Westfield Legal Malpractice Lawyers

Attorney Negligence Lawyers in Westfield, NJ Provide Experienced Representation to Clients Harmed by Another Lawyer’s Incompetence

When you hire an attorney to represent you in a case or other legal matter, you trust that they will represent you in accordance with applicable ethical and professional standards and will provide you with the best possible representation that he or she is capable of. Lawyers are expected to provide all their experience, expertise, and skill in every case or legal matter that they represent a client on. Although no attorney can guarantee the outcome of a case or a legal matter, when your attorney’s conduct falls below the ethical and professional standards required of your attorney, you may have a claim for legal malpractice. Successfully pursuing a claim of legal malpractice is not a simple task. These cases require a thorough analysis of both your attorney’s conduct and of the facts and circumstances of your underlying case or legal matter. As a result, you can put yourself in the best position to succeed in your legal malpractice case if you have the assistance of Westfield legal malpractice lawyers with the experience and resources to aggressively pursue every facet of a legal malpractice case.

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At Team Law, our Westfield legal malpractice lawyers have successfully helped clients pursue legal malpractice claims for over 60 years. We fight to get our clients the financial compensation they need and deserve by showing that they would have had a more favorable outcome in their underlying case or legal matter but for their attorney’s incompetent representation and that they have suffered financial harm as a result. We represent clients in Westfield and throughout North Jersey. Contact Team Law’s attorney negligence lawyers in Westfield, NJ today to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation to talk to one of our attorneys about your case.

New Jersey Rules of Professional Conduct for Attorneys Require Competent Representation for Clients

Lawyers in New Jersey are obligated by the rules of professional conduct to provide “competent representation” to each and every client. While competent representation does not mean that an attorney must be an expert in every case that he or she handles, a lawyer is required to have the expertise and skills necessary to acquire the knowledge he or she needs to competently handle a client’s case or legal matter. However, a lawyer’s representation can fall below this standard of “competent representation” when he or she:

Team Law Strives to Obtain Justice for the Victims of Legal Malpractice in Westfield

Legal malpractice are fact- and evidence-intensive cases. This is because it is not enough to show that your attorney made a mistake or committed some unlawful or unethical conduct. Instead, you must show that your attorney’s conduct rose to the level of actionable legal malpractice. At Team Law, our Westfield legal malpractice lawyers work diligently to ensure that we can prove each element of a legal malpractice claim, including:

  1. That your attorney breached his or her duty to provide competent representation
  2. That your attorney’s breach of his or her duty caused you to have a bad or less than favorable outcome in your case than you would have otherwise had but for your attorney’s conduct
  3. That you suffered some sort of damages or harm that can be financially compensated

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Westfield Legal Malpractice Lawyers

If you believe that you have been the victim of legal malpractice, call the offices of Team Law today to schedule a no-obligation consultation with an experienced attorney negligence lawyers in Westfield, NJ. Our firm will work quickly to begin investigating your case and pursuing the compensation and justice that you may be entitled to.

About Westfield, NJ

Westfield is a town located in Union County, New Jersey. Westfield gets its name from being located in the western, undeveloped field of the colonial-era Elizabethtown Tract. Westfield has been consistently ranked as one of the safest and wealthiest communities in New Jersey; the American Community Survey calculated a median household income of $159,923, ranking 8th for New Jersey among municipalities with more than 10,000 residents, while Bloomberg ranked Westfield in 2018 as the 99th wealthiest community in the U.S. What is now Westfield’s downtown area was first settled in 1720. Westfield was formally organized as a township in 1794, from portions of Elizabeth Township. Westfield Township was reincorporated as the Town of Westfield in 1903. Westfield’s downtown is a regional shopping and dining destination, with over 200 retail establishments representing a mix of independent stores and national chains, with many retailers having been open for at least the past 25 years.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Westfield, NJ Legal Malpractice

Will I need to retain an expert witness for my legal malpractice case?

Unlike medical malpractice cases where it is usually required to have an expert opinion to file a lawsuit, there is no such requirement for legal malpractice claims. However, in many cases, it is advisable or even necessary to have an expert witness for your legal malpractice case. An expert witness in a legal malpractice case will provide an opinion as to the applicable standard of care in your underlying legal matter — what your attorney should have done in your case or legal matter — and how your attorney’s conduct fell below this standard.

How much does a legal malpractice lawsuit cost?

Depending on the facts in your legal malpractice case, it may be possible for a legal malpractice attorney or law firm to handle your case on contingency. This means that you do not pay anything unless and until the attorney or law firm is able to recover compensation in your legal malpractice claims. At Team Law we strive to handle our clients’ cases on a contingency basis. We also offer free case evaluations so there is no cost to you to speak to us about your case and to learn more about your rights and options.

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