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To say that divorce can get ugly is an understatement.  When the relationship with the person you’ve planned to share your life with has reached the point of divorce, that relationship might understandably be difficult.  The experience and skill of your divorce lawyer can be key to helping you get through this difficult time.  

The contested divorce process does not have to be overly contentious.  At Team Law, our lawyers have years of experience helping clients resolve their issues fairly so that they can move forward with their lives.  

In reality, calling a divorce “contested” doesn’t mean that the parties disagree over whether to divorce.  More commonly, a contested divorce involves a situation where two spouses cannot resolve the important terms of the divorce on their own.  An experienced family law attorney can guide you through this process.

Some of the most important issues in your life are at stake when negotiating a divorce settlement agreement.  In a contested divorce, your lawyer will advocate to protect your interests every step of the way.  When time with your children and your future financial security are on the line, Team Law is here to help.  Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you through a contested divorce in New Jersey.

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Understanding the Basic Contested Divorce Process

The divorce proceedings begin when one party files papers setting forth what they want out of the process with respect to child custody, division of the assets, support, and more.  If the other party agrees or proposes an acceptable counteroffer, the divorce can generally be resolved without much third-party intervention.  If not, the divorce is considered “contested”.

Resolving matters through the contested divorce process means that both parties must follow certain procedures and satisfy various timelines.  In general, in a contested divorce in New Jersey:

Importantly, this general process does not address one of the most heavily contested matters in divorce: child custody issues.  Further, it is not the only way to resolve a divorce where issues are contested.  In many cases, a settlement panel isn’t even necessary–your lawyers can work with your spouse’s attorneys to negotiate the key terms of the divorce settlement.

Our lawyers at Team Law are committed to helping our clients see the big picture.  We are skilled mediators who can help you use alternative dispute resolution techniques to reach a comprehensive agreement with your soon-to-be former spouse.  Consultations are always confidential, so contact us today to learn more about the contested divorce process.

Trusted Family Law Attorneys Help New Jersey Clients Resolve Matters in a Contested Divorce

A contested divorce does not have to be painful and argumentative.  While difficult issues must be resolved, most divorcing couples are able to reach a reasonable settlement agreement without the trauma and expense of court intervention.  Our lawyers are here to help resolve the key issues most divorcing couples face, which include:

A contested divorce can involve any number of unique issues.  Our lawyers have the negotiating skills you need to reach the most favorable result possible.  We put in the hard work needed to make sure you have full information about your spouse’s financial situation and goals so that we can negotiate a settlement that works for you.

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Our lawyers know that the decision to divorce can be traumatic for your whole family.  We want to make the process as painless as possible.  A contested divorce does not have to result in tears and dramatic court appearances.  

At Team Law, our experienced divorce attorneys are skilled in resolving the complex issues you may be facing today.  To learn more about our practice and how we can help, contact us for a confidential case review today.

Frequently Asked Questions About Contested Divorce in New Jersey

If my spouse and I cannot resolve our issues through settlement negotiations, are there any other options before trial becomes necessary?

Yes. Our lawyers can help you explore options like mediation, arbitration or divorce collaboration. In a collaborative divorce, both parties sign an agreement stating that they will resolve the divorce outside of court. Experts such as therapists, child specialists and financial specialists may be called in to help you and your spouse resolve the contested issues in your divorce.

How long will it take to finalize a contested divorce?

The answer to this question depends upon whether the spouses are willing to engage in reasonable negotiations and compromise. Even a single hot-button issue in a contested divorce can cause the process to drag on for months or even years. During the process, various compromise positions may be proposed. Each party will have the right to consider and respond to those proposals. The timeline to finalizing the divorce will depend upon how the spouses choose to approach the process.

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