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Dedicated Family Lawyers Help Clients Who Are Getting Divorced in Perth Amboy, NJ

It is an unfortunate fact that the majority of marriages today end in divorce. Although no one gets married expecting to ultimately get divorced, as a couple grows and changes as people, their marriage may simply naturally come to an end. Even when divorce is an acknowledged necessity by both spouses, resolving the issues that arise in divorce can be incredibly complex, contentious, and time-consuming, especially when spouses are forced to face the prospect of losing the home or wealth that they’ve helped to build and believe rightfully belongs to them, or the prospect of not being able to spend as much time with one’s children or be as involved in their lives as one might wish.

At Team Law, we know how difficult divorce can be for any couple, even those couples who have come to the mutual agreement to end their marriage. Our compassionate Perth Amboy divorce lawyers take the time to ensure that our clients fully understand their legal rights and options in their divorce; we guide our clients to informed, reasoned decisions that help them achieve fair and favorable outcomes that meet their needs and goals for their case.

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If you are considering seeking a divorce and want to know more about the process and your rights and options, or if you or your spouse have already decided to pursue divorce and have filed suit in court, contact the Perth Amboy divorce lawyers of Team Law as soon as possible to schedule a free consultation to learn more about how we can help you with your case.

Divorce Matters That We Can Advise You On

In New Jersey, a divorce proceeding is often far more than simply dissolving your marriage. Instead, spouses getting divorced must figure out how to separate their entwined personal and financial lives in a way that is fair and just to both parties and also serves the interests of affected family members, such as the couple’s children. Although a court can resolve these issues for a couple, litigating is often expensive and time-consuming, even where a couple doesn’t have much to litigate over. 

In most cases, a divorcing couple can resolve the issues in their case through a negotiated or mediated settlement agreement. At Team Law, our attorneys have helped numerous clients successful resolve divorce matters such as:

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Although reaching a settlement is always more efficient and cost-effective, when it is not possible to reach an agreement with your spouse that provides you with an outcome that meets your needs and goals, our firm is fully prepared to defend your rights and interests in court if need be.

Why Team Law Represents the Best Choice for Clients Facing Divorce Proceedings in Perth Amboy

Resolving outstanding issues between you and your spouse in divorce can be an emotionally-charged endeavor, which can often make it difficult to make informed, reasoned choices about how to resolve contested issues in your divorce. When you choose Team Law, our experienced attorneys can advise you as to options and alternatives for obtaining a fair and favorable outcome on the issues in your case that meet your stated needs and goals for your case. Of course, we can also advise you when an offered settlement isn’t fair to your rights and interests and help you to negotiate a better resolution or, if necessary, fight on your behalf in court to protect your legal rights and interests and the rights and interests of your family and those closest to you.

Schedule a Free Case Evaluation with a Perth Amboy Divorce Lawyer at Team Law Today

You shouldn’t have to face the prospect of trying to resolve the difficult issues in your divorce alone. Let an experienced divorce lawyer guide you through the divorce process and look out for your legal rights and interests. Contact Team Law today to schedule a free, no-obligation initial case review with one of our knowledgeable Perth Amboy divorce attorneys to discuss how having an experienced lawyer in your corner can make the difference in getting you a fair and favorable outcome in your case.

About Perth Amboy, NJ

Perth Amboy is a city located in Middlesex County, New Jersey. Nicknamed the “City by the Bay” due to its position on Raritan Bay, Perth Amboy was established in the late 1600s and originally called “New Perth” in honor of James Drummond, 4th Earl of Perth; the city eventually got the name Perth Amboy from a corruption of the original Lenape name for the area, “Ompoge”. Experiencing rapid growth due to industrialization and immigration during the 19th century, Perth Amboy was transformed into a resort town during the early 20th century; today, the city’s waterfront has undergone extensive redevelopment with new promenades, parks, marinas, and housing.

Frequently Asked Questions about Divorce in Perth Amboy, NJ

FAQ: Do I have to participate in negotiation, mediation, or arbitration before going to trial in my divorce?

Although it might seem quicker just to dispense with engaging in negotiation or mediation of your divorce issues with your spouse and just go straight to a trial, in reality a divorce trial is far more expensive and time consuming than trying to resolve the issues in your divorce through a negotiated or mediated settlement with your spouse. In addition, in many cases the trial judge in your divorce case will require you to attempt negotiation or mediation to resolve the issues in your divorce before a trial will be scheduled.

FAQ: After I file for divorce, can I get married to my new partner?

Your marriage is only dissolved one the judge issues the final judgment of divorce, also known as the divorce decree. That means that so long as your divorce proceedings are ongoing as you try to resolve the issues in your divorce, such as equitable distribution or alimony, you and your spouse are still legally married to one another and you may not yet get married to your new spouse.

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