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Workers Comp Attorneys in Old Bridge, NJ Assist Clients Recovering from Work Injuries or Occupational Diseases in Middlesex County and Throughout New Jersey

A work injury can put a lot of financial strain on you and your loved ones. It will significantly affect your capacity to make a living. Your inability to find employment again will have an effect on your family’s financial security. Employers were compelled by New Jersey law to keep workers’ compensation insurance. This insurance is intended to give injured workers a financial safety net while they are healing from their wounds and out of commission. Recovering these benefits, though, might be challenging. You can negotiate the complex workers’ compensation regulations with the assistance of our accomplished Old Bridge workers’ compensation lawyers.

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The Team Law’s workers comp attorneys in Old Bridge, NJ legal team is dedicated to defending the rights of wounded workers. For your injuries, we will strive to get you fully and fairly compensated. We will examine your situation and determine all available avenues for obtaining compensation. The finest result for your case will be obtained thanks to our Old Bridge personal injury lawyers.

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Benefits You May Be Eligible to Receive From Skilled Old Bridge Workers’ Compensation Lawyers

Old Bridge Workers' Compensation Lawyers

The workers comp attorneys in Old Bridge, NJ at Team Law have expertise defending harmed employees. We are aware of how the judicial system and insurance firms function. We will advise you on the best course of action for pursuing damages for your injuries. The advantages that our Old Bridge workers’ compensation lawyers will work to recover for you include:

These benefits are provided to assist you in recouping the costs of medical care for the illness or injury you contracted at work. These benefits include all medical procedures required to correct the injury or lessen its effects. They also pay for the price of rehabilitation as well as any unexpected costs.

It’s vital to be aware that some insurance companies have restrictions on the medical professionals you can consult for care. As a result, you can be forced to visit a specific doctor for medical care. Your claim might be denied if you don’t do this.

If an illness or workplace injury prohibits you from working temporarily, these benefits are provided. Up to 70% of your gross weekly salary will be covered by it. These payments are available to you for a maximum of 400 weeks.

These are provided to persons who have sustained injuries that prohibit them from returning to work at full capacity or at all (permanent partial disability benefits) (permanent total disability benefits).

These are distributed to the surviving family members of employees who have passed away from their illnesses or injuries. All funeral costs are covered by these benefits. They extend for up to 450 weeks or until the dependent reaches the age of 18, and they also pay up to 70% of the average wages of the deceased worker. As long as they don’t get remarried, the surviving spouse of the deceased worker is still eligible to receive benefits after the 450-week milestone.

About Old Bridge, NJ

The township of Old Bridge is situated in Middlesex County, New Jersey. It is located 35 miles south of New York City in the state’s central region. The township is around 28 square miles in size and has a population of about 66,000 people. With a blend of residential, commercial, and industrial districts, it is a varied community. Along with numerous local landmarks, Old Bridge is home to a number of parks and recreational areas, including Cheesequake State Park and Old Bridge Waterfront Park. The Garden State Parkway, Route 9, and Route 18 are just a few of the important thoroughfares that allow access to the township’s surroundings.

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Old Bridge Workers’ Compensation: Frequently Asked Questions

Who may I hold accountable for a third-party work injury claim?

The purpose of workers’ compensation is to give employees a financial safety net in the event that they sustain an injury at work or while engaging in work-related activities. When you sustain an injury at work, it is not the only way to receive compensation. In the event that someone other than your employer is thought to be responsible for your injuries, you may also submit a third-party claim for compensation. For instance, if a piece of equipment you were using had a defect in it that led to an accident, you may file a claim for compensation with the maker of the part.

When filing a third-party claim, your chances of winning are substantially higher than when filing a workers’ compensation claim. This is so that many more economic and non-economic damages will be compensated than your employer’s benefits will. Therefore, it is crucial to look for legal counsel from a seasoned professional. To ascertain what losses you are entitled to get compensation for, your lawyer will assess your case. They will battle to get you the most compensation possible and represent you throughout the recovery process.

For a claim for workers’ compensation, do I need legal counsel?

While any person who sustains a work-related accident is entitled to workers compensation, recovering damages after a work injury can be challenging. Frequently, employers and their insurance providers are unwilling to provide compensation. There can be additional difficulties brought forth by the law. Our professional workers comp attorneys in Old Bridge, NJ are not only informed about occupational injury law, but also adept at navigating it. For a free consultation with skilled and competent Old Bridge workers’ compensation lawyers from our firm, get in touch with Team Law.

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