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Scotch Plains Uber Accident Lawyers

Lyft Accident Attorneys in Scotch Plains, NJ Seek Maximum Compensation for Victims of Rideshare Accidents in Union County and Throughout New Jersey

One of the most well-known ride-sharing services in Scotch Plains is Uber. For individuals without access to a vehicle, it is a huge convenience. Although we believe that Uber drivers will safely transport us to our destinations, this isn’t always the case. Uber drivers are capable of being involved in an accident that causes injuries and property damage, just like any other motorist operating a car on the road. Making a claim for compensation in this situation might be challenging. Our Scotch Plains Uber accident lawyers from Team Law, however, can assist you with the claims procedure.

The lawyers at Team Law are experts at recovering compensation in disputes involving ride-sharing firms. Our Scotch Plains personal injury lawyers are skilled and competent in implementing Scotch Plains’ recently passed legislation regarding insurance claims in ride-sharing accidents. We will fight for the utmost restitution for your losses and damages while defending your legal rights. To arrange a free appointment with a lawyer from our office, contact our Scotch Plains Uber accident lawyers right now.

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Insurance Issues Involved In Uber Accidents And How Our Scotch Plains Uber Accident Lawyers From Team Law Can Guide You

To clear up the complication around filing compensation claims in Uber accident instances, laws were implemented in Scotch Plains. The fact that Uber drivers are not regarded as Uber employees but rather independent contractors accounts for a large portion of the uncertainty. Due to this, it can be challenging to determine who should be held accountable for incidents involving Uber drivers.

Scotch Plains has strong insurance standards for Uber drivers in order to guarantee the safety of the passengers as well as any third parties involved in an Uber accident. Depending on how the driver was using the app at the time of the accident, insurance laws are applied.

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As Soon As The App Is Off

If the Uber driver was not using the app at the time of the collision, they would be treated similarly to any other driver. They are regarded as not having been employed at the time. Therefore, the compensation claim will be subject to standard liability laws and auto insurance policies. They will therefore be covered by their own personal insurance coverage.

When the vehicle is at rest:

Uber drivers are idle for a lot of their working hours. The app is active right now, but the driver is not transporting any passengers. They are awaiting passenger requests for rides. The car could crash if the driver continues to idle while driving. Accidents can also happen when a driver is waiting for a request while parked.

In certain circumstances, in addition to the protection provided by Uber, the driver’s personal insurance policy may also come into play. Uber’s insurance will cover medical expenses and funeral costs of up to $50,000 per person in the event of an injury or death. In addition, even if the driver’s own insurance has been exhausted, the other party’s insurance company will still pay out a total of $100,000.

I’m Traveling With A Passenger

If the collision happened while the Uber driver was transporting a passenger, Uber’s insurance will pay $1.5 million for any related injuries, property damage, or fatalities.

When you are hurt in an Uber accident, it is crucial to speak with our knowledgeable Lyft accident attorneys in Scotch Plains, NJ. They’ll advise you on how to approach your case effectively. They will also look into the situation to see who might be held accountable and how to maximize your compensation.

If You Were Hurt In An Uber Accident In Scotch Plains, A Knowledgeable And Experienced Attorney From Team Law Will Fight For Your Rights.

When it comes to being compensated, Uber accidents create many challenges. The lawyers at Team Law have expertise with accidents involving Uber. Get in touch with our legal team to speak with one of our skilled and educated Scotch Plains Uber accident lawyers. A free legal consultation with one of our Lyft accident attorneys in Scotch Plains, NJ will be provided. You will receive guidance from us regarding your options and rights. You can find out if you have a strong case during our free, no-obligation consultation.

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About Scotch Plains, NJ

Scotch Plains is home to a diverse population of racial, religious, and generational roots. The original inhabitants of this region were the Raritan people, also referred to as the Leni Lenape, and a division of the Delaware people. George Scot, who was in charge of a party of Scottish settlers who had landed in Perth Amboy during the years 1684 and 1685, is credited with founding this small village. Over the period of two centuries, the farming village of Scot’s Plains, of which the modern town of Fanwood is a part, had steady population expansion. Colonel William Smith, John Adams’s son-in-law, was in charge of a colonial camp that was situated near Scotch Plains.

The Fairview Cemetery in Westfield is where you may find the “old one horn” cannon. It received its present name after Captain Eliakim Littell captured it in the 1780s. The Elizabethtown and Somerville Railroad had finished building to Westfield by the time an offer to buy right-of-way in Scotch Plains was made in 1838. In 1921, when the first African-American country club in the country was held at Shady Rest, which was previously the Ephraim Tucker farmhouse and was constructed in the 1750s, Scotch Plains gained national notice. Our town had a modest rural hamlet population of around 4,500 at the start of World War II. Nine hundred members of this town gave their time and effort to serve their country during World War II. Over 24,405 individuals called Scotch Plains home in 2018, and many of them commute to Newark, New York City, and other employment hubs using the enormous network of roads, railroads, and buses throughout the city.

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Scotch Plains Uber Accident Lawyers Answer Common Questions

If an Uber driver hits me, can I sue them?

Yes. If an Uber driver hits you and causes an accident, you may be able to sue them. You must ascertain whether the motorist was “on the clock” or not, unlike when suing other drivers. “On the clock” denotes that the driver was actively searching for or driving a passenger while also logged into the Uber app. You may file a lawsuit against the driver as you would in any other motor vehicle accident if they weren’t working. This entails making a compensation claim to their own insurance company. The driver’s personal insurance coverage will still be in effect if they were “on the clock.” However, in addition to this, Uber’s $1.5 million in insurance coverage will also be applicable.

It’s crucial to consult a lawyer for advice. They will advise you on how to approach your claim most effectively. Additionally, they will look into your claim and identify all the variables that need to be taken into account in order to maximize your compensation.

I drive for Uber. My automobile was struck by another car. What ought I to do?

You should defend your rights if you were hurt in an accident as an Uber driver as a result of the carelessness of another motorist. To talk with a knowledgeable Scotch Plains Uber accident lawyers from our office, contact Team Law.

Uber does not consider its drivers to be workers. They work on a freelance basis. Therefore, if you are hurt in a car accident while “on the clock,” you cannot receive workers’ compensation payments. However, you have the right to sue the at-fault motorist for damages to cover your medical expenses, vehicle damage, lost wages, and pain and suffering. You will be assisted by our Lyft accident attorneys in Scotch Plains, NJ when you submit a claim for compensation.

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