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Domestic violence is taken very seriously in New Jersey. The state’s Prevention of Domestic Violence Act lists various criminal offenses that are deemed to be an act of domestic violence when committed against certain household or family members. Committing an act of domestic violence can not only result in criminal charges, but under the PDVA the victim can seek a restraining order against his or her abuser, which can require the abuser to move out of a home shared the victim, refrain from contacting the victim or other family members, or surrender firearms to the court.

Whether you have been a victim of domestic violence or you have been accused of committing an act of domestic violence, you need to move quickly to protect yourself and your rights. Domestic violence cases move incredibly quickly, so you need legal representation that will hit the ground running in your case to build a legal strategy to protect your rights and interests. Contact Team Law today to schedule a confidential case evaluation to discuss your legal rights and options in your New Jersey domestic violence matter.

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Types of Domestic Violence in New Jersey

New Jersey law defines domestic violence as committing one or more enumerated criminal offenses against a person who is entitled to protection under the state’s Prevention of Domestic Violence Act. Under the Act, the offenses that can constitute domestic violence include:

Finally, domestic violence can occur if someone commits any crime against a victim that involves a risk of death or serious bodily injury — examples include arson or elder neglect.

Team Law Can Help You With Your Domestic Violence Case in New Jersey

Whether you are filing a domestic violence complaint or defending against an allegation of domestic violence, you need a dedicated attorney who will work hard to protect your rights. As a victim of domestic violence, it is critical that you obtain a restraining order if it is necessary to protect yourself from future abuse. If you’ve been accused of domestic violence, having a restraining order placed against you can seriously impact your life, your relationships, and your reputation, and even place your rights in other family law matters, such as equitable distribution, alimony, or child custody at risk. 

Our attorneys can help you move to quickly deal with domestic violence and advocate for your rights before the court. We can help you understand your options in your case, and we will take the time to get to know your concerns and goals so that we can help you with a legal plan and strategy that is best for you. Don’t delay getting the legal assistance you need; every moment you wait can lead to the loss of important rights and options.

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If you are involved in a domestic violence matter in New Jersey, you need dedicated, skilled legal representation to help protect your legal rights and interests. Don’t leave the outcome of your domestic violence case to fate. Schedule a confidential consultation with the attorneys of Team Law today to learn more about your legal rights and options and about how our experienced attorneys can help you get you a favorable outcome in your case.

Frequently Asked Questions about Domestic Violence in New Jersey

What effect do allegations of domestic violence have on my divorce or child custody proceeding?

If you are accused of or determined to have committed domestic violence, it can prevent you from achieving your desired goals in your divorce or child custody proceeding. Even if you are accused of committing a non-physical act of domestic violence, such as stalking or harassment, you may find that you do not receive the custody or visitation arrangement that you desired.

What should I do if I believe I am being falsely accused of domestic violence?

If you believe you are being falsely accused of domestic violence, the first thing you should remember to do is to remain calm. Trying to take action on your own against a partner or spouse accusing you of domestic violence will only worsen your position. Remember that there are ways to prove allegations of domestic violence false, so let an experienced attorney advocate for your rights and interests if you have been accused of domestic violence.

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