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Hoboken Workers’ Compensation Lawyers

Workers Comp Attorneys in Hoboken, NJ Assist Clients Recovering from Work Injuries or Occupational Diseases in Hudson County and Throughout New Jersey

Being hurt at work can be quite upsetting. When you are seriously injured, you could require pricey medical care and rehabilitation. Additionally, you could be unable to return to your job or any other productive activity due to a temporary or permanent disability. Fortunately, the New Jersey workers’ compensation system is set up to offer employees financial and medical benefits to aid in their recuperation. But if you’re having difficulties collecting the workers’ compensation payments from your employer that you think you’re entitled to, speak with Hoboken workers’ compensation lawyers.

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For almost 30 years, the workers comp attorneys in Hoboken, NJ at Team Law have defended the rights and interests of injured workers. They have a history of securing favorable outcomes for our clients, including large workers’ compensation settlements that exceeding $1 million. Additionally, they have nearly three decades of experience representing clients in New Jersey workers’ compensation courts. You can rely on our Hoboken personal injury lawyers to get the best outcomes for your case because we have the experience and expertise necessary.

Contact our Hoboken workers’ compensation lawyers at Team Law for a free, no-obligation case examination if you have experienced a job accident or occupational sickness in Hoboken. Our office is prepared to discuss your legal rights and choices with you so that you will understand what to anticipate when pursuing your workers’ compensation claim.

How to Make a Workers’ Compensation Claim

Hoboken Workers' Compensation Lawyers

Notifying your employer of your job injury is the first step in submitting a workers’ compensation claim in New Jersey. According to the workers’ compensation law, you must provide your employer “prompt” notice of your injury, usually within 14 days following a working accident. However, to continue to be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits, notice must be given no later than 90 days after incurring a work injury. A worker has the right to provide notice to a manager, supervisor, or other officer within the organization. Oral or written notice may also be given, but written notice is always preferred.

An employer or its workers’ compensation insurance is obligated to submit a first report of injury to the state Division of Workers’ compensation as soon as it learns of a worker’s injury. Within 60 days, the employer or its insurer must determine whether to accept or reject the employee’s claim. An employee must submit a formal claim petition to the Division if their employer rejects their claim or it is not submitted to the Division. When an injured worker files a claim petition, they have a choice between an informal settlement and a formal hearing in front of a workers’ compensation court for a legally binding decision. A petition for a claim must be submitted no later than the later of two years from the date of the work injury or two years from the date workers’ compensation benefits were last paid for a work injury. To be eligible for compensation for a worker’s chronic illness or disability, a claim petition must also be submitted.

Benefits That Can Be Obtained From Workers’ Compensation

If your employer approves your workers’ compensation claim, you may be eligible to receive benefits like:

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The American city of Hoboken is located in Hudson County, New Jersey. It is a component of the New York metropolitan region and is situated on the Hudson River shoreline. With a population of about 55,000, Hoboken is renowned for its multiculturalism, thriving nightlife, and diversified populace. The city has a large number of eateries, pubs, and stores in addition to several parks and recreational areas. Stevens Institute of Technology, a renowned university renowned for its engineering and science departments, is located in Hoboken as well.

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It’s dreadful to get hurt at the office. You are in pain and are unable to go out and find work to support yourself. Everything stops as you wonder how you will be able to support your family and yourself in the future. This makes it crucial to speak with Hoboken workers’ compensation lawyers as soon as feasible. You do not want to be forced to wait to get the benefits you require right away. The earlier you take action, the better, as there are time limits and deadlines for filing a workers’ compensation claim in relation to the accident’s date. One of the worst scenarios is missing out on the chance to receive the compensation you require for lost pay and medical costs because you delayed speaking with Hoboken workers’ compensation lawyers. You can get in touch with us if you want to talk about your claim.

For a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss how our firm can help you obtain the workers’ compensation payments you are entitled to from your employer, get in touch with our workers comp attorneys in Hoboken, NJ at Team Law if you require legal assistance in pursuing your workers’ compensation claim.

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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Hoboken Workers’ Compensation

What is the workers’ compensation rate?

When you become unable to work due to an injury, workers’ compensation may also pay for your medical care as well as financial payments. Payments for temporary incapacity are equal to 70% of your weekly average salary. Once your temporary disability benefits run out, those payments can still be made to you if you are permanently unable to perform any type of work. You may be eligible for benefits based on your average weekly wage, the type and extent of the handicap or disabilities you have experienced, and your typical weekly wage even if you have only suffered a partial disability.

If I receive workers’ compensation payments, am I still allowed to file a personal injury lawsuit?

When an outside entity, not your employer, is to blame for your work-related illness or injury, you can seek additional compensation by filing a lawsuit for personal injury in addition to a workers’ compensation claim. Money you get from a third-party personal injury claim may be used to repay some of the workers’ compensation benefits your employer or its insurer has already paid you.

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