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Gastric bypass surgery can provide a valuable option that can help patients get their weight under control to prevent more serious future health complications.  However, like any other surgery, gastric bypass procedures come with their own set of risks. It is your doctor’s duty to both inform you of those risks and exercise appropriate skill to prevent risk from becoming reality.

Not every complication that occurs after gastric bypass surgery is the result of medical negligence.  At Team Law, our surgical malpractice lawyers put our considerable resources—including our financial resources, contacts in the medical community and legal skills—to work in gathering the evidence necessary to protect your right to compensation.

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Medical Negligence Can Lead to Serious Complications in Gastric Bypass Surgery Cases

Gastric bypass surgery has become relatively routine in the United States—over 200,000 gastric bypass surgeries are performed every year.  The surgery is a procedure where a surgeon reduces the size of the patient’s stomach. Gastric bypass surgery is also known as stomach stapling. 

The reduced stomach is then connected to the middle of the intestines, “bypassing” the remainder of the stomach and intestines.  Because smaller digestive systems can accommodate less food, the end result is ideally weight loss that occurs over time.

Despite the seemingly simple and routine nature of the surgery, if a doctor or another healthcare provider is negligent in executing that surgery, the patient can suffer extreme harm or even death.  Known complications include:

If not properly identified and treated promptly, any postoperative complication can lead to lasting medical complications and even death.  Importantly, you don’t assume any of these risks simply by consenting to the surgery. When medical negligence caused you to suffer harm, you may have the right to compensation even if you signed a consent form.

Medical Malpractice

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Identifying Signs of Surgical Malpractice After Gastric Bypass Surgery

The mere occurrence of a potential complication of gastric bypass surgery does not always give rise to a claim for medical negligence, however.  Complications can occur even when a highly competent surgeon exercises all possible caution. Surgical malpractice claims require showing:

At Team Law, our experienced medical malpractice lawyers consult with the foremost experts in the field to establish the applicable standard of care—which is what a competent, reasonable surgeon would have done facing similar circumstances.  This standard takes into account the gastric bypass procedure and risks themselves, as well as:

While every case is different, potential signs that your healthcare provider committed malpractice include situations where the doctor:

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At Team Law, we know that you might not be sure about whether your post-operative problems were caused by medical negligence.  Our lawyers are here to evaluate your medical records and listen to your story to provide options in your case—and your case review is always free, so there is no financial risk involved in getting our opinion about the potential for filing a gastric bypass surgery malpractice claim. 

Award-Winning Surgical Malpractice Lawyers Work to Get Fair Compensation for New Jersey Patients Harmed by Gastric Bypass Surgery Malpractice

Medical negligence can turn a routine procedure designed to better your life into an ongoing medical trauma. When this happens, the experienced surgical malpractice lawyers at Team Law are here to put our skills to work for you.  We work tirelessly to negotiate a compensation award that accounts for all aspects of the harm you have suffered. Fair compensation should account for:

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Your health is one of your most important assets.  When your health has been compromised because of a surgical procedure designed to prevent future illness, you may have the right to financial compensation. 

At Team Law, our knowledgeable surgical malpractice lawyers provide a free consultation so that we can discuss options in your gastric bypass surgery malpractice case.  To schedule your risk-free consultation, call our office or fill out this online contact form.

Frequently Asked Questions About Gastric Bypass Surgery Malpractice Claims

FAQ: What are some of the reasons that gastric bypass surgery malpractice claims happen?

Gastric bypass surgery is seen as a fairly simple procedure. It can be performed laparoscopically and costs upwards of $30,000. Studies show that these factors have encouraged surgeons to begin offering these surgeries without the experience or training needed to appropriately recognize complications or risk factors. The lack of experience and training can result in medical malpractice. In other cases, the surgeon may feel that because the procedure is so simple, it requires less attention.

FAQ: Why are gastric leaks so serious after gastric bypass surgery? Is a gastric leak always malpractice?

Gastric leakage can lead to one of the more serious complications of any surgery—infection. Leaks can eventually lead to sepsis and death if not properly and quickly treated. Because of the nature of gastric bypass surgery itself, this type of leakage is always a risk factor—one that surgeons should do all they can to prevent. Despite this, gastric leakage does not always mean that malpractice has occurred.

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