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New Jersey Investment Fraud Lawyers

Diligent Attorneys Defend Clients’ Rights and Interests Against Investment Fraud In New Jersey

Despite the sweeping changes made to the investment and financial industry after the 2008 financial crisis, investment fraud still occurs on a large scale. Both state and federal laws apply to investment professionals throughout New Jersey. A license is mandatory for providing advice surrounding the purchase and sale of investments, as many categories of behaviors are prohibited – including pump-and-dump stock trading, pyramid, and Ponzi-investment schemes, financial statement fraud, and fraud involving unregulated investment products. At Team Law, our New Jersey Investment Fraud Lawyers have experience in handling investment fraud cases, both on the criminal and civil level. Our attorneys have the expertise and resources to advocate on your behalf and provide a comprehensive and tactful representation for your defense.

Violations of investment laws aimed at protecting investors and preventing illicit behavior can result in charges of investment fraud. Federal and state charges for investment fraud may result in a significant prison sentence, severe monetary penalties, seizure and forfeiture of your assets, loss of a broker’s or other professional license, and other penalties. Accordingly, you may face criminal prosecution as well as civil litigation for your role in investment fraud.

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Investment fraud charges should be taken seriously – and our legal team is here to help you, both professionally and personally. To learn more about our practice and how we can help, contact us to schedule a free and confidential consultation today. 

Types of Fraudulent Investment Schemes

Investment fraud charges can be rooted in a myriad of fraudulent investing activity and schemes, including:

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In many situations, defendants are charged with investment fraud because the government incorrectly classifies a legitimate multilevel marketing program as a type of pyramid scheme or because of a misunderstanding regarding whether something is considered an investment.

Therefore, it is vitally important to retain an experienced defense attorney when facing investment fraud charges. At Team Law, our New Jersey Investment Fraud Lawyers can provide representation when you are under investigation for any fraudulent investment schemes.

Federal Level Of Investment Fraud

In addition to state investigations and criminal or civil actions on the state level, you may also face federal charges for investment fraud. Federal investment fraud charges include the following:

The potential penalties for violation of federal investment fraud laws include decades in prison, mandatory restitution, forfeiture of assets, and supervised release. Our experienced attorneys can help you understand federal and state charges, and can provide a rigorous defense against such charges.

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Investment fraud charges are a serious matter. At Team Law, our attorneys handle each and every case with the attention and respect they deserve. Whether your investment fraud charges are at the state or federal level, or both, we are prepared to use our experience and skills to mount a strong defense in your favor. We are here to help, and will support you through the difficulties and nuances that may arise when facing investment fraud charges. We will fight for your rights and interests. If you or someone you know is facing investment fraud charges, contact Team Law for a free and confidential consultation.

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