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Jersey City, NJ Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

Pedestrian accidents are common on our road and often involve serious injuries among pedestrians. It is estimated that about 66,000 pedestrians are hospitalized each year after being involved in such accidents. This presents considerable losses to them as they have to foot hospital bills as well as deal with lost income. In turn, this has a ripple effect on their families, especially if the person involved is his or her family’s sole breadwinner. If you or a loved one has been involved in a pedestrian accident, Team Law can help you get the financial compensation you deserve.

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Understanding Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrian accidents occur due to a variety of factors, most of which involve negligence on the part of the driver. Pedestrians get hit by cars when they are crossing the road or in some cases, cars hitting pedestrians on the curb. This is a result of various reasons such as speeding, ignoring traffic lights, driving while drunk or under the influence of drugs. During such accidents, the pedestrian bears the brunt of the accident while the motorist generally escapes unscathed.

Do I Need A Lawyer for A Pedestrian Accident?

If you are hit by a car, you are likely to come off worse than the motorist who hit you. It would be grossly unfair if you or a loved one was hospitalized or killed for an accident that was no fault of yours. Unfortunately, many people do not know their rights when it comes to pedestrian accidents and therefore are unable to claim their rightful compensation. Having a team of lawyers on your side during such a trying moment can help ease things for you. This is because your attorneys will handle all the legal aspects of your case while you focus on getting better.

How Team Law Can Help

When you hire Team Law to represent you during a pedestrian accident compensation case, you can have the peace of mind that we will do all we can to get you justice. We bring to your case a wealth of experience in pedestrian accident compensation, not just from one lawyer but from a team of lawyers. This way, you know for sure that your interests will be taken care of to the fullest extent possible.

Choose Team Law Lawyers for Pedestrian Accident Compensation Today

At Team Law, we are driven by the desire to help people and ensure that they get the justice they deserve. This is why for the last six decades, we have won numerous cases for our clients that involved pedestrian accident claims. We use every arsenal in our stock for you, whether that means negotiating with insurance companies or going to court with liable parties. We treat all our clients with compassion and we won’t charge anything for the case until you receive justified financial compensation.

Discover more about Team Law’s expertise in personal injury cases from pedestrian accidents. Contact us today and schedule a free initial consultation with us. You can get the best legal representation that you need by calling 732-388-5454.

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