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Union Workers Compensation Lawyers

Workers Comp Attorneys in Union, NJ Assist Clients Recovering from Work Injuries or Occupational Diseases in Union County and Throughout New Jersey

You have a right to apply for workers’ compensation benefits if you were injured at work or if your work-related ailment or illness has been identified. These benefits can support your medical recovery while also ensuring that you can continue to pay your bills even if you are unable to work. Unfortunately, too many wounded or ill workers encounter barriers to receiving the compensation to which they are legally entitled. You may cut through the bureaucracy and obtain the benefits and care you require with the assistance of our Team Law’s Union workers’ compensation lawyers. We are aware of the psychological and physical effects your workplace accident or occupational sickness is having on you. We make it a priority to provide empathetic legal representation that works to win your case and obtain the outcomes you deserve.

You have the legal right to monetary compensation if you have an injury at work. To learn how a Union workers’ compensation lawyers from our firm can assist you in pursuing benefits in your workers’ compensation claim, contact Team Law for a free initial case assessment.

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Workers’ Compensation Benefits in New Jersey

The New Jersey state workers’ compensation system may be able to provide certain cash benefits to a worker in Union who sustains a work-related illness or accident. The type and severity of your occupational disease or injury, the length of time it takes you to recover, and whether you are left with permanent disabilities or impairments will all affect the benefits that you might be eligible for. The following benefits of the workers’ compensation system are possible:

Union Workers' Compensation Lawyers

Workers Comp Attorneys in Union, NJ for Workers’ Compensation

In Union, there are various phases to requesting workers’ compensation payments for an occupational illness or work injury:

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For a free, no-obligation case examination after you have experienced a work injury or have been identified as having an occupational illness, get in touch with our Union personal injury lawyers. Our workers comp attorneys in Union, NJ on our legal team can assist you in pursuing your claim for benefits and can provide you with further information about your options.

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Fun Facts About Union, NJ

There is a part of the state of New Jersey that contains an area where archeological discoveries suggest people have been living for thousands of years. A Native American trail could be followed from West Portal all the way into Union Township by following Mulhockaway Creek. Early on in the 1700s, European settlers began moving into Hunterdon County, which is located in New Jersey. During this time, initial contact was established with the Lenape and the Delaware native communities that lived in the area. An influx of English, Scottish, and Irish settlers arrived from adjacent Monmouth and Burlington counties in the 1730s, which is considered to be the beginning of Union’s industrial era. These settlers came from neighboring counties. The city of Union is justifiably proud of its complex industrial history, much of which can be traced back to the region’s agricultural roots. Ice was typically produced by farmers who had access to water. Sawmills, which were necessary for the construction of homes and other buildings in rural areas, sprung up along waterways. As a result of the advent of railroads during the Industrial Revolution, residents of Union Township now have access to a mode of transportation that is not only more pleasant and convenient than the stagecoach but also more dependable and quick in its ability to transport freight such as livestock and iron ore. This is all thanks to the development of railroads.

Workers’ Compensation Legal Services in Areas Nearby

Our Union Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Provide The Answers Our Client Seek

Can I get workers’ compensation if my injury happened away from my employer’s place of employment?

Possibly yes. If a work injury or occupational sickness developed during the course and scope of an employee’s employment, that employee may be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. You may be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits even if your workplace accident happened away from your employer’s headquarters, such as if you were hurt while traveling between their offices or on a business trip, or if you were hurt while performing your job obligations at a client’s location.

Who covers workers’ compensation costs?

Employers are obliged to have workers’ compensation insurance in New Jersey to pay for the medical costs and lost income of employees who suffer workplace injuries or occupational illnesses. The insurance is often provided by independent insurance providers, but the employer may choose to self-insure. If an employer does not have the necessary insurance, the state may levy fines and penalties, and the business may be forced to foot the bill for the injured worker’s medical bills and missed income.

I was driving to work when I was struck by a drunk truck driver. What kind of payment am I eligible for?

A worker may file a third-party lawsuit against the truck driver and the trucking company in addition to filing for workers’ compensation benefits if they are struck by a drunk driver while operating a corporate vehicle. Punitive damages, mental distress, or other forms of pain and suffering are not covered by workers’ compensation. Therefore, a worker might not be able to obtain sufficient compensation through those benefits alone to fully cover his or her costs and lost income. But if a third party brought a separate action, the worker could petition the judge for punitive and non-economic damages.

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