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Freehold Workers’ Compensation Lawyers

Workers Comp Attorneys in Freehold, NJ Assist Clients Recovering from Work Injuries or Occupational Diseases in Monmouth County and Throughout New Jersey

Nobody plans on getting hurt at work. It is the duty of employers to guarantee a secure working environment for their staff. They accomplish this by abiding by other safety regulations as well as OSHA safety standards. When they happen, industrial accidents can be fatal. Due to the injuries, you will not only have to miss work, but you will also face significant medical expenses. Injury victims must also deal with psychological distress in addition to physical suffering. By giving injured workers a cash cushion, workers’ compensation is intended to ease their financial burden. You can increase your compensation by hiring our Freehold workers’ compensation lawyers.

On behalf of injured workers, the workers comp attorneys in Freehold, NJ at Team Law have expertise obtaining workers’ compensation. Your employer or their insurance provider won’t be able to take advantage of you, thanks to us. We have a thorough understanding of the Freehold compensation system and have worked with insurance companies for a very long time. We will fight to increase your reward. Contact us right now to arrange a no-cost consultation with a lawyer from our Freehold personal injury lawyers.

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Finding Compensation After a Workplace Accident With Our Reliable Freehold Workers’ Compensation Lawyers

You probably have concerns about getting compensation if you or a loved one was hurt in an accident at work. If you are unable to work as a result of your workplace injury, you may be concerned about how you will pay for your expensive medical care and other expenses. Maybe you need surgery or physical treatment for your workplace injuries. Perhaps you should visit a professional and get a second opinion.

It might be challenging to navigate Freehold’s workers’ compensation system. Our skilled Freehold workers’ compensation lawyers at Team Law are aware of your situation. We also fully comprehend the labor laws in Freehold.  We will carefully evaluate your case and assist you in understanding your legal rights during your initial appointment. The greatest thing you can do if you have questions concerning your workers’ compensation claim is to contact our law company right away. Any queries you may have will be addressed, and we will manage your claim from beginning to end.

Freehold Workers' Compensation Lawyers

Cases In Which Our Skilled Workers Comp Attorneys in Freehold, NJ From Our Firm Can Assist You

We can handle any kind of workers’ compensation issue at Team Law. You may rely on us to guide you through the difficulties of making a workers’ compensation claim if you are wounded at work. Our firm’s Freehold workers’ compensation lawyers will fight to increase your payout.

We have dealt with cases involving:

Common Injuries Covered by Workers’ Compensation

Almost all employment has the potential for workplace harm. However, some job places are riskier than others in specific industries. For instance, there are major risks associated with working in the construction business. Construction workers are more likely to fall from heights, become trapped between large pieces of machinery, become stuck between items, or suffer an electrical shock while at work. In a similar vein, commercial drivers are also more likely to sustain injuries. Injurious car accidents can happen to semi-truck, taxi, and delivery truck drivers. Additionally, factory workers who are near forklifts and other heavy equipment are covered by workers’ compensation:

Who is Covered by the Workers’ Compensation Laws in Freehold?

The laws governing workers’ compensation in Freehold do not apply to everyone. You will only be protected, however, if your damage falls under one of the following headings:

A Guide to Freehold Workers’ Compensation

You will require medical attention if you were hurt while working in Freehold. A primary care physician, an occupational medicine clinic, a hospital, or an urgent care facility are all places where you can receive treatment. The next step is to inform your manager or supervisor about the workplace accident. Your employer is required to notify the Freehold Workers’ Compensation Board and their workers’ compensation insurance provider of your illness or injury. Within two years, your employer must report the incident.

How Much Will a Workers’ Compensation Settlement Pay You?

When assisting injured workers, we will thoughtfully determine the appropriate level of compensation. We will determine the compensation amount, which will incorporate the following before we come to a settlement agreement:

Each claim for workers’ compensation is distinctive. We will carefully review the facts of your situation and compile information regarding the gravity of your illness or damage. We take great care to prepare for negotiations with workers’ compensation insurance adjusters. Every workers’ compensation case goes through extensive study and preparation as if it will go to trial. We’ll file a lawsuit against the insurance company if they won’t offer a good settlement option.

A Workers’ compensation Denial Can be Appealed

What occurs if a workers’ compensation claim is complicated? Any party may appeal the ruling, but it must be done in writing and submitted within 30 days of the ruling. The case will be examined by three board members. They may concur to uphold the decision, deny it, or modify a portion of it. They can also send the matter back for additional hearings.

Either party may appeal it to the Workers’ Compensation Board of Commissioners and the Appellate Division of the Freehold State Supreme Court once a decision has been made. You must consult with one of our Freehold workers’ compensation lawyers as soon as possible since you have 30 days to appeal the verdict.

How Team Law’s Freehold Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Can Help

Workers can submit claims for compensation for occupational injuries through the workers’ compensation claim process, which was created with this purpose in mind. The procedure itself, though, can be challenging and even daunting. In the claims procedure, many employees make costly errors. There are other times when employers or their insurance providers make it difficult for workers to get the money they are owed.

For injured workers in Freehold, our attorneys are dedicated to simplifying the workers’ compensation claims process. To free you up to concentrate on your rehabilitation, our workers comp attorneys in Freehold, NJ will handle all the tedious work for you. We handle and assist our clients with:

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Our lawyers will accompany you as you navigate the claims process. Our accomplished Freehold workers’ compensation lawyers will help you through this challenging and perplexing process by offering advice and support.

When submitting a workers’ compensation claim, our workers comp attorneys in Freehold, NJ will assist you in avoiding the common mistakes made by workers. They will instruct you precisely on what must be done to enhance the outcome of your case and what must be avoided. After receiving workers’ compensation, we’ll make sure you’re still qualified to pursue other types of compensation.

Make an appointment to talk with one of our Freehold workers’ compensation lawyers at Team Law by contacting us right away. For employees in Freehold hurt in accidents related to their jobs, we provide a free initial consultation.

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Have you been hurt because of something that happened at work? If so, you might be eligible for Freehold workers’ compensation benefits. You and your family may greatly benefit from receiving workers’ compensation payments, particularly if you are healing from a serious injury that may have long-term implications. Team Law’s skilled Freehold workers’ compensation Lawyers will handle your claim from beginning to end so you can concentrate on getting better.

To begin working on your workers’ compensation claim, contact us right now. For those who have been hurt at work, we offer consultation at no cost. Make a consultation appointment to discuss your rights and alternatives with one of our knowledgeable Freehold workers’ compensation lawyers. You can get the advice you need to make an informed decision about whether to pursue compensation for your injuries during our free, no-obligation consultation.

About Freehold, New Jersey

Before Europeans arrived in Monmouth County, Lenni Lenape tribes traversed the Burlington Path through Freehold. After the 1665 Monmouth Patent, English colonists joined the early 1600s Dutch settlers. Freehold boomed in the 19th century. After railroads were built through Freehold in 1852, farmers and merchants could ship their goods to New York and Newark. Freehold was a successful commercial town and an agrarian community by the turn of the century. The Freehold Township Preservation Commission has preserved the area’s original buildings over time.

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Directions To The Distric Courthouse

2 Paragon Way
Freehold, NJ 07728
Telephone #: 
(732) 462-9321
Fax #: 
(732) 303-0810
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Monmouth County
Regional Supervisor:
 Elizabeth Risley Head Clerk: Shawanna Fields
Administrative Supervisory Judge: 
Lionel Simon
Presiding Judges: 
 Leslie Berich,  Salvatore Martino, John Roche (Recall), Lionel Simon

Directions:  From South and West: From Route 537 or Route 9. Take Route 33 East exit. Follow Route 33 East to first exit after Route 9. Halls Mill Road. Take second ramp onto Halls Mill Road North. Turn Left at first light onto Willowbrook Road. Proceed ½ mile to second left hand turn onto Paragon Way. Note: Paragon Way is a loop. This is the Second Paragon Way turn. Number 2 is the second building on the right. Turn Right between first and second buildings.

From East:
 Follow Route 33 (not Business 33) West to Halls Mill Road North Exit. Turn left at stop sign at end of ramp and merge onto Halls Mill Road North.

Turn Left at first light onto Willowbrook Road. Proceed about ¼ mile to second left hand turn onto Paragon Way. Note: Paragon Way is a loop. This is the second Paragon Way turn. Building number 2 is the second building on the right. Turn right between first and second buildings.

From North:
 Take Route 55 South to Willowbrook Road. This is the First light after Business Route 33 – Park Avenue. Turn Right onto Willowbrook Road. Proceed about ¼ mile to second left hand turn onto Paragon Way. Note: Paragon Way is a loop. This is the second Paragon Way turn. Building number 2 is the second building on the right. Turn right between first and second buildings.

Questions & Answers Regarding Jersey City’s Workers’ Compensation

Can I be fired if I am currently receiving workers’ compensation?

Employers typically maintain the right to terminate employees who are on workers’ compensation benefits and whose employment is at-will or in line with a contract. However, it is illegal to discharge a worker who has requested workers’ compensation or who is believed to be disabled but is still capable of performing the crucial functions of their position (with or without reasonable accommodation). Even if the dismissal was lawful, the employer must nevertheless pay the dismissed worker’s compensation benefits.

What does workers’ compensation not cover?

Workers’ compensation is only intended to compensate prospective costs and damages to the injured worker. As a result, it excludes non-economic human losses caused by an employee’s injury or occupational sickness, such as pain and suffering, emotional anguish, or a decline in quality of life.

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