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New Jersey Speeding Ticket Defense Lawyers

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New Jersey is a state well-known for our volume of speeding tickets. Whether on the Parkway or Turnpike or on the roads that turn into small highways to connect our towns and cities, it takes only a few seconds of inattention to be driving over the speed limit.

Sometimes you were intentionally driving too fast, while at other times you were either unaware of your speed or the speed limit changed with you noticing it. The vast majority of people in New Jersey who get a speeding ticket don’t have the dreaded “leadfoot,” they are regular people and normally safe drivers who are often caught before they realize they are driving too fast.

Were You Issued A Speeding Ticket And Have Questions? We Can Help, Tell Us What Happened.

If you have been given a speeding ticket in New Jersey, contact Team Law today so we can review the facts and present you with some options. 

Speed Limits and the Consequences of Speeding

New Jersey used presumed speed limits

Like all states, New Jersey has posted maximum speeds on our roads, but we also have presumed speed limits in the state.

These presumed speed limits are:

Fines for speeding in New Jersey

Like all states, New Jersey has posted maximum speeds on our roads, but we also have presumed speed limits in the state.

In New Jersey, the fines for speeding are as follows:

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These are only the baseline fines

If you are caught speeding in a construction zone or what New Jersey has deemed a “safe corridor,” your fines could almost double.

The point system in New Jersey

On top of your fine, you receive points on your driving record. As you accumulate driving record points, insurance companies can raise your rates.

If you are caught speeding in another state, it is an automatic 2 points on your New Jersey record. 

It is worth noting that 3 points are subtracted from your New Jersey record for each year you do not get a speeding ticket. 

Possible Defenses to Speeding in New Jersey

Given how expensive speeding fines and possible spikes in your car insurance can be, it makes practical sense to fight speeding tickets when you have the grounds to do so.

There are many possible defenses to speeding in New Jersey, as well as situations that occurred when you were given the speeding ticket that could allow your fine to be reduced or the ticket to be dismissed.

The type of defense you might have to a speeding ticket also depends upon whether you were breaking a set (absolute) speed limit, a presumed speed limit, or you were driving at a speed that was not reasonably safe given the driving conditions that existed at the time.

Some of the more common speeding ticket defenses in New Jersey include:

Contact Our Experienced New Jersey Speeding Ticket Defense Lawyers to Discuss Options Today

If you received a speeding ticket in New Jersey you need to act quickly to allow yourself enough time to look at options for fighting your ticket. Contact Team Law today and we will help you fight your speeding ticket. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Speeding Ticket Defense in New Jersey

Does Team Law have actual lawyers help me with my speeding ticket or is it an app?

Team Law has actual lawyers with many years of experience helping honest drivers fight often unfair speeding tickets. Contact Team Law today so we can begin a thorough review of the circumstances surrounding your speeding ticket and look at viable options.

If I get too many speeding tickets could I possibly lose my license in New Jersey?

Absolutely. Should you ever accumulate 12 or more points on your driving record, you will lose your driving privileges in New Jersey.

Why should I fight my speeding ticket? Why not just pay it?

If you pay your speeding ticket, you are admitting that you were guilty of speeding. This can come with not only monetary fines and points on your New Jersey driving record, but also a potential increase in your insurance rate.

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