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Millions of children around the world need a safe and secure home–with a loving family to protect them.  Part of protecting those children involves implementing a thorough process that all adoptive parents must satisfy before legally adopting a child.  That process can be emotional, confusing and even overwhelming at times.  A family law attorney can help you get through it.

Even if your adoption case seems to be proceeding smoothly, it never hurts to get the advice of an experienced lawyer.  At Team Law, our dedicated and compassionate family law attorneys have over 60 years of experience.  We can help you with the adoption proceedings, negotiate on your behalf, and represent you in court.

It’s normal to have questions if you’re considering adoption.  Even if you are well into the process and working with an adoption agency, getting the advice of an experienced adoption lawyer can help.  We can also help if you are handling an unplanned pregnancy and would like to explore adoption as an option.

We offer a confidential case review so that you can speak openly about your case while you get to know our lawyers and learn more about your legal rights and options. To schedule your consultation, call our office or contact our New Jersey adoption lawyers by using this online contact form.

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Types of Adoption Cases We Handle

Team Law is here to help you through the adoption process regardless of the types of challenges you might be facing.  Our law firm can help with:

As many adoptive parents know, any number of hurdles can arise along the path to legally adopting a child.  Having an experienced lawyer by your side can give you the confidence you need to know that your case is being handled by someone who understands the system.

At Team Law, our family attorneys are here to help you through every aspect of the New Jersey adoption process.  To learn more about what to expect and how we can help, call us today.

Understanding the Home Study Process in New Jersey

To legally adopt a child in New Jersey, you must complete a home investigation process where the adoption agency conducts a thorough investigation.  The “home study” generally involves:

Prospective parents will quickly learn that the adoption process requires substantial paperwork and legal documentation.  Affidavits, legal consents and court documents must all be completed before you can formally adopt a child.  After the home study is complete, there is usually a court hearing to terminate parental rights.

Even after the home study has been approved and the biological parents have given up their rights, adoptive parents usually have to wait about six months to appear for the final adoption hearing in court.

The entire process is designed to protect both the child and the parents.  It can, however, be emotionally draining.  You might run into roadblocks along the way.  We can help with any challenges and do the legwork necessary so that you can legally expand your family.

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New Jersey Adoption Law Imposes Strict Procedural Requirements

Private adoptions are the most common type of adoption.  Whether you are working with an adoption agency or not, a private adoption involves a situation where the birth parents give up their parental rights and adoptive parents gain those parental rights.

While that might sound simple, it rarely is.  Learning the basics of what to expect from the New Jersey adoption process is important for all adoptive parents.  The basic procedure involves:

The details vary depending upon whether an agency is involved.  Often, the birth parents will give up their parental rights and transfer them to the adoption agency.  It is then up to the agency to screen prospective parents.

In a private placement adoption, an agency is still involved, but the birth parents agree to transfer the child directly to the adoptive parents.  

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At Team Law, our experienced family lawyers know the joy that adoption can bring to a family.  We also know that despite countless stories of loss you may have heard, adoption can work.  

Our team is here to handle the procedural aspects of the adoption, including negotiating any fees or payments to a birth parent that may be involved.  We can also help you work through any challenges that arise along the way.

To learn more about how we can help, schedule a confidential consultation with an experienced New Jersey adoption lawyer at Team Law today.

Frequently Asked Questions About the New Jersey Adoption Process

What is the difference between open adoption and closed adoption?

Open adoption is an adoption where the adoptive parents want the birth parents to continue contact. Some adoptive parents agree to send photos at regular intervals. Others might even plan to allow the birth parents to have visitation rights. A closed adoption, on the other hand, is one where the parties will have no contact after the legal adoption has been completed.

It’s important to note that, in an open adoption, the New Jersey courts will generally not enforce an agreement that obligates the legal (adoptive) parents to allow contact with the birth parents. Even if the parties agree to maintain contact, it is ultimately the adoptive parents’ choice once the legal adoption proceedings are complete.

What are some of the issues that I should understand if I want to pursue an international adoption?

International adoptions are a valuable option for many potential parents. However, the process can be more expensive and more complicated than a domestic adoption. Both U.S. laws and the laws of the child’s birth country will come into play. Depending upon the country of origin and how common U.S. adoptions are from that country, any number of complications can arise. In international adoptions it is always important to have a lawyer who understands both New Jersey adoption laws and the laws of the relevant country.

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