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You may be thinking: “It’s bad enough I got hurt on the job, now I have to sit in court, too? Unfortunately, yes, you do have to appear before a NJ Workers’ Comp judge at least once in order to finalize your case. That’s because all Workers’ Compensation claims in the State of New Jersey must be signed off on by a judge before they can be settled.

If you or someone you know has been injured on the job, contact Team Law for skilled in-court Workers’ Compensation representation. We can handle your workers’ comp case from beginning to end in an effort to make sure you get maximum compensation for your workplace injuries. However, at whatever point of your case you contact us, our knowledgeable lawyers will be by your side in court and can make a real difference in the outcome of your case.

It’s All About “Measuring Your Loss of Function

The final step of your Workers’ Compensation claim is usually a cash award. The amount of that award, determined by a judge after your medical treatment is completed, is based on which body part or parts were injured in your accident. State law attaches a “base value to each body part. In other words, if you lost the ability to use your right hand, that’s worth a certain amount of money. If you suffered a brain injury, that’s worth a separate amount of money.

Under the law, 26 weeks after your final medical treatment, Team Law will have you evaluated by a special Workers’ Comp doctor who will perform an exam and review the records of the doctors who treated you (after the accident.) This doctor will prepare a report that includes medical history, physical findings, as well as an evaluation of the permanent nature of your injury. He or she will prepare a comprehensive report to be presented to a judge. The insurance carrier will request the same medical examination and report from their doctor.

With those medical determinations and recommendations for disability percentage in hand, Team Law will negotiate on your behalf with opposing counsel and bring your case before a Workers’ Compensation judge who will make a final decision as to the amount of your award.

How is a Final Determination Made in Your NJ Workers’ Compensation Case?

Your Team Law attorney will go to court and show the judge your medical evaluations. We will review the reports with the insurance carrier’s lawyers in an effort to make a fair suggestion to the judge about the percentage of the award, based on all the relevant factors of the case. Once the judge approves the award, you will have to come to court and accept the settlement offer before the judge.

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Workers’ Compensation laws are designed to protect employees who get hurt on the job. These benefits cover medical treatment, replacement pay and often a cash award depending on the extent of your injuries. The final step of the process is an in-court appearance where a judge will make a final determination about your case and compensation.

Don’t go it alone. You need an experienced Workers’ Comp lawyer from Team Law by your side. We will explain the process as it’s happening and negotiate for maximum compensation allowed by law. Contact us today for your free consultation.

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