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Prescription drugs play a vital role in treating a number of medical conditions.  However, many of these drugs are highly addictive and dangerous.  If used outside of a doctor’s parameters, prescription drugs are illegal just like any other type of drug.  A strong legal defense is a necessity in any case alleging prescription drug charges in New Jersey.

At Team Law, our top-rated lawyers have earned a reputation for legal excellence with over 60 years’ experience successfully helping clients across New Jersey.  Most of our clients come to us during one of the most difficult times of their lives.  Facing criminal charges is frightening—your freedom, financial security, and even reputation are on the line.  We explore every option for fighting the charges against you to help you put your mistakes in the past.

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Prescription drug use has been in the spotlight in recent years.  The opioid crisis has drawn national attention to the problems associated with the misuse of prescription drugs.  New Jersey courts take these cases seriously and you need a serious defense team on your side even if you have never before been involved in the criminal justice system.

To learn more about how Team Law can build a strong defense in your case, schedule a free and confidential consultation with our experienced prescription drug charge defense lawyers today.  We serve clients across New Jersey.

New Jersey Prescription Drug Charges: N.J.S.A. 2C: 35-10.5

Prescription drug offenses are just as serious as drug crimes involving stereotypically illegal drugs.  At Team Law, we handle charges involving all types of prescription drugs which include, for example,

In some cases, prescription drugs are perceived as being even more dangerous and addictive than typically illegal drugs sold on the streets.  The punishment can be equally serious.  Under N.J.S.A. 2C: 35-10.5, you could be charged with any one of the following crimes depending upon the circumstances:

The law does create a valid defense to certain possession and distribution charges when financial gain is not involved if you had a valid prescription for the drug and intended the drug to be used only for the recipient’s personal use and no more than six doses of the drug were involved.  Our lawyers can assert this defense by filing a motion with the courts, in which case it is possible that the judge will dismiss your case. 

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Prescription drug charges do not always involve the mere possession or distribution of prescription drugs.  Obtaining prescription drugs through fraud or forgery is also a crime.  Prescription fraud and prescription forgery are each third-degree crimes—and, in some cases, those charges can be added to other charges in your case.

At Team Law, our lawyers work tirelessly to explore every possible option in your case.  Whether that involves negotiating to have your charges reduced, getting your charges dropped outright or even exploring avenues aimed at rehab, we make sure you have a full understanding of what might happen in your case.

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Generally, to convict on prescription drug charges, the prosecution must prove several basic elements in any case.  Those include:

The amount of drugs possessed can become extremely important in prescription drug charge cases.  The difference between distributing four pills (a disorderly persons offense) and five pills (a third-degree crime) can mean the difference between a possible six-month jail sentence and five years in prison.

Similarly, whether you intended to distribute the prescription drugs for profit is an issue that we can often challenge.  Intent to distribute even four pills for profit results in significantly more serious charges.

We conduct the full and complete investigation necessary to understand the entire picture—we never rest based upon only the evidence provided by the prosecution.  We listen to your story, interview witnesses and examine every piece of evidence to make sure you have the strongest, most aggressive defense possible. 

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A prescription drug charge can derail your life even if you have no prior criminal record.  If you are facing prescription drug charges of any kind, call or contact Team Law to discuss options for your defense today. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Prescription Drug Charge Defense Strategies

FAQ: I don’t have any criminal record and was accused of committing a felony-level prescription drug offense. I did have a prescription for the drugs. Will I go to jail?

It depends on the circumstances. The prosecution and the courts both realize that many prescription drugs are highly addictive. In some cases, they may be more willing to accept probation if you agree to drug rehabilitation and counseling. If it was your first offense, a diversionary program might also be available—which can help you avoid prosecution and conviction altogether.

FAQ: What is prescription drug fraud?

Prescription drug fraud is a third-degree felony charge that applies when the defendant is accused of obtaining or acquiring prescription drugs by fraud. For example, if the defendant stole a prescription pad and forged a doctor’s signature to obtain pills, prescription drug fraud and prescription drug forgery charges may apply.

FAQ: Is it a crime to use prescription drugs without a prescription?

Yes. You can be charged with using prescription drugs illegally if the drug was not lawfully prescribed. The prosecution is not required to prove which prescription drugs you were using specifically. It is sufficient if the prosecution can prove you showed symptoms common to those who use a prescription drug improperly.

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