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Nutley Slip and Fall Accident Lawyers

Slip and Fall Attorneys in Nutley, NJ Pursue Maximum Compensation for Victims of Slip, Trip, and Fall Injuries Caused by Property Owner Negligence in Essex County and Throughout New Jersey

You have the legal right to seek compensation and hold the negligent party accountable if you were wounded in a slip-and-fall accident that was their responsibility. Since 1963, Team Law has a strong history of assisting accident victims all around the state of New Jersey. With settlements and verdicts above $1 million in New Jersey, our firm is regarded as one of the most successful personal injury law firms in the state. If you or a loved one has experienced a slip and fall accident, contact our team of Nutley slip and fall accident lawyers at Team Law for a free consultation.

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Nutley Slip-And-Fall Accident Victims Receive The Maximum Compensation Thanks To Our New Jersey Personal Injury Firm.

Nutley Slip and Fall Accident Lawyers

You have the right to file a claim under personal injury law for damages if you sustain injuries in a slip and fall accident. Accident victims are entitled to compensation for any of the following losses, or “damages”:

In Order To File A Nutley Slip And Fall Accident Claim, Negligence Must Be Established

Personal injury legislation stipulates that the incident must have been the result of negligence in order to qualify as a slip-and-fall accident. Numerous actions, such as omitting to do something, can be used to prove negligence in slip and fall accidents. For instance, failing to cordon off a dangerous area, failing to fix damaged steps, failing to alert others to a wet floor, and failing to act in a way that ensures others’ safety are all examples of irresponsible behavior.

The modified comparative fault rules of New Jersey apply if you share some of the blame for a slip and fall accident in Nutley.

If you contributed to your slip and fall accident, New Jersey’s “modified comparative fault” laws will be in effect. According to these regulations, a person’s compensation must take into account how much of an accident they were responsible for. Although it may sound complicated, when this rule is used to explain an example situation, it becomes fairly clear.

If the court finds that you are 30% to blame for your slip and fall accident, for instance, what would that mean? The compensation that you could get would thereafter be subject to a 30% reduction in accordance with New Jersey’s amended comparative fault guidelines. As a result, if you were given a $15,000 damage award, your compensation would be cut by $4,500, or 30%, for a final amount of $10,500.

If it is decided that you contributed more than 50% to your accident, New Jersey law prohibits you from suing the other parties for damages.

A Free Case Evaluation For Accident Claims Is Available From Skilled Nutley Slip and Fall Accident Lawyers

Uncertain about trying to make a slip-and-fall accident claim? Do you have any doubts about accepting the insurance company’s initial settlement offer? Take advantage of a free case evaluation for your slip and fall accident claim before you take any hasty actions that you might regret later. Our Nutley slip and fall accident lawyers at Team Law will evaluate your claim, go through negligence, walk you through the procedure, and lay out your legal choices.

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About Nutley, New Jersey

Located in the upper part of Essex County is the township of Nutley. This puts the municipality in close proximity to New York City while still providing a pleasant suburban atmosphere. Nutley has a well-deserved reputation for being a town whose citizens are dedicated to making positive contributions to maintaining and improving the quality of life in their neighborhood. Nutley was named after the vast Satterthwaite family estate that was founded in 1844 and ran along the banks of the Passaic River. In 1666, Robert Treat and a group of Connecticut Puritans came across a tribe of Indians known as the Lenni Lenape who had established the first permanent settlement in the area’s wilderness. Indeed, they were the earliest inhabitants of this land.

Residents of the developing village of Newark rarely went outside its borders. Therefore, the village expanded slowly, with only a few men (known as planters). With the advent of a railroad connection to the outlying towns, a genuine suburban housing market emerged in the areas surrounding New York City. Beginning in the second half of the nineteenth century and continuing throughout the entire twentieth, citizens banded together to form civic organizations with the goal of bettering their community. Six months before the township of Franklin, New Jersey, changed its name to Nutley, the world was rocked by the assassination of President William McKinley. He was succeeded in office by Teddy Roosevelt, a man of boundless vitality and progressive politics.

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Common Questions Regarding Nutley Slip-and-Fall Accidents

Is There A Time Limit To File A Slip And Fall Accident Claim In Nutley?

The time limits for bringing claims in civil court are known as “statutes of limitations.” Depending on the type of underlying claim, each state has its own statutes of limitations that are different from one another. The statute of limitations for personal injury claims, which includes claims for slip and fall accidents, in the state of New Jersey is two years from the date of the accident.

This due date is quite significant. The New Jersey court may decline to consider your slip and fall claim if you do not file it before the statute of limitations expires. You won’t receive any compensation for your slip and fall injuries and other losses if your case is not heard in court.

Is it necessary for me to hire a slip and fall accident lawyer?

It is crucial to have competent legal counsel to guide you through the proceedings in your case. Team Law is regarded as one of the most successful personal injury law firms in New Jersey. Our firm has assisted New Jersey families in recovering from injuries, and our Nutley personal injury lawyers have received recognition as Super Lawyers and among the Best Lawyers in America.

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