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New Jersey Criminal Defense Lawyers

Trusted and Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyers Represent Clients Across New Jersey

Navigating the criminal defense system can be extremely overwhelming.  During one of the most difficult times in your life, you need a strong, experienced lawyer by your side.  Whether you are under investigation or have been charged with a crime, you can be confident that our lawyers at Team Law will work tirelessly with one goal in mind: winning a not guilty verdict in your case. 

At Team Law, our lawyers have been fighting to protect the rights of people across New Jersey for more than 60 years.  Our experienced criminal defense lawyers believe that every person deserves the strongest possible advocate on their side.  We understand that the repercussions of a criminal conviction extend far beyond the potential for jail and a criminal record.  Our lawyers work to build a strategy that will aim to protect your future.

Facing Criminal Charges And Have Questions? We Can Help, Tell Us What Happened.

Selecting a criminal defense lawyer can be overwhelming in itself.  At Team Law, we treat every potential client with respect and compassion.  We make ourselves available to answer any questions that you have as your case proceeds and work to make sure you feel informed, never rushed or pressured to accept a plea.

When facing criminal charges, it is important that you take steps to protect yourself.  The first and most important step is speaking with an experienced criminal defense lawyer.  At Team Law, our trusted lawyers are here to help you protect your future, your freedom and your reputation.  Contact our office today so that we can begin fighting to protect your rights as quickly as possible.

Criminal Defense Practice Areas

At Team Law, we handle a wide range of criminal cases.  Regardless of the crime’s severity, we are proactive in our approach to protecting your rights.  We fight to get the best possible results in your case, whether that means an outright dismissal, reduced charges or advocating on your behalf with the goal of winning a not guilty verdict at trial.  Examples of our criminal defense practice areas include:

Some of the charges listed here may seem substantially more serious than others—which is true.  However, at Team Law, our lawyers know that any criminal accusation, no matter how serious or seemingly minor, has the potential to have a ripple effect on your future.  We take every client and every case seriously, giving your situation the full attention you deserve. 

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Skilled Lawyers Help Clients Navigate the Criminal System in New Jersey

Our lawyers have the experience, dedication and resources needed to handle even the most complex criminal charges.  Most clients facing crimes have questions about what might happen in their case.  While every case is unique, the process can turn upon the type of offense involved.  Offenses in New Jersey are generally categorized as:

Within each general class, crimes are graded according to severity.  What might happen in your case depends upon a number of factors.  We work closely with you to learn about your history and the evidence in your case, which will help us develop a smart strategy for moving forward.  

At Team Law, you are always more than just a number on a file.  You can call us anytime to get more information about your case and how we are working to protect your rights.

Experienced, Tenacious Criminal Defense Lawyers Skilled at Building the Strongest Possible Defense for Our Clients

When you have been accused of committing a crime, proactively taking steps to protect yourself is critical.  The sooner our lawyers can get to work investigating your case and advocating on your behalf, the better your chances of getting a successful result. 

At Team Law, we know how to handle these cases because our lawyers have spent decades in the New Jersey courts.  We question every aspect of the prosecution’s evidence against you to build a smart, strong counterattack to the charges you’re facing.  Depending upon the facts of your case, that defense may include:

It is important to remember that criminal convictions are based upon evidence, not allegations and charges.  At Team Law, our lawyers have the legal skills and practical experience needed to poke holes in the prosecution’s case using a strong defense plan in your case. 

Call the Talented Criminal Defense Lawyers at Team Law Today to Learn More About Protecting Your Legal Rights

A criminal conviction can haunt you for years regardless of the crime’s severity.  Our lawyers at Team Law will fight to help you reclaim your life and protect your future.  We know that the stakes are high—your freedom, finances and reputation may all be at risk. 

Don’t leave your criminal defense to chance.  If you have been arrested, charged or are under investigation, contact Team Law to speak with an experienced New Jersey criminal defense lawyer today. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Criminal Defense in New Jersey

FAQ: I was arrested on criminal charges after the police searched my property. Can we get the charges dismissed?

The police are permitted to search your property under certain circumstances—generally, if they have probable cause that a search will reveal evidence about a crime. To search your home, the police must get a warrant for the search unless there are special circumstances that would make the search legal without a warrant. There is no bright line test to determine whether the search was legal. Our lawyers will analyze all of the surrounding facts and circumstances to determine whether it is possible to have the evidence suppressed based upon an illegal search.

FAQ: The police did not read me my Miranda rights. Can my case be thrown out?

Probably not. Miranda violations deal more with what you said after the arrest. For example, we might be able to have any statements that you made after the arrest excluded from evidence, because you were not advised of your right to remain silent or to call an attorney. Whether your case can be thrown out entirely will depend upon the entirety of the evidence against you.

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