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Thousands of NJ traffic violations are issued every day for a wide variety of offenses, ranging from speeding to driving while intoxicated. When you get pulled over and receive a traffic ticket, it’s not unusual to think that your best option is to simply pay the fine and move on. However, many times, this is not your best and easiest course of action. Paying the ticket is the equivalent of pleading guilty to the charges. Even if your offense seems minor, the consequences can impact your insurance premiums and ultimately cost you thousands of dollars.

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The skilled and knowledgeable traffic violations lawyers at Team Law have been helping people fight traffic tickets in courtrooms throughout New Jersey for several decades. We have helped clients beat traffic tickets in Clark Municipal Court, West New York Municipal Court, Edison Municipal Court, Jersey City Municipal Court, and elsewhere in New Jersey. We know NJ traffic violation laws and believe strongly that before pleading guilty and paying a fine, you should contact an experienced lawyer who can assess your situation and advise you on the best course of action.

Traffic Violations & Penalties Are Severe in Edison, Jersey City, and All Surrounding New Jersey Towns

Traffic laws are the same throughout the state — whether you get tickets in Cherry Hill in Camden County, or anywhere else in New Jersey. If you get stopped for speeding, running a red light, careless driving, talking on a cell phone, or a DUI/DWI offense, your fines, and potential penalties will be the same regardless of which traffic court you must appear in. However, municipal court judges do have some leeway and many are willing to listen to an experienced traffic violation defense lawyer on the topic of downgrading a charge or enforcing the minimum penalties allowed by law.

It’s also possible to get your traffic violation dismissed with the help of a knowledgeable lawyer. Your Team Law attorney will look over your file to get a thorough understanding of your charges and then use their negotiating skills to work with the local prosecutors to get your charges downgraded or dismissed. In doing so, they may be able to save you from getting points on your license and lower the amount of fines you must pay.

Points are Assessed on Your NJ Driver’s License for Most Moving Violations

If you are found guilty of a moving violation (speeding or careless driving, for example), you will have points on your driving record. The more serious the offense, the more points you will receive. Here are some examples of points assessed for the most common traffic violations in New Jersey:

The Department of Motor Vehicles in NJ can also assess a fine when you accrue points. Your insurance company will likely also force you to pay a surcharge on your annual premium for every point that goes against your license. When you have 12 points on your license, your New Jersey driving privileges will be suspended. You must surrender your license to the NJ DMV. You may not drive with a suspended license.

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The renowned traffic violation lawyers at Team Law will assess your violation. We will work tirelessly to minimize associated penalties and protect your driving privileges.

Why Do You Need a Skilled Lawyer to Fight Your Traffic Ticket in Hudson, Essex or Union Counties?

Unless you have unlimited financial resources and plenty of time on your hands, going to municipal court to fight a traffic ticket on your own isn’t an advisable option. Depending on your specific charges, you could be dealing with potential jail time, loss of driver’s license (which can affect your ability to get to and from work), and significant fines. Other reasons to hire an experienced traffic ticket lawyer include:

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