Edison Divorce Lawyers

Edison Divorce Lawyers

Dedicated Family Law Attorneys Help Clients Work Through the Issues in Divorce in Edison, NJ

No marriage begins with an expectation that it will end in divorce. That is often what makes divorce a traumatic experience, even when spouses have been drifting apart for some time such that divorce has seemed like an inevitability for months or even years. However, when a couple has been married for years, they likely have many joint personal and financial matters that need to be resolved before the marriage can be legally dissolved. In many cases, resolving these issues turns out to be a complicated and time-consuming process, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Team Law’s Edison divorce lawyers are here to help.

The knowledgeable Edison divorce lawyers at Team Law are ready to help you efficiently resolve your divorce matter while making sure that you secure a fair and favorable outcome to the issues in your case. We take the time to help you understand your legal rights and options in divorce and work with you to identify your goals and needs and develop a legal strategy to help you achieve the outcome you want and deserve while protecting your rights and the rights of your loved ones.

Don’t wait another day to schedule a confidential case evaluation with one of our experienced Edison divorce lawyers from Team Law; we are standing by to discuss your rights and options and how our attorneys can help you with your divorce case.

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How We Can Help You Resolve Your Edison, NJ Divorce

Most couples who have been married for at least a few years must resolve multiple financial and personal issues as part of their divorce case, such as:

These issues may be relatively simple and straightforward for a couple to resolve, or they may be very complex — for example, if one or both spouses have high net worths or if they own complex assets such as business or partnership interests. At Team Law, our experienced Edison divorce lawyers can help you regardless of what stage your divorce proceeding is in. We can help you negotiate a settlement of these and other issues before you and your spouse actually file for divorce, which can help make the actual court proceedings move swiftly so that you and your spouse can both move onto the next stage of your lives. We can similarly help when you are proceeding to court-ordered negotiation or mediation of disputes in your case.

Why Choose Team Law to Provide You with Legal Representation for Your Divorce Matter?

When you’ve decided to file for divorce or have been served with divorce papers, you may know that you need to choose a divorce attorney who can ensure that your rights and interests are protected and that you receive the outcome you want and deserve. When you choose Team Law to help you in your case, you can expect that our Edison divorce attorneys will give your case the attention and diligence that reflects how important your divorce and the issues in your divorce are to you. We take the time to get to know you and your concerns, goals, and interests so that we can help you prepare a legal strategy aimed at getting you the outcome you want and expect from your case.

For more than 60 years, our firm has worked tirelessly to fight for the rights of our clients and their families throughout New Jersey. We believe in helping real people who have legal needs, making sure that you are treated fairly by your spouse and by the legal system in your divorce matter. 

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When you are considering a divorce or are already in the middle of divorce proceedings, schedule a Confidential consultation with Team Law to talk to one of our skilled Edison divorce lawyers about the details of your case and to learn more about how having our legal representation on your side can make the difference in ensuring that you receive a fair and favorable outcome to the issues in your divorce matter.

About Edison, NJ

Edison is a township located in Middlesex County, New Jersey and is the fifth-most populous municipality in the state. Originally called Raritan Township, Edison was renamed in 1954 for inventor Thomas Edison, whose main laboratory was located in the Menlo Park neighborhood. Today, Edison is one of the fastest-growing municipalities in New Jersey and is frequently ranked by various publications and news outlets such as CNN and U.S. News and World Report as one of the most livable municipalities in the country. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Divorce in Edison, NJ

Can my spouse and I negotiate a child custody and child support arrangement as part of our divorce proceedings?

Although parents can choose to negotiate custody and parenting time arrangements, the court always retains the authority to set another arrangement if the court determines that the parents’ preferred arrangement isn’t in the child’s best interest — for example, if the parents have a daily custody exchange schedule and live some distance apart from one another. However, child support cannot be negotiated by parents, since child support is a right belonging to the child; the court will determine the support amount based on guidelines established by court rules.

Am I entitled to alimony?

A spouse’s entitlement to alimony is based on statutory factors, which include the respective incomes and assets and earning capacities of the parties, the length of the marriage, the age and health of each spouse, the educational background of each spouse, and the standard of living that the spouses enjoyed during their marriage. Alimony is intended to balance the standard of living of the spouses following a divorce when one spouse has a significantly higher income or earning capacity than the other spouse; typically, alimony is paid for as long as is necessary for the recipient spouse to secure necessary education and employment to become self-sufficient and maintain a reasonable standard of living.

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