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Irvington Uber Accident Lawyers

Lyft Accident Attorneys in Irvington, NJ Seek Maximum Compensation for Victims of Rideshare Accidents in Essex County and Throughout New Jersey

You might believe that filing a claim with Uber or Lyft is all that is required if you were hurt in an Uber or Lyft accident in Irvington, New Jersey that wasn’t your fault. Unfortunately, even though New Jersey recently approved new rules designed to make it simpler and more accommodating for wounded accident victims to pursue the compensation they are due, doing so can be challenging. Drivers for Uber and Lyft are categorized as independent contractors. They don’t work for Uber or Lyft. Even while Uber and Lyft mandate that these drivers maintain a minimal level of insurance coverage, it can be challenging to obtain the just pay. For help with the procedure and in defending your rights, get in touch with our Irvington Uber accident lawyers at Team Law right now.

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Using Our Irvington Uber Accident Lawyers to Handle Complex Rideshare Accident Claims

Irvington Car Accident Lawyers

The car accident figures provided by the CDC are quite concerning. According to the CDC, there were over 110 fatalities on US roads every single day in 2020, in addition to more than two million visits to emergency rooms due to all types of car accidents. If you factor in non-fatal incidents, the total cost to society of motor vehicle fatalities is significantly higher—upwards of $430 billion.

These are actual losses that have an impact on individuals and families. A single accident might cost you tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars, and certain injuries may prevent you from working, getting around on your own, or providing care for your family. Our Irvington Uber accident lawyers can assist you in seeking compensation for a variety of common injuries sustained in auto accidents, including:

In addition to the aforementioned, you might also experience property damage, vehicle damage, lost income, travel expenses, vehicle repair expenses, and other incidental costs (like caregiving services while you are required to travel for treatments or to handle your case with the insurance company), all of which can have a negative impact on your financial stability.

Our Irvington Uber accident lawyers are on hand to help with this. We will support you in every way possible, and we won’t get paid unless you prevail. We’ll do:

Minimums For Compensation That Team Law’s Irvington Uber Accident Lawyers in Irvington, NJ Can Pursue

According to New Jersey law, Uber and Lyft drivers must have a minimum level of insurance. Different minimums can be applicable depending on when your injury happened. Below is a quick explanation of these restrictions.

After Being Injured In an Uber or Lyft Accident, Team Law’s Irvington Uber Accident Lawyers Fight for the Financial Recovery You Deserve

No stone will go unturned by our diligent Lyft accident attorneys in Irvington, NJ until we obtain the just recompense for you. If you opt to have our firm handle your case, we will:

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Our Irvington personal injury lawyers will assist you in obtaining the compensation you are entitled to for your injuries and losses, regardless of whether you were a passenger in an Uber or Lyft at the time of the accident or a passenger in another vehicle, and regardless of whether an Uber or Lyft driver or another driver was to blame for the accident you were involved in. Request a free case evaluation from us right away.

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About Irvington, NJ

Irvington Township located in Essex County, NJ, has experienced a well balanced level of growth, is home to both commuters and people who work locally. The municipality is home to a thriving business community and light industry, which includes marketplaces, services, and shops. Irvington is conveniently located for both economic growth and easy access to four main highways, including the Garden State Parkway, which runs right through the town. It also offers bus service to New York City. Irvington has had significant residential growth, which has been complemented with a sizable downtown commercial district, industrial parks, and a diverse range of business establishments. There are some newer homes mixed in among the older, well-maintained ones for potential new occupants. A senior center, tennis courts, sporting grounds, and sports leagues are a few examples of the recreational facilities available.

Uber/Lyft Accident Legal Services in Areas Nearby

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Accidents Involving Uber and Lyft in Irvington, NJ

Do I have to file a lawsuit to receive damages for injuries sustained in an Uber or Lyft accident?

Most accident claims, including those involving Uber and Lyft, are settled through a negotiated settlement procedure between you, your legal counsel (if applicable), and the insurance provider before the claim gets to trial. Our staff will work hard to get you a settlement as soon as possible that covers all of your present and future losses and expenses associated with the accident.

How much will an Uber or Lyft accident attorney cost me?

Most lawyers that handle personal injury and Uber/Lyft accident cases work on a contingency fee basis. This means that there is no cost to you up front, and we only get paid if you win. This can ease your worries about paying for services without having anything in hand. We do everything we can to help you get your life back on track, and part of that includes waiting to charge you until your case is won in your favor.

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