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South Brunswick Slip and Fall Accident Lawyers

Slip and Fall Attorneys in South Brunswick, NJ Pursue Maximum Compensation for Victims of Slip, Trip, and Fall Injuries Caused by Property Owner Negligence in Middlesex County and Throughout New Jersey

Our South Brunswick slip and fall accident lawyers at Team Law strive to give clients who have been hurt in Middlesex County and other Central New Jersey counties the best legal representation possible. Until someone slips and falls, many property owners are unaware of how slick their floors are. According to the National Floor Safety Institute’s Floor Safety News, 33,000 fatal falls occur each year, resulting in 8,000,000 million Americans visiting an emergency room. Furthermore, “the retail industry estimates that slips, trips, and falls cost the business more than $20 billion annually and are the primary source of both guest and employee accidents.”

In fact, a slip-and-fall mishap may turn a simple shopping trip into a painful and draining experience that necessitates a trip to the emergency room, continued medical costs, lost pay from missed work, and other losses. But say, for example, that the incident happened at a store. In that instance, it’s possible that your accident was caused by or contributed to by the property owner’s negligent failure to maintain the property properly or to warn of hazardous conditions. Property owners are required by law to keep their premises in a reasonably safe state for visitors; thus, the owner may have to make up for the damages they’ve suffered.

Therefore, our South Brunswick personal injury lawyers should be your first call if you need a slip-and-fall accident lawyer in South Brunswick.

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How Can A Slip and Fall Accident Occur in South Brunswick?

There are numerous potential causes of slip and fall accidents, but unattended unsafe situations frequently play a role in the incidents that result in the most severe—or even catastrophic—injuries.

South Brunswick Slip and Fall Accident Lawyers

For instance, we have defended local government clients who have suffered harm as a result of the following circumstances:

Even while it would be difficult to imagine how an unsteady area of carpet or dim lighting could result in a tragic slip and fall, we’ve seen it happen far too frequently.

Injury Caused by Slipping and Falling

In fact, even a seemingly innocuous fall can cause severe or even deadly injuries. And the likelihood of suffering catastrophic injuries increases when someone falls from a high altitude, into a hard surface, or into a sharp object.

The following are just a few of the injuries we’ve witnessed in the ten years since we began our law office and throughout the other years that our slip and fall attorneys in South Brunswick, NJ have worked as central New Jersey residents.

Undoubtedly, many of these injuries have a profound impact on a victim’s life, have long-term effects, and may even make it impossible for them to work. Because of this, we advise that as soon as possible after your accident, you thoroughly document the accident scene. Following your free, no-obligation consultation, if you choose to engage with our firm, we will fight to uphold your rights while you concentrate on getting better from your wounds.

Usually, among the first actions we take are the following:

Last but not least, we will assist in cataloging and valuing the harm you suffered.

However, since the owner of the property might take action to address the issues that led to your accident, we strongly advise getting in touch with us. One of our skilled South Brunswick slip and fall accident lawyers will examine the accident site and the surrounding circumstances to determine fault, including determining if the property owner violated the relevant standard of care.

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Contact one of our South Brunswick slip and fall accident lawyers by phone or by completing our online contact form to describe what happened and to learn more about your legal rights and alternatives if you slipped and fell in a store or on someone else’s property.

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About South Brunswick, New Jersey

South Brunswick Township, located in the middle of New Jersey, has a population of around 50,000 people and covers an area of roughly 41 square miles. Dayton, Deans, Kendall Park, Monmouth Junction, and Kingston are the five major communities that make up South Brunswick.

It’s clear that individuals and companies alike may greatly benefit from moving to South Brunswick Township. It has stunning parks, a well-regarded school system, and a robust business community. A total of 22 parks and trail systems have been developed for local use.

Routes 27, 130, and 1 and a portion of the NJ Turnpike all pass through South Brunswick. It is halfway between New York City and Philadelphia, as well as between Boston and Washington, D.C. The Park and Ride are conveniently located at the junction of Routes 32 and 130, making a trip to New York City quick and easy. Service is provided to and from Wall Street, the Port Authority, Grand Central, the East Side, and Downtown Manhattan via bus.

Slip and Fall Accident Legal Services in Areas Nearby

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Slip and Fall Accidents in South Brunswick

If the court finds that I contributed in some way to the injuries I suffered in my slip and fall accident, will my compensation be reduced?

The answer is affirmative since New Jersey is a comparative negligence state. A hypothetical $100,000 award would be lowered by $25,000, and you would receive a judgment for $75,000 if the court finds that a retail outlet was 75 percent at fault and you are 25 percent at fault.

Do I need to go to court to be awarded money for my injuries?

No, not always. Most of the time, instead of going to trial, which is a drawn-out procedure that defendants normally wish to avoid, our South Brunswick slip-and-fall accident lawyers will negotiate with the property owner’s attorney or his or her insurance company to obtain a full and reasonable settlement. The insurance company will probably try to negotiate a settlement at an unfairly low value, so it’s crucial to speak with our knowledgeable slip and fall attorneys in South Brunswick, NJ who can represent you throughout the negotiation process.

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