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Plainfield Workers’ Compensation Lawyers

Knowledgeable Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Advocate for Victims of Workplace Accidents in Plainfield, NJ

All New Jersey employers are legally required to help employees injured in work accidents.  If you were hurt on the job in Plainfield, you should be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits to cover your medical bills and part of your wages.  Unfortunately, getting the money you need isn’t always easy.

In work accident cases, your employer wants to minimize their insurance costs and insurance companies want to reduce the amount they have to pay.  Because of this, workers often face delays or problems in getting their benefits paid. At Team Law, we put over 60 years’ experience to work to fight to make sure that doesn’t happen.

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We know that you’ve worked hard for your employer.  You’ve even risked your own physical safety so that they can make a profit.  Our workers’ compensation lawyers are here to fight for the compensation that is rightfully yours after suffering a work injury. 

Step one is learning about your legal rights. For your free case review, call our office or contact us online today. 

Know What to Do After a Work Accident in Plainfield, NJ

Although it may seem like you don’t have to prove much to get workers’ compensation under New Jersey’s no-fault system, the process is confusing.  Your boss might challenge your right to receive benefits at all. Following the process after a work accident in Plainfield can be key to making sure your benefits are paid promptly and fully. 

Here are some steps you should take after a work accident:

Know Your Workers’ Compensation Benefit Rights Under Plainfield, NJ Law

Workers’ compensation benefits are split into a few different categories.  Available benefits may include:

We fight to make sure you get the full benefits you need.  We can also help if your initial benefits claim was denied. Some typical reasons why your workers’ compensation claim might have been denied in Plainfield accident cases include claims that:

The workers’ compensation insurance board might also challenge your benefits on the grounds that you didn’t see an approved doctor or that the medical treatment was unreasonable or unrelated to your injury. 

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In other cases, the workers’ compensation insurance company might fail to calculate your benefit amounts correctly.  They might even offer you a lump sum settlement amount that isn’t fair.

Skilled Workers’ Compensation Lawyers at Team Law Are Here to Help Victims of Work Accidents in Plainfield, NJ

Regardless of the problems you are facing, the experienced workers’ compensation lawyers at Team Law are here to help.  The skill of your lawyer is important to get the compensation you deserve. Our lawyers have been recognized by the state of New Jersey and throughout the country by organizations such as:

We are even certified as trial lawyers by the New Jersey Supreme Court.  Perhaps more importantly, we are experienced in successfully resolving workers’ compensation claims.  We’re ready to put our best skills to work to get fair compensation for your work injury.

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If you were hurt in a workplace accident in Plainfield, NJ, focusing on your health and recovery should be your top priority.  The experienced workers’ compensation lawyers at Team Law are here to make sure you have the financial benefits you need to get well.

We review your case and discuss options with you for free.  To schedule your free case review, call our office or fill out this online contact form today.

About Plainfield, NJ

Plainfield, New Jersey, is located about 29 miles from New York City.  It is also home to a large industrial community, where everything from chemicals to clothing to electronics are made in Plainfield’s many factories.  Plainfield is also a part of the revitalization effort in New Jersey. Because of this, new construction sites have popped up throughout the area. The population of Plainfield is growing along with the infrastructure—as of 2018, an estimated 50,693 residents will call Plainfield home, up about 2% from the 2010 census and about 6% from the 2000 census.

Frequently Asked Questions About Plainfield Workers’ Compensation Claims

FAQ: How long do I have to wait until I am eligible for workers’ compensation?

You are eligible for benefits as an employee on the first day of your employment. There is no waiting period to qualify for workers’ compensation.

FAQ: I work for a small business. Am I still eligible for workers’ compensation benefits if I was hurt in a work accident?

Yes. Workers’ compensation laws in New Jersey apply even to small business employers.

FAQ: My employer cut corners in the workplace, and that’s why I was injured at work. Why can’t I sue my employer?

The workers’ compensation system in New Jersey is designed to replace your right to sue. Through the system, your employer pays into an insurance fund. That workers’ compensation insurance fund is how you get compensation for work accidents—and the availability of that fund is why you can’t generally sue your employer or a co-worker. It’s also why you can get workers’ compensation benefits even if you caused the accident.

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