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Child custody issues are some of the most emotional and hotly contested issues that a family will ever have to face.  That’s true for almost every divorcing family.  For some families, the complications can be exponentially more serious.  While it’s usually important to smooth conflicts between parents to reach an agreement that’s in the child’s best interests, the situation is often different when you’re facing questions, such as:

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With years of experience, our family law attorneys at Team Law have the skills you need to make sure your family is protected.  We know how important time with your child is to you.  We put the full weight of our significant resources and legal skills to work in every case we take on.

If you’re having difficulties with your child’s other parent or suspect something is wrong, don’t wait to call.  The sooner we get to work in protecting your family and your rights, the greater the chances of a favorable resolution.  Your first consultation is always free, so call us today to meet with a family law attorney experienced in handling complex child custody matters.

We Have the Skills to Handle Your Complex Child Custody Matter

At Team Law, we believe that every single child custody matter is of critical importance.  We take these cases especially seriously because of the potential impact on an innocent child.  

When more complex issues come into play, resolving the matter fairly and favorably becomes even more important.  Some examples of the types of complex child custody matters our lawyers can help with include:

While it’s never a good idea to try to resolve legal issues on your own, in complex child custody matters, having an experienced lawyer by your side is even more important.  Our lawyers always take the time to provide the personal attention you need as your case progresses.  We are here to listen, answer questions and take swift legal action to protect your rights.

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What is Parental Alienation?

Parental alienation happens when one parent makes statements to prejudice the child against his or her other parent.  It happens when one parent takes steps designed to negatively influence the child’s feelings about their other parent.  The person’s actions could be active or passive–but might have the same damaging impact on your relationship with your child.

Even if you have a valid child custody agreement in place, the child’s own feelings are considered in determining parenting time.  If your child doesn’t want to see you because your ex has been poisoning their thoughts against you, it’s important to take action quickly.

We can help whether your former spouse has already moved to modify an agreement or is simply not complying with the current arrangement.  Even if you suspect that parental alienation is taking place, a lawyer can help.  Potential solutions might include:

At Team Law, we’re here to protect your rights.  Call us today for a free consultation to discuss options specific to your case.

International Kidnapping: Can My Child’s Other Parent Take My Child Overseas?

International kidnapping by a parent might seem like something that only happens in the movies.  Sometimes when one parent cannot get the court to approve an international relocation, they might take matters into their own hands–not only violating your custody agreement, but the law itself.

If your child’s parent has threatened to take the child out of the country, you have options, which may include:

If your child has already been taken out of the country, matters become extremely complicated.  International treaties on child abduction do give you the right to enforce your child custody arrangement in another country–if the relevant country has signed the treaty.

The skill of your legal team cannot be overstated in cases involving international kidnapping.  Our lawyers at Team Law will work tirelessly to get the evidence we need to get your child back.  

Resolving Complex Custody Issues for Special Needs Children

Resolving child custody matters for children with special needs can be especially challenging.  Routine and consistency is important for every child–but can be even more critical to special needs children.  Changes to the family structure usually disrupt this routine.

Aside from that, the financial issues in a divorce become much more complicated.  At Team Law, we can help you resolve matters relating to:

Don’t Navigate a Complex Child Custody Issue Alone.  Call Team Law for Experienced Legal Advice You can Trust

When time with your child is at stake, you need the best possible lawyer to defend your rights.  Our family law attorneys offer a free case review so that you can learn more about our law firm and experience.  To schedule your free consultation, call Team Law today or use our online contact form to tell us what happened.

Frequently Asked Questions About Resolving Complex Child Custody Issues in New Jersey

FAQ: My former spouse is threatening to move overseas and take my child. I don’t want to put my family back in court. Can’t we resolve this matter privately, as a family?

If you suspect that your former spouse would take your child out of the country without your permission, you should seek legal advice immediately. It may be possible to resolve matters amicably. Then again, your former spouse may simply get on a plane with your child. Once your child is out of the country, it can be extremely difficult to resolve the matter favorably. It’s not impossible, but it’s always best to take action early to protect yourself.

FAQ: Are there any solutions that can help me protect my special needs child’s routines after a divorce?

Yes. Team Law is committed to creating and recommending customized and non-traditional solutions that can help protect your special needs child. For example, some parents of special needs children elect to maintain the family home as the child’s only residence. Rather than move the child’s location when it’s the other party’s turn to parent, the parents move location. To learn more about how we can help you resolve co-parenting, cohabitation and other arrangements, call us today.

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