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The consequences of any type of brain or head injury can be dramatic—and even catastrophic in serious cases.  In nearly every case involving a head injury, you will have to spend time at home (if not the hospital) recovering to prevent further damage.  New Jersey Workers’ Compensation is designed to reduce the economic harm that time away from work creates when you’re hurt on the job.

At Team Law, our experienced and proven Workers’ Compensation lawyers can help you determine your right to compensation under the law.  We have served injured workers in New Jersey for more than 60 years.  Our number one priority is getting you the fair compensation you and your family need.

Getting fair Workers’ Compensation benefits isn’t always easy.  The insurance company might question whether your treatment is necessary or reasonable.  Your employer might claim your head injury didn’t happen at work.  Questions can even arise about the amount of wage replacement benefits you should receive. 

We are here to handle these and any other complications you face after a workplace head injury.  To learn more about our lawyers and our practice, schedule a free, no-obligation case review with our top-rated New Jersey Workers’ Compensation lawyers today.

Common Causes of Workplace Head Injuries

Head and brain injuries can result from any number of accidents in the workplace.  Circumstances that can lead to a head injury include:

While these types of accidents are more common in some professions than others, every profession carries its own set of risks.  You could be hurt in a car accident driving from a client’s office back to yours.  You could slip and fall down a staircase at the school where you teach.  

You might even have been assaulted working as a security guard. 

Regardless of how you were injured, our experienced Workers’ Compensation lawyers at Team Law are here to help you get the fair compensation you deserve.

Pay Attention to Possible Symptoms of a Head Injury

Whenever you hit your head in a work accident, it is important to report the injury to your supervisor and get medical attention as soon as possible.  When you are involved in some types of work accidents, you might not even realize you have suffered a serious head injury.  After all, some symptoms take days to appear and you might be focused on more obvious injuries, like lacerations and broken bones.

Many head injuries are difficult or impossible to diagnose if you are not a trained medical professional.  In the most serious head injury cases, you might suffer a brain bleed that can only be diagnosed with an MRI or other specialized medical testing. 

Residual symptoms of a head injury can vary widely, and may include:

If you experience any of these symptoms after a work accident, it is important that you request to be seen by a doctor immediately to get the treatment you need.  Every case is unique, so if you experience any unusual changes, medical treatment is extremely important.

At Team Law, we will be your advocate throughout the entire Workers’ Compensation process.  We have a detailed understanding of the laws and procedures, from filing the initial claim to appeals and fighting for permanent disability benefits. 

Types and Severity of Workplace Head Injuries

Head injuries can have devastating long-term consequences and  employees are not responsible for the medical costs of treating head injuries sustained in the workplace.  You are also entitled to receive 70% of your average weekly wage if you are totally unable to work for a period of time that is eight days or longer.

The brain is an unpredictable organ that controls everything from your personality to your ability to speak.  You need the best possible lawyer by your side while you receive treatment that could impact the rest of your life.  Our lawyers are committed to providing compassionate, intelligent legal advice that you can count on.

At Team Law, our lawyers have experience handling all types of workplace head injury cases, including:

When you sustain a head injury, you shouldn’t take any chances with your medical care.  If you were hurt on the job at work, speaking with a qualified lawyer should often be your first step after receiving medical attention. 

At Team Law, our respected workplace injury lawyers will fight to get the financial resources you need for quality care.  We provide a free consultation, so you don’t have to worry about the financial impact while you wait for benefits. 

Call Our Skilled New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Lawyers for a Free Case Review Today

At Team Law, we are proud to offer full-service representation to workers injured on the job.  Our lawyers have the resources needed to handle your claim, put you in touch with a quality doctor and make sure that your employer is respecting your right to recover. 

We also work on a contingency basis.  That means we don’t collect attorneys’ fees unless we recover compensation in your case.  To speak with a qualified New Jersey Workers’ Compensation lawyer, contact us for a free case evaluation today.

Frequently Asked Questions About Workers’ Compensation for Head Injury

FAQ: I think I might be showing symptoms of a head injury after a work accident where I didn’t seem to be hurt. What should I do?

If you are in a work accident, immediately report the accident to your employer and request medical treatment for your head injury. Workers’ Compensation provides for all medical expenses related to the work accident. Even if it turns out that you don’t have to miss work because of the accident, you can still get your medical bills paid, and a monetary award if your head injury results in permanent symptoms that lessen your ability to function in the workplace.

FAQ: My loved one sustained a head injury at work and may never be able to work again. What can I do?

Workers’ Compensation also includes benefits for permanent disability. We can pursue a claim for permanent benefits if your loved one has reached maximum medical improvement and still cannot return to work. In other cases, we might be able to file a personal injury lawsuit against a negligent third-party to win additional compensation to help you deal with the financial and personal consequences of the accident. Call our office today to discuss your specific options in more detail.

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