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The workers’ compensation system is legally required to provide certain cash benefits to employees who sustain workplace injuries or occupational diseases. These benefits are intended to aid an employee in getting well or recovering from a sickness or injury so they can get back to work. Unfortunately, too many sick or wounded workers encounter barriers to receiving the benefits they are entitled to under the law. Our Team Law’s Scotch Plains workers’ compensation lawyers can represent your interests if you are experiencing problems obtaining benefits following a work injury or occupational disease.

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Who May Receive Benefits from Workers’ Compensation?

When an employee gets hurt on the job or contracts a disease or medical condition while performing their duties for a covered employer in New Jersey, they typically have access to workers’ compensation benefits. Any employer with at least one employee qualifies as a covered employer. Workers’ compensation benefits are available to part-time, seasonal, and underage workers as well. The following employee groups are exempt from workers’ compensation coverage:

Workers’ compensation insurance must be purchased by employers through the state fund, which is managed by the New Jersey Unemployment Division. However, some sizable businesses (those with more than $25 million in assets) can choose to be authorized by NJ Unemployment to self-insure for workers’ compensation coverage and are therefore exempt from the requirement to do so.

Scotch Plains Workers' Compensation Lawyers

Scotch Plains Workers’ Compensation Lawyers From Team Law

In the state of New Jersey, workers’ compensation may be able to offer some cash benefits to an employee who has experienced a work-related illness or accident. Our workers comp attorneys in Scotch Plains, NJ from Team Law who handles workers’ compensation cases will see to it that you get all the benefits required for your recovery, such as:

Our Scotch Plains workers’ compensation lawyers at Team Law can assist you in obtaining the full range of benefits to which you may be entitled under the New Jersey State workers’ compensation system when you have a workers’ compensation claim for a workplace injury or occupational sickness. Contact our firm for assistance with:

To discuss your eligibility for benefits and your legal alternatives under New Jersey’s workers’ compensation system, get in touch with Team Law immediately for a free, no-obligation case evaluation.

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Concerning Scotch Plains, NJ

People of a wide range of racial and religious backgrounds, as well as generations, call Scotch Plains home. The Raritan people, also known as the Leni Lenape and a subgroup of the Delaware people, were the first people to live in this area. During the years 1684 and 1685, George Scot was the leader of a group of Scottish settlers who had settled in Perth Amboy and were responsible for establishing this small hamlet. The farming community of Scot’s Plains, of which the present-day town of Fanwood is a part, experienced steady population growth over the course of two centuries. A colonial encampment was located close to Scotch Plains, and Colonel William Smith, who was John Adams’s son-in-law, was in command of it.

The “ancient one horn” cannon is located in Westfield’s Fairview Cemetery. It was taken prisoner by Captain Eliakim Litttell in the 1780s and has since been given its current name. By the time an offer to purchase right of way in Scotch Plains was made in 1838, the Elizabethtown and Somerville Railroad had already completed its construction to Westfield. Shady Rest, which was once the Ephraim Tucker farmhouse and was built in the 1750s, brought Scotch Plains to the attention of the nation in 1921 when it was used as the location of the first African-American country club in the United States. When World War II began, our community was a modest rural hamlet with a population of approximately 4,500 people. During World War II, nine hundred people from this community sacrificed their time and energy to serve our country. Over 24,405 people called Scotch Plains home in 2018, and many of them use the city’s extensive network of trains, highways, and buses to make the journey to Newark, New York City, and other job centers.

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Scotch Plains Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Answer Frequently Asked Questions

When must I submit a workers’ compensation claim?

You must report an accident for a work injury within a year of the date the injury occurred, according to New Jersey’s workers’ compensation legislation. Within two years of the day, your doctor diagnoses the condition and determines it to be work-related, you must file your report with NJ Unemployment or your self-insured employer if you are making a claim for an occupational sickness. You risk losing your eligibility to receive benefits if your workers’ compensation claim is not submitted on time.

Does it matter who was at fault for my work injury?

No, workers’ compensation in New Jersey State is regarded as a “no-fault” system. This means that regardless of whether your employer was at fault for your work injury, you are still eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. However, in addition to requesting workers’ compensation benefits, you may also be entitled to do so if a party other than your employer is to blame for your illness or injury.

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