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From police officers and firefighters to DYFS and Department of Transportation (DOT) employees, state employees are subject to a seemingly endless variety of workplace accidents.  And what happens when an officer or other state employee is injured on the job? As a state employee, you have the right to receive Workers’ Compensation benefits for work injuries and illnesses.  At Team Law, our experienced accident lawyers are passionate about helping injured workers get fair compensation.  For over six decades, we have worked hard to win the compensation our clients need to pay medical bills and living expenses.

Workers’ Compensation laws are complex in New Jersey.  The rules that apply to state and public employees like firefighters are even more detailed.  If you are a state employee who was hurt on the job, consulting an experienced Workers’ Compensation lawyer can help smooth the process. 

At Team Law, our lawyers are here to help you overcome any challenges to your Workers’ Compensation claim and fight for your right to full benefits.  To schedule a free case review, call our office or use our online contact form today.

Types of Work-Related Risks for State Employees Like Firefighters and Law Enforcement Agents

The types of risks that a state employee, such as a firefighter or police officer, is subject to can vary dramatically depending upon the nature of their work.  Some examples of work accidents that can give state employees the right to receive Workers’ Compensation include:

Firefighters, police officers, and other state employees have the right to financial compensation for work accidents, but you must be careful to abide by strict timelines.  You should always report any work accident or injury to your supervisor as soon as possible, even if your injury seems minor so that there is a record that it occurred.

While you have rights under the state Workers’ Compensation programs, employers—including the state—can challenge your claim.  Common challenges include:

At Team Law, our experienced Workers’ Compensation lawyers are here to help during every stage of the process.  We use our familiarity with the legal system and benefits process to your advantage.  For more information about how we can help, call us today.

State Employees and New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Benefits

State employees like police officers and firefighters are entitled to Workers’ Compensation benefits for work-related injuries or illnesses. All New Jersey employers must purchase Workers’ Compensation insurance or be approved for self-insurance.  This includes the state of New Jersey, as well as local and municipal governments across the state. 

Workers’ Compensation benefits provide:

Are You a Policeman or Firefighter Injured on the Job? Call Our State Employee Workers Comp Attorneys for a Free Consultation

You don’t have to face the complexities of the Workers’ Compensation system alone.  At Team Law, our lawyers have an in-depth knowledge of the special challenges state employees face when claiming Workers’ Compensation and SLI.

We can help you sort through the details of your claim while you focus on recovering.  Our goal is always to get you fair compensation as quickly and effectively as possible.  To learn more about our team, schedule a free case review with an experienced New Jersey worker’s compensation lawyer today.

Frequently Asked Questions About Workers’ Compensation for Police Officers, Firefighters, and Other State Employees

How do I know who to contact about my Workers’ Compensation case if I am a state employee?

Your employer is required to post a poster in the workplace that explains the details of your Workers’ Compensation coverage (or directs you to this information). You can also ask your supervisor about specific rules for claiming Workers’ Compensation benefits in your department. Our lawyers can also help you get the information you need to file your claim.

What should I do if my claim for Workers’ Compensation benefits was denied?

If your benefits were denied, examine the paperwork you have received—and the written statement of denial—in detail. It is always advisable to get a Workers’ Compensation lawyer’s opinion, but in some cases, a simple paperwork error or missing document can lead to a denial. In others, the reason may be much more complicated. Our lawyers can help you fix the error or conduct our own investigation into why your claim was denied.

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