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Many victims of medical negligence immediately think to blame the doctor or surgeon responsible for their treatment plan for the mistake.  However, in reality, nurses spend much more time with patients than a treating physician—and are equally capable of making mistakes that amount to nursing malpractice.  When a nurse’s care fails to meet the accepted professional standards for nurses, the patient has the right to financial compensation for any resulting harm.

At Team Law, our skilled nursing malpractice lawyers have been successfully fighting to protect the rights of nursing malpractice victims across New Jersey for over 60 years.  We understand the importance of the nurse’s role in ensuring a patient’s successful recovery. Nurses who neglect their responsibilities should be held accountable.

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Establishing the Standard of Care to Identify New Jersey Nursing Malpractice

Nurses in New Jersey are subject to a detailed set of regulations and rules.  Just like doctors, those rules govern how nurses should conduct themselves when treating patients under a wide variety of circumstances.  For example, emergency room nurses are subject to a different set of rules than surgical nurses. 

The standard of care may also vary depending upon the nurse’s training, which can result in the nurse’s classification as a:

In other words, the circumstances that the nurse is facing at the time, as well as the extent of the nurse’s training, govern the standard of care that the nurse should provide.  Establishing that standard of care—and that the nurse violated the standard of care—is key to proving your right to financial compensation based on malpractice. 

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At Team Law, our lawyers will also work tirelessly to establish:

Team Law is here to help you evaluate whether you have a valid nursing malpractice case based on these elements.  We are also here to assist with the complex nursing malpractice laws that apply in New Jersey. For compassionate and experienced legal guidance, call Team Law today.

Common Nursing Mistakes that May Amount to Nursing Malpractice Under New Jersey Law

According to the Kaiser Foundation, nurses are able to perform between 80 and 90 percent of the duties of a primary care doctor in treating patients.  For example, a highly trained nurse practitioner may be authorized to:

As the role of nurses has expanded, so has the potential impact of nursing negligence.  When a nurse commits malpractice, the results can be just as harmful to the patient as in a case where the doctor was responsible.  Examples of nursing mistakes that may amount to malpractice include:

In many cases, a nurse’s breach of the applicable standard of care can result in hospital-acquired infections or the worsening of an existing condition.  A nurse’s medical negligence can turn a minor problem into a serious medical condition. Extensive, invasive treatment to correct the new problem may be required.  

Our lawyers are here to evaluate every aspect of your claim and fight to get the compensation you deserve to hold a negligent nurse accountable.

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If you have been victim to nursing malpractice in New Jersey, choosing the right malpractice lawyer to protect your rights can be key to successfully recover fair compensation.  At Team Law, our battle-tested malpractice lawyers will investigate meticulously to determine what happened in your case.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Nursing Malpractice Claims in New Jersey

FAQ: If a nurse committed malpractice, can doctors or anyone else be held responsible for the actions of a nurse?

In some circumstances, the supervising doctor may be held liable for nursing malpractice. This is generally the case if the doctor was present when the nurse committed malpractice and the doctor had the ability to prevent the nurse’s negligent treatment. Usually, the hospital or medical facility will be liable. This is because most nurses are someone else’s employee—whether the doctor or treatment facility. Under employment law theories, the employer is responsible for negligent acts of employees committed on the job.

FAQ: Do I really need expert witnesses to prove I was the victim of nursing malpractice in New Jersey?

Yes. In New Jersey, nursing malpractice lawsuits are treated as medical malpractice cases. This means that the affidavit of an expert witness will be necessary to even establish your right to proceed with the claim. That expert will testify to what a reasonable, trained, competent nurse would have done when faced with circumstances similar to yours.

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