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As we spend more time each year on our computers and smartphones, crimes committed on a computer and against a computer increase dramatically. In New Jersey, these crimes are viewed as very serious, as they target our data, our children, our personal safety, and our livelihood.

Internet fraud is increasing proportionately to our use of technology. As we allow more areas of our lives to go online, new ways to commit crimes are created by individuals looking to exploit personal and network security weaknesses. You may be charged with an internet crime because of one incident involving use of computers and the internet, or the charge may be the result of an investigation of ongoing criminal acts in New Jersey that potentially extend across state lines and into federal jurisdiction. 

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Internet Crimes Increase Each Year

Types of Internet crimes

There are two types of internet crime. The first type involves crimes a person commits while on their computer or other internet-enabled device, such as a smartphone. The other type of internet crime is aimed by others at our computers or other internet-enabled devices. 

Both types of internet crime are very serious in New Jersey and a charge of internet crime should never be taken lightly.

Internet crimes may also be a part of a larger charge, such as when a computer crime enables perpetration of a fraud. Because internet crimes can be both state and federal crimes, they can carry severe penalties and possible imprisonment.

Common internet crimes in New Jersey

Penalties for Internet Crimes in New Jersey

In New Jersey, internet crimes can range from fourth degree offenses up to first degree, depending upon the nature and severity of the charge. Because there is such a wide range in how internet crimes are classified in New Jersey, you may believe that you are facing a relatively minor charge when you are actually facing a very serious one. This is why skilled and experienced defense counsel is critical when you are charged with an internet crime in New Jersey.

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For a first degree internet crime, you may face imprisonment of up to 20 years and fines of up to $200,000.  

Possible Defenses to Internet Crime Charges in New Jersey

In many internet crime cases, there are a significant number of individuals involved and some may have been coerced to participate. Depending upon the exact nature of the coercion and the threat of harm, this may provide at least a partial defense to an internet crime charge. 

Because computer and software permissions can often be complex, there can be grey areas in which a person charged with an internet crime can argue that they had permission or authority to access the information in issue.

As is the case in many crimes in New Jersey, knowledge that one was committing an internet crime is a key fact in some types of cases. If a defendant in an internet crime case was unaware that the nature of their act was illegal, this could provide a viable defense in some cases. 

There is also a potential defense built into the nature of computers themselves. Because computers of all sorts (including our phones) are able to track the time of functions and activities, you may be able to set forth a defense showing that you were engaged in other activities at the time of the offense.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Internet Crimes in New Jersey

I was charged with an internet crime but it all started with me clicking on some links. Am I really guilty if I had no idea what I was doing?

Perhaps not. Internet crimes are complex, which is why it is critically important to contact experienced attorneys such as Team Law who understand how to defend these types of cases. For some internet crimes, knowledge that you were committing an illegal activity is required, yet for other types of internet crimes, this may not be a valid defense. Contact Team Law today to discuss the details of your case. We are always here to help you.

Internet crime seems complicated. Is there more than one type of internet crime?

Crimes committed by and against computers increase every year and the types of crimes being committed grow. Generally, there are crimes committed by using your computer and crimes committed against your computer. These crimes can be aimed at people, property, or the government.

Is computer hacking always a crime?

No. There are two types of computer hackers, identified as “black hat” (malicious) and “white hat” (using their hacking skills to serve some private or public good). This is a very complicated area, because even hackers intending to do positive things may be violating one or more New Jersey and federal laws. Because of the complexity of hacking cases and defending hacking charges, contact Team Law today to review the charges against you.

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