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Newark Car Accident Lawyer

Car accidents are some of the most common causes of bodily injuries. With distracted drivers, and larger and more powerful cars on the roads, chances are most drivers will be involved in an automobile accident.

Dealing with an automobile accident is not something you need to do on your own. From talking to insurance companies for settlement, or filing a lawsuit against the driver of another vehicle, Newark, NJ Car Accident Lawyers Team Law has the experience to help get the best outcome possible. With offices throughout New Jersey, including Newark and Elizabeth, Team Law’s experienced lawyers have recovered over $650 million in compensation for its clients.

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Types of Automobile Accidents

There are several types of car accidents, each with their own unique set of circumstances. Some types include:

Team Law’s attorneys have years of experience understanding the different issues involved in each type of accident and use this experience to ensure that their clients are properly compensated for any injuries or damage that occurs following an accident. 

Automobile Accident

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Dealing with Insurance Companies

After an accident has occurred, insurance companies may attempt to settle as quickly as possible. Of course, insurance companies are looking out for their bottom line, and may not have your best interests in mind. Their goal is to pay you as little in compensation as possible. This could apply to both the other driver’s insurance company, as well as your own.

Many times, damage done to a vehicle is not immediately apparent. Issues that result from the accident may take days, or even months to make themselves known. Additionally, some injuries take longer than others to show symptoms. If an insurance company pays out a settlement immediately after an accident, these additional costs may be overlooked and never be properly compensated for.

An experienced attorney can help ensure that a settlement is fair by keeping an eye on future damage, future injuries, and future costs associated with an accident. By slowing the settlement process down, you may be able to receive additional compensation.

Filing a Lawsuit

New Jersey is a “no-fault” state which requires a claim to be filed first with your own insurance company before you can file a lawsuit to recover compensation for economic and non-economic losses. Economic losses are those that are easy to calculate and could include: 

Non-economic losses are harder to calculate and may not always be recoverable when filing a claim against your own insurance company. Non-economic losses include:

It is important to take into consideration the type of insurance policy a driver has in New Jersey. If a driver needed to file a claim under their own insurance policy, the policy itself may place limits on the amount of economic compensation available. Basic policies will cover these expenses only up to the policy limit, and may limit the ability to sue the insurance company for any non-economic losses. More standard policies may preserve the right to sue the insurance company for these non-economic losses but for an added premium. 

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In no-fault states, even with a basic policy, it may be possible to sue an at-fault party for non-economic losses when the accident resulted in the most serious types of injuries. These types of injuries could include:

When these serious injuries occur, it may be possible to sue the at-fault party beyond the limits of the no-fault coverage.

Team Law can Help

Team Law’s skilled attorneys have the experience necessary to ensure that your rights are protected and you get the compensation you deserve. Our Newark, NJ car accident lawyers have recovered millions of dollars in compensation for our clients and fought insurance companies to make sure you get every dollar you are entitled to. Call us today for a consultation.

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