or wage loss replacement payments.

Even if I’m receiving workers’ compensation, may my employer terminate me?

Employers are not permitted to terminate employees in retaliation for making a workers’ compensation claim. If you can perform the essential functions of your job while making reasonable adjustments for a work injury or occupational sickness, it may also be against state and federal statutes against disability discrimination to fire you. However, if your employer has to fill your position and has no other employees who can cover for you, they may terminate you while you are receiving workers’ compensation. In addition, your employer has the right to fire you for misconduct or performance-related issues that surfaced before your workers’ compensation claim. Even though your employment may have legally ended, you may still be eligible for benefits.

My work injury resulted from a machine component failure that was mechanical in nature. Am I entitled to remuneration?

When a product is hazardous because the design is unsafe, a person who is injured by it while at work may be entitled to compensation outside of workers’ compensation. An example of this would be a mechanical failure due to a defective machine part.
2. Product damage or improper assembly are examples of manufacturing defects.
3. Insufficient warnings: When a product’s labeling or packaging doesn’t include enough information regarding potential risks or improper use.

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