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Most people who collect Workers’ Compensation benefits after being injured in a workplace accident are able to return to work, at some point. However, just because their treatment ended and they were sent back to work doesn’t mean the person wasn’t left with a permanent injury or loss of function of the body part they hurt on the job. The State of New Jersey Workers’ Compensation System understands this and allows for a cash award for injured workers who were left with a partial loss of use of the injured body part. This cash award is called a Partial Permanent Injury Award.

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Contact Team Law for assistance in obtaining a cash award for your injuries. We have helped thousands of injured workers, like you, in Middlesex, Union, Essex and Hudson counties in NJ collect maximum compensation for their permanent loss of body part function.

How is a Workers’ Comp Cash Award Calculated in New Jersey?

If you have completed medical treatment and are still suffering from the effects of your accident, you may be entitled to a cash award. The amount of the award is based on which body parts were affected in your accident and the degree to which you are permanently injured.

Each year, the state issues a partial disability schedule, or body parts chart. The chart is a list of body parts with associated compensation amounts. The amount of money attached to the various body parts has nothing to do with your personal weekly wage. It is based on an average of the wages paid to employees on a statewide basis.

Each body part has its own base value according to the chart. Permanent loss of use of your leg is worth a certain amount, while a shoulder injury is worth a different amount. If your injuries are so severe that you are unable to ever work again, you may be entitled to permanent total disability benefits.  However, even if you are able to return to the same job, you very often will still be entitled to a cash award.

The process to obtain the cash award is fairly straightforward. Twenty-six weeks after your final medical treatment, when the Workers’ Compensation doctors release you from care because they believe you have “reached the maximum level of medical improvement, Team Law will have you evaluated by one of its Workers’ Comp doctors. You will undergo an exam and the doctor will review all the records of the treatment you received following your accident.

Our doctor will then provide a comprehensive report outlining the extent of your permanent injury, while your insurance carrier’s doctor will provide the same type of report. The Workers’ Comp judge will then review both reports, which will each include a suggested percentage of disability or loss of function. The judge will discuss the case with the lawyers for both sides and then make a determination about how much of a cash award you should receive.

The negotiations are handled by the lawyers. Your Team Law attorney will fight tirelessly for your right to receive the maximum cash award for your injury. This is particularly important if you have lost permanent use of more than one body part, which requires additional Workers’ Comp legal knowledge and analysis. When the final cash award amount is agreed upon, you will then have to come to court and accept the offer before the judge who must approve all settlements.

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However, if the attorney for the insurance company refuses to pay the full and fair value for your injuries, your experienced and skilled Team Law trial attorney will take your case to trial before the Workers’ Compensation judge. We will vigorously and skillfully present your case to the Court to ensure that you receive every penny you deserve for the permanent effects of your Workers’ Comp injury. Further, in certain situations, your Team Law attorney can appeal the judge’s decision to a higher court and even to the NJ Supreme Court, when necessary. Team Law’s Workers’ Comp lawyers have successfully brought cases before the New Jersey Supreme Court for our clients.

Team Law Will Fight for Your Right to a Maximum Cash Award for your Permanent Workplace Injury

A cash award is the third of the three main parts of the New Jersey Workers’ Compensation system. When you are injured on the job you are entitled to medical treatment, replacement pay, and a cash award based on the extent of your injuries.

Negotiations for a cash award amount can be complex because the insurance company wants to give you as little as possible. This means you require a skilled and aggressive Workers’ Comp attorney to obtain the cash award you deserve. At Team Law, we will fight to get you the most money allowed by law for your permanent injuries. Contact our offices today for a free consultation about your case.

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