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The juvenile criminal justice system is different from the adult system in that it is focused heavily on rehabilitation and education.  That difference does not mean that juvenile offenses are taken lightly by the state.  If convicted, your child could face detention, fines, and an active criminal record that could even follow the juvenile into adulthood.  It is important to retain an experienced, respected defense lawyer as soon as your child is accused of any criminal offense.

Team Law is a respected group of criminal defense lawyers in New Jersey.  We have over 60 years’ of experience successfully advocating for our clients and have consistently been recognized as among the best lawyers in New Jersey by Super Lawyers, Martindale-Hubbell, and even the New Jersey Supreme Court.  We know what it takes to win in court and how to use our negotiating skills to your advantage.

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That said, we also know that the stakes are high for juveniles accused of crimes.  The risk that your child will become a repeat offender if subject to juvenile detention can be much higher than that of adults.  After all, minors are much more susceptible to the pressures exerted by peers than adults.  A juvenile record can also prevent your child from exploring valuable educational and employment opportunities.

We take juvenile defense seriously at Team Law.  We will work closely with you and your family to develop a plan of action designed to minimize any adverse consequences while also focusing on the need to avoid future criminal behavior.  To schedule a free and confidential consultation with our respected juvenile defense lawyers, contact our office today.

Understanding the New Jersey Juvenile Justice System

In technical terms, when someone under the age of 18 violates a New Jersey law, it is called an act of delinquency, rather than a crime.  In practical terms, the prosecution must prove the same elements whether the accused is a juvenile or an adult.  However, the case is heard in Family Court, rather than the Superior or Municipal Courts, and the procedural rules are also different.  For example, juveniles are not entitled to a jury trial and must be represented by an attorney. 

Most parents of minors accused of juvenile offenses want to know what might happen to their child.  Your child could end up in juvenile detention, possibly for a period of years in the most serious cases.  While the aim of juvenile detention is to provide an opportunity for rehabilitation, our lawyers at Team Law are committed to making the strongest possible argument for alternative forms of punishment even in the event that your child is adjudicated delinquent.  

Those forms of punishment may include:

In most juvenile cases, the judge has significantly more discretion in assigning penalties.  The judge considers what is in the minor’s best interests, taking all relevant factors into consideration.  Our lawyers will work to present the case in a favorable light, which can include pointing to a previously clean criminal record, academic achievements, community or church involvement and any other relevant factors.    

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Our Juvenile Offense Practice

At Team Law, our dedicated defense lawyers can handle every aspect of your child’s case and make sure you have the assistance you need.  We handle cases involving allegations that a juvenile committed:

The formal process of adjudication varies depending upon the severity of the alleged crime.  For less serious offenses, you will soon receive a Notice for Appearance at a juvenile conference committee, which is an informal meeting where you meet with someone who will rule on your case.  If the allegations are more serious, you will receive a notice that you must appear at the Superior Court, where your case will be referred to Family Court for adjudication.

At Team Law, our juvenile defense lawyers are here to make sure you know what to expect from the process.  We stand by your side and handle every detail of your case, from investigation to advocating on your child’s behalf before a judge.  We want our clients to rest assured that we are doing everything possible to build the strongest defense to protect your child’s future.  Call us today to learn more about our practice.

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We know that you are likely feeling overwhelmed if you have received a call notifying you that your child has been accused of a crime.  In juvenile offense cases, it is important to act quickly to secure legal representation for your child.   Unlike in adult cases, parents do not have the option to proceed without a lawyer in those involving juvenile offenses. 

If your child made a mistake and violated the law, protecting their future is our number one priority.  For more information on how we can use our experience to your advantage, contact the experienced juvenile offense defense lawyers at Team Law today. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Defense Strategies for Juvenile Offenses

FAQ: Is it possible for my child to be tried as an adult if accused of committing a juvenile offense?

Yes. The prosecution can move to have the case moved from Family Court to Superior Court. This usually only applies in extreme cases involving repeat offenses or particularly violent crimes. Our lawyers will do everything we can to argue that resolution of the case through the juvenile system is more appropriate.

FAQ: Is there any way to modify my child’s sentence after the judge has made a decision?

Yes, it is possible. Unlike in most adult cases, we can make a motion or application requesting relief even after the judge has decided. Our lawyers can work with you to build a strong argument for relief if the circumstances warrant.

FAQ: Are there any defenses to allegations of juvenile offenses?

Yes. Any generally available defense is available in a juvenile case. Our lawyers will present evidence and examine witnesses in the same manner as any other case if the case goes to trial. Your child has all of the same constitutional rights as an adult, so those arguments could involve moving to have evidence that was illegally obtained excluded or requesting a dismissal based on an illegal arrest, for example.

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