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Irvington Car Accident Lawyers

Auto Injury Attorneys in Irvington, NJ Seek Maximum Compensation for Victims of Car Accidents in Essex County and Throughout New Jersey

When you’re not seriously harmed, vehicle accidents can seem common. The costs of medical care after an accident can add up quickly, and you may find yourself unable to pay the bills if you have to miss work due to recovery. If you are hurt in an accident that may have been caused by the careless actions of another driver or the illegal conduct of a third party, you have the right to seek monetary compensation for your damages. Contact the Irvington car accident lawyers at Team Law if you need legal representation.

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Our legal team has over 120 years of experience between them, so they know how to get you the most money possible after a car crash. We understand that contemplating a lawsuit is nerve-wracking. Our expert Irvington personal injury lawyers handle every aspect of the legal process so that you may focus on healing physically and emotionally and getting back to your normal life. Our firm has a history of winning cases, so you can be confident that we will do all in our power to help you win your case as well.

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Common Causes of Automobile accidents

Irvington Car Accident Lawyers

Irvington’s dangerous roads are susceptible to accidents for a number of reasons.

The dedicated Irvington car accident lawyers at Team Law can help you prove your fault and collect the compensation you need to pay medical bills and cover lost wages while you recover.

If You Have Been In A Car Accident Irvington Car Accident Lawyers At Team Law Can Help You Get The Most Out Of Your Claim

When you retain Team Law to represent you in an auto accident claim, you can be assured that our expert auto injury attorneys in Irvington, NJ will do whatever is necessary to get the fair and full value of your claim for compensation. We’ll fight to make sure you’re compensated for the emotional distress your injuries have caused as well as the material hardships they’ve imposed on your life. Our legal team will pursue financial recompense on your behalf for the following:

In the event that your vehicle was destroyed in the crash, your insurance company will pay you the greater of the vehicle’s actual monetary worth or the cost to repair it.

Our auto injury attorneys in Irvington, NJ will investigate the scene of the accident, communicate with accident reconstruction and medical experts, review your medical records, bills, and invoices, and do whatever else is necessary to build a strong case for financial compensation from those at fault.

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Contact one of our Irvington car accident lawyers right away if you’ve been harmed in an auto accident that wasn’t your fault and want to learn more about how having experienced legal counsel on your side may make a world of difference when trying to recoup from medical bills and lost wages.

About Irvington, New Jersey

Irvington‘s current location was covered by a thick sheet of ice that melted 15,000 years ago, burying the land beneath several hundred feet of snow and ice. The Elizabeth River, the most notable geographical feature of Irvington, divides the city in two. Because of the warming weather, the glacier retreated, and the city took its current shape over time. Although Irvington was a quiet rural community before 1900, it quickly grew into a prosperous middle-class suburb of Newark. Due in large part to the 1890 introduction of the city’s first electric tram, the population boomed. The Irvington area was once home to Olympic Park, a popular amusement park. The merry-go-round was bought by an eager consumer after the park closed and then shipped to Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

The number of people who lost their lives in motor vehicle collisions has been going down in New Jersey and the rest of the United States since the early 1990s; despite this, the number of fatalities increased in both states between 2019 and 2020. People of African heritage accounted for the vast bulk of New Jersey’s population increase during this time period. Even after taking into account age differences, the death rate for people of African descent in the state of New Jersey in the year 2020 still significantly amounted higher than the death rate for people of White or Hispanic descent. During the COVID-19 pandemic, there may have been an increase in deaths that were caused by other reasons as a result of delays in medical care as well as worries associated with coming to the hospital and perhaps being exposed to COVID.

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Auto Accidents in Irvington, New Jersey: Frequently Asked Questions

When should I call a lawyer about my car accident claim?

It is best to contact a lawyer quickly after a vehicle accident. If you want to make sure you’re taking the correct actions to safeguard your rights and interests following an accident, you should see a lawyer as soon as possible. After an accident, if you are approached by an insurance adjuster, you should see an attorney immediately, as the insurance company may try to convince you to renounce your rights before you have had a chance to fully understand those options.

Isn’t it cheaper if I handle my claim on my own?

Although it is reasonable to assume that you will save money by not hiring an attorney, having legal representation after an automobile accident greatly increases your chances of receiving a fair settlement from the insurance provider. An expert car accident attorney will know how to negotiate with the insurance company for full and fair compensation, if not win the case outright. However, the higher compensation your lawyer may win for you is usually well worth the legal cost.

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