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When most people think of teachers, they do not automatically imagine a person operating in a dangerous professional environment.  The risk of physical injury for teachers on the job is actually very substantial.  Teachers often put their own physical safety at risk for their students.  The job itself creates physical demands that might surprise anyone who has never worked as a teacher.

At Team Law, our highly experienced group of Workers’ Compensation lawyers and support staff work to protect the rights of injured teachers across New Jersey.  Getting fair Workers’ Compensation benefits can be an uphill battle in some cases.  We put 60-plus years’ worth of experience to work in order to fight to get fair benefits in your case.

Teaching can be an extremely rewarding profession.  However, it does come with its own unique set of risks and stresses.  Teachers are protected under New Jersey Workers’ Compensation laws.  Even when your right to Workers’ Compensation benefits seems clear, insurance companies often engage in tactics to delay or deny your claim.  Public school teachers may be even more likely to experience delays if a system known as “self-insurance” is involved.

Our experienced lawyers are here to smooth the process so that you can focus on your recovery.  You can schedule a free case review by calling our office or filling out this online contact form.  In your free case review, we will listen to what happened and discuss strategies for moving forward.

Risk of Physical Injury to Teachers in the Workplace

Examples of accidents that can cause injuries for teachers include:

The demands of a teaching job also extend well beyond the actual physical classroom.  Teachers who are injured on the job might face questions about whether their injury is sufficiently work-related, especially in cases involving injuries sustained:

In the Workers’ Compensation context, there is no need to prove that someone was at fault for your injury.  In fact, you can receive benefits even if you were hurt in an accident that was entirely your fault. 

Team Law Puts Decades of Workers’ Compensation Experience to Work for You

Private and public-school teachers face many of the same workplace challenges, and both public schools and private schools are required to carry Workers’ Compensation insurance.  Like most other employees of private companies, private school teachers are entitled to receive Workers’ Compensation benefits in the form of:

Public school teachers may be entitled to enhanced benefits.  Those benefits include:

Regardless of whether you are employed by a private or public school, our skilled Workers’ Compensation lawyers can help you get fair compensation for your injuries.  We can help with:

The Workers’ Compensation system is confusing to most people who do not have experience working within the system on a regular basis.  At Team Law, we have a proven track record of successfully helping injured Workers recover fair compensation in New Jersey.  To learn more about how we can help in your case, call us today.

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Whether you have completed your initial claim or are just beginning to explore your Workers’ Compensation options, Team Law is here to help.  In some cases, you may even be entitled to additional compensation if someone who is not your employer was negligent and caused your injury.

Remember, if we do not recover compensation in your case, we do not charge attorneys’ fees—so you have nothing to lose.  Call our office or use our online contact form to schedule your free case review today.

Frequently Asked Questions About Workers’ Compensation for Teachers

FAQ: Are there any deadlines that I should be aware of if I am a teacher who was injured in a work accident?

Yes. Several different deadlines may apply depending upon the specific facts of your case. In all cases, you should give notice to your employer immediately after the accident, and preferably in writing, if possible. Additionally:

– If you fail to provide notice within the 14-day period, but do provide notice within 30 days, the school can deny your claim if they can show that they are “prejudiced” by the delay.
– Within the time frame that is between 30 and 90 days after the accident took place, benefits are not automatically denied if the failure was due to mistake, inadvertence, ignorance of the law, fraud or any other reasonable reason.
– In all cases, you must report your claim within 90 days under New Jersey law, or benefits can be denied regardless of prejudice or mistake.

FAQ: What if my work-related accident was because of an occupational issue that I faced as a teacher, rather than one sustained in a single accident?

Generally, you must file a Workers’ Compensation claim within two years of the date you became aware of the condition. However, sooner is always better, as your employer might try to challenge whether your condition was really work-related.

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