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Workers Comp Attorneys in Irvington, NJ Assist Clients Recovering from Work Injuries or Occupational Diseases in Essex County and Throughout New Jersey

Have you ever had a work-related illness or injury that required medical attention? You may be entitled to some benefits under the New Jersey workers’ compensation system, which will be helpful as you recover from your illness or accident. Despite the fact that these benefits for occupational illnesses and industrial injuries are constitutionally guaranteed, workers occasionally encounter challenges in having their workers’ compensation claims recognized. Irvington workers’ compensation lawyers at Team Law in Irvington can assist you if you find yourself in this circumstance. Our workers comp attorneys in Irvington, NJ are committed to serving our neighborhood and pursuing justice on behalf of decent people in Essex County and throughout the State of New Jersey. We make a strong effort to stop NJ Unemployment or your employer from refusing or stopping the benefits to which you are legally entitled.

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You are entitled to the benefits provided by the New Jersey state workers’ compensation system if you have experienced a job injury or occupational sickness. To discover more about your legal rights to workers’ compensation, contact Team Law for a free first case consultation with Irvington workers’ compensation lawyers.

Making a Workers’ Compensation Claim in Irvington

Irvington Workers' Compensation Lawyers

You must take the following actions if you want to register a workers’ compensation claim after getting an occupational illness or an injury at work:

Perhaps most significantly, you should seek legal counsel from workers comp attorneys in Irvington, NJ as soon as a job accident or occupational disease diagnosis is made to ensure that your workers’ compensation claim is approved.

What Advantages Does The System Of Workers’ Compensation Offer?

You might be curious about the benefits you might be eligible for under a workers’ compensation claim if you have been diagnosed with a job injury or occupational sickness. Numerous advantages are provided by the workers’ compensation system in the state of New Jersey. Your claim’s precise benefits will be determined by a number of variables, such as the kind of injuries or occupational diseases you have, the length of your recovery time, and if you have permanent disabilities or impairments as a result of an injury or sickness. Benefits from workers’ compensation may include:

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If you were hurt at work, don’t wait to apply for New Jersey state workers’ compensation payments. For more information about what Irvington workers’ compensation lawyers can do to help you obtain the monetary compensation you are entitled to for a work accident or occupational sickness, get in touch with our Irvington personal injury lawyers now for a free consultation with no obligation.

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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Workers’ Compensation in Irvington

When must I submit a workers’ compensation claim?

You should contact your employer as soon as you can after sustaining a work-related injury. You have one year from the date of a work injury to make a workers’ compensation claim with NJ Unemployment under New Jersey state law. You have two years to file your claim from the time you received a diagnosis of an occupational ailment or learned that your condition might be related to your place of employment. You risk losing your eligibility for workers’ compensation benefits if you submit your claim after this statute of limitations has passed.

Can I choose the doctor who will treat my workplace illness or injury?

For a work-related illness or injury, you are free to select your own treating physician in New Jersey. However, if your provider is listed with NJ Unemployment, workers’ compensation will only reimburse the price of your care. If your new provider is also registered with NJ Unemployment and the move is authorized by your claims manager, you are also permitted to change providers in the middle of your course of treatment.

If I was hit by another driver while traveling for work, am I eligible to get compensation?

Yes, you may seek reimbursement through both a workers’ compensation claim and a third-party lawsuit if you are struck by a careless driver while operating a company vehicle during working hours. After a car accident at work, workers’ compensation will pay for your medical bills, but it won’t pay for other damages like pain and suffering. In contrast, third-party injury cases seek to fully compensate you for your losses and damages, which may include things like ongoing physical rehabilitation, disfigurement, and reduced future earning potential.

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