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When you’re expecting a child, you should be able to assume that the doctors and nurses responsible for providing care are acting competently to protect your child’s safety.  When healthcare professionals fail in that duty, that negligence can cause birth injuries either before birth or during labor and delivery. At Team Law, we became lawyers because we wanted to help people. That sentiment is never more true than when our medical malpractice lawyers represent parents who are caring for a child with health problems or developmental disabilities.  We have seen, firsthand, the emotional and physical toll birth injuries can take on parents and children alike. Raising children is an expensive, sometimes exhausting labor of love, and even more so when the child has health problems. Our NJ birth injury attorneys at Team Law have more than 60 years of experience helping the parents of children with Erb’s Palsy and other medical conditions. A dedicated New Jersey birth injury lawyer from our firm is ready to fight to make sure you receive the justice you deserve, as well as financial assistance for long-term medical care costs and other necessary care.

If your child was born with a medical condition and you would like to learn more about your legal right to compensation, our team is here to help.  Contact Team Law today for a free initial consultation to discuss options with a skilled New Jersey birth injury lawyer.

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What Qualifies as a Birth Injury Under NJ Malpractice Law?

With proper monitoring during pregnancy and during labor and delivery, your baby’s entry into the world should be a joyful event.  Modern technology allows most conditions to be caught and treated where treatment is available. When medical negligence causes a birth injury, a dedicated New Jersey birth injury lawyer from our firm is here to support your family. 

Many birth injuries are caused by:

Some of the most common severe birth injuries caused by medical malpractice include, but are not limited to:

Although many birth injuries are minor and clear up on their own, there are also birth injuries that cause long-term negative consequences and may even be fatal. When these types of birth injuries occur, a qualified New Jersey birth injury lawyer at Team Law is prepared to build your case and help win maximum compensation on your family’s behalf to cover your child’s healthcare costs and more.

Medical Malpractice

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In a birth injury lawsuit, a New Jersey birth injury lawyer from Team Law will work to gather the evidence to establish that medical negligence caused the injury.  Birth injury cases are a subset of medical malpractice, which means we must establish:

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At Team Law, our NJ birth injury attorneys have the resources necessary to build your case by working with experts, including those specializing in:

Any type of injury to your child can cause you to suffer both emotionally and financially.  Those burdens are magnified exponentially when the cause was negligence—meaning the injury could have been prevented. The NJ birth injury attorneys at Team Law are here to help relieve these burdens by fighting to get justice in your case.

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New Jersey Birth Injury Lawyer

Team Law’s birth injury attorneys have a detailed understanding of birth injury law that can only come from years of experience working with parents in similar situations. Our compassionate, knowledgeable legal team will work tirelessly to prove medical malpractice and help you and your child have a more comfortable life.

If your child suffered a severe birth injury and is expected to experience long-term effects, our medical malpractice lawyers are here to help.  Call or contact our office today to schedule your free initial consultation with a talented New Jersey birth injury lawyer. 

Frequently Asked Questions About New Jersey Birth Injury Claims

What type of compensation can I recover if my child suffered a birth injury because of medical negligence?

We will fight to recover all compensation for expenses related to treatment of the injury, which can include:

– Actual medical expenses,
– Physical therapy and rehab,
– Long-term care in a facility,
– In-home care for your child,
– Adjustments to your home and vehicle,
– Medical devices and prescription drugs.

A fair compensation package may also include compensation for your child’s lost earning potential, pain and suffering and emotional distress. Punitive damages may be available if the medical professional’s actions were especially reckless.

Why is oxygen loss responsible for causing so many birth injuries?

A baby’s brain cells begin to die when deprived of oxygen. When a mother is experiencing contractions, the baby’s access to oxygen and blood flow is reduced—this is part of the natural labor process. Doctors and medical professionals are responsible for carefully monitoring the baby’s vital signs to ensure receipt of safe levels of oxygen. Sometimes doctors fail to carefully monitor the labor or even use drugs that can worsen oxygen loss, which can cause a number of serious birth injuries.

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