New Jersey Defense Lawyers for Traffic Violations

Seasoned Defense Lawyers Fight Traffic Violations for Drivers Across New Jersey

Traffic violations can have serious consequences in the long run.  Even a couple of points on your record for speeding can increase your insurance premiums.  Drivers who accumulate 12 points can lose their driver’s license.  Having an experienced defense lawyer by your side can result in reduced fines, fewer points on your driving record and, importantly, lower overall increases in your car insurance premium rates.

At Team Law, our defense lawyers know what it takes to successfully fight a New Jersey traffic violation.  Judges who hear cases involving traffic violations are busy.  These cases tend to move more quickly than a criminal case.  Our lawyers are always thoroughly prepared to effectively advocate on your behalf in what is commonly a rushed environment.

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Fighting a traffic ticket on your own can be difficult.  Judges don’t often look kindly on excuses or drivers who argue their case without a thorough understanding of the court system.  Our lawyers will stand by your side and make a strong, effective case on your behalf. 

Most traffic violations are strict liability offenses.  Excuses and explanations usually won’t get you off the hook—you need a concrete defense.  To learn more about our experience and how Team Law can help you fight your traffic ticket, call our office for a free case review today.

Consequences of a New Jersey Traffic Violation

Speeding tickets and other traffic violations might seem like an everyday occurrence.  In the long run, however, the impact can add up and the state could revoke your driver’s license.  Penalties for traffic violations include:

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Team Law Helps Clients Fight All Types of Traffic Tickets

Getting legal help might not be the first thing on your mind when cited for a traffic violation, but a strong defense lawyer can help you keep your driving record clean.  At Team Law, we help clients fight all types of traffic violations in New Jersey, including those involving:

Fines and penalties for these traffic violations vary according to severity.  Here are some examples:

Police often assess more than one traffic violation in a single stop.  For example, if you are stopped for going 25mph over the speed limit, you might also be cited for careless driving or reckless driving.  If you lack proof of insurance, a ticket for driving without insurance can also apply.  At Team Law, our defense lawyers will make a strong argument on your behalf to increase the chances that your charges may be reduced or even dismissed.

Getting Points for Traffic Violations Removed from Your Record

A driving record can technically never be expunged via the criminal expungement process.  However, there are ways to get points dropped from your record.  Upon reaching 12 points, your driver’s license will be suspended.  You can avoid reaching the 12-point limit and help lower your car insurance rates by:

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If you want to explore defense options after receiving a traffic ticket, call Team Law today.  We have over 60 years’ experience helping clients fight traffic violations across New Jersey.  We are here to advocate to get the best possible results in your case.  To schedule your free case review, you can either call or fill out our online contact form.

Frequently Asked Questions About Defense Strategies for Traffic Violations in New Jersey

FAQ: Do I have to go to court if I’m cited for a traffic violation in New Jersey?

 Not always.  Court appearances are only mandatory in more serious cases.  You should have received a ticket when you were cited for your traffic violation.  On the lower left-hand side, there is a box labeled “court appearance required”.  If that box is checked, you must appear in court even if you promptly pay the fine.  Speak with a lawyer who is experienced helping clients get their violation reduced or even dismissed if you must appear in court.

FAQ: Will contesting a traffic violation cost more?

 In the short term, yes.  In many cases, law enforcement offers a lower penalty for drivers who do not contest their tickets.  However, in the long run, insurance rate increases can substantially outpace your initial savings.  If you are cited for a traffic violation in the future, the consequences are magnified—points-based surcharges and even higher insurance rates may apply.

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