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Weehawken Slip and Fall Accident Lawyers

Slip and Fall Attorneys in Weehawken, NJ Pursue Maximum Compensation for Victims of Slip, Trip, and Fall Injuries Caused by Property Owner Negligence in Hudson County and Throughout New Jersey

Did a slip-and-fall accident cause injuries to you or a loved one? Was there a secondary culprit? You are not by yourself. In the US, slip-and-fall incidents are the most common reason for accident claims. Accident victims are protected by personal injury law, which offers injured parties the chance to recover damages if the accident was brought on by the negligence of another person or entity. However, proving negligence and handling personal injury claims can be challenging. For more than 60 years, our Weehawken personal injury lawyers at Team Law have successfully defended accident victims in New Jersey. Our Weehawken slip and fall accident lawyers have received recognition as Super Lawyers and The Best Lawyers in America. If you or a loved one have been injured in a slip-and-fall accident and need help understanding your rights in filing a claim, contact Team Law today to receive your free case evaluation.

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Weehawken Slip and Fall Accident Lawyers

People who have been wounded in accidents that were caused by the negligence of another person or corporation are protected by personal injury law. To obtain compensation for their slip and fall accident injuries and other losses, including, but not limited to, any of the following, injured accident victims may file a personal injury claim in the state’s civil courts:

Some of these damages, like the diminished quality of life, lack a precise monetary value. When losses are incalculable, the court will take into account a number of variables before placing a monetary value on that loss. Do you have inquiries about your slip and fall accident claim in Weehawken? Request a free case evaluation with our Weehawken personal injury lawyers today.

Our Weehawken slip-and-fall accident lawyers at Team Law are aware of how stressful an accident’s aftermath may be for you and your loved ones. We are prepared to assist. For more than 60 years, our sympathetic legal team has assisted New Jersey accident victims. We have recovered more verdicts and settlements totaling more than $1 million than any other law company in New Jersey, making our firm one of the most successful personal injury firms in the state. To examine your slip and fall injury claim, address your questions, and go over your legal alternatives, we offer a free case evaluation.

About Weehawken, New Jersey

Its proximity to Manhattan and its world-famous views have made Weehawken, New Jersey a very desirable place to live. The city’s placement on the Hudson River Palisades is one of its most distinctive features. Because of its riverside location, Weehawken offers some of the best views of Manhattan’s skyline in the whole metropolitan area. It’s not surprising that Weehawken residents take advantage of their stunning natural environment. The Broadway hit musical Hamilton may have introduced more people to Weehawken’s historical significance, but the small community has been rich in heritage for nearly 400 years, even before the show was written. On October 2, 1609, Henry Hudson’s ship, the Half Moon, docked just two blocks north of Hoboken’s 14th Street, marking the first time Europeans had discovered Weehawken Cove. This is generally accepted as the time that Europeans first came across Weehawken Cove. Weehawken’s strategic location above the ocean made it ideal for use as a lookout during the Revolutionary War. The British monopoly on the harbor and the city of New York made this a necessity. For the success of the war effort, the city was indispensable.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Slip-and-Fall Accidents in Weehawken

In a Weehawken slip and fall accident claim, how do you establish liability?

The injured party must show that another party was responsible for the slip and fall accident in order to make a personal injury claim. It might be difficult to demonstrate neglect. In the majority of cases involving slip-and-fall accidents, the property owner will deny your allegations of carelessness by arguing that you contributed to the mishap.

Negligence can manifest itself in a slip-and-fall disaster in a number of ways, including by failing to maintain the property correctly, failing to take precautions to keep others out of dangerous areas, and failing to warn visitors about potential hazards. It is advisable to seek advice from an experienced personal injury lawyer when determining whether you can prove fault in your slip and fall accident claim.

What is the deadline for submitting a claim for a slip-and-fall accident in Weehawken?

Legal deadlines exist in every state for bringing civil lawsuits before that state’s courts. The “statutes of limitations” refer to these time limits. State-by-state statutes of limitations change depending on the type of underlying claim and even from one state to the next.

The statute of limitations in New Jersey is two years from the date of the slip and fall accident for filing a personal injury claim, such as a claim for a slip and fall accident. The court will reject the case if the slip and fall accident claim is not submitted before the statute of limitations expires, which is why it is crucial to comprehend. Additionally, if this occurs, the hurt victim of a slip and fall will no longer be able to seek compensation for their damages.

What happens if more than one individual is to blame for a slip-and-fall accident in Weehawken?

The state of New Jersey adheres to “modified comparative fault” legislation when more than one individual is at fault for a slip and fall accident. Due to these specific restrictions, if you share any of the blame for your accident, the compensation you might be entitled to will be diminished in proportion to your share of the blame.

For instance, if it is found that you contributed 15% to your slip and fall accident, the amount of damages you could be awarded will be lowered by 15%. Therefore, a total payout of $10,000 will be decreased by $1,500, or 15%, to $8,500. However, you will not be entitled to any compensation for your injuries and other losses if it is found that you contributed more than 50% to your slip and fall disaster.

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