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New Jersey Child Pornography Defense Lawyers

Seasoned Defense Lawyers Advocate for Clients Accused of Child Pornography in New Jersey

“Child pornography” is one of the most serious phrases in the English language.  Even an unfounded allegation that you were somehow involved with child pornograhy can destroy your reputation.  It’s critical to be proactive about protecting yourself by hiring an experienced, talented criminal defense lawyer.

If you have been arrested on child pornography charges in New Jersey, it’s important to take action quickly.  With over 60 years’ experience, our lawyers at Team Law have what you need to fight serious child pornography charges.  We will aggressively pursue action designed to protect your best interests–with the goal of having the charges dropped or winning a not guilty verdict at trial.

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We know that cases involving child pornography are sensitive.  When you choose Team Law, you’re innocent until proven guilty–even if it sometimes seems like the world has already levied a conviction.  Our defense lawyers treat clients with respect and understanding no matter the charges.  

Everyone deserves the strongest possible legal defense when accused of a crime–and every defendant has the legal right to a fair trial.  We take these matters seriously at Team Law.  Take the first step today and call Team Law for a free case review with an experienced child pornography defense lawyer.

Child Pornography Charges Carry Serious, Life-Changing Penalties in NJ

New Jersey law makes it a crime to view, possess, share, receive, distribute or create child pornography.  It is also illegal to permit a child to engage in child pornography.  A “child” for purposes of New Jersey law, is anyone under the age of 18.  Any sexually explicit depiction of a child can fall into the definition of child pornography if created for the sexual gratification of someone else.

Any type of medium counts–photos, videos, computer programs, files.  Mere possession of child pornography is a third-degree felony under N.J.S.A. 2C:24-4.  Punishment can include:

If convicted of distributing child pornography, you will face second-degree charges and a presumption of incarceration.  That means serving jail time without possibility of early release through parole.  

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Actually making child pornography is a first-degree felony.  Potential penalties if convicted on child pornography charges under  N.J.S.A. 2C:24-4(3) include:

Child pornography is also a federal crime.  For example, the federal government may have jurisdiction if the internet was used to transmit child pornography.  

If you’ve been accused of committing an offense involving child pornography, you already know that the stakes are high.  The prosecution’s goal is to convict.  The judge is looking out for the public interest.  

At Team Law, our defense lawyers are here to protect your interests.  We will advocate aggressively on your behalf and pursue every possible defense option to help you get your life back.  

A Skilled Defense Lawyer is Key to Fighting New Jersey Child Pornography Charges

An experienced defense lawyer can build a strong defense against conviction on child pornography charges.  As emotionally charged as these cases may be, an effective defense is possible.  At Team Law, we know how to build the best defense possible given the facts of your case.  

The New Jersey criminal code requires the prosecution to show that you knowingly were in possession of child pornography to convict.  Therefore, one viable defense strategy can include showing that you didn’t know you were in possession of child pornography.  

Technology defenses can also be viable in fighting child pornography charges.  Usually, law enforcement conducts a “search” of internet communications or electronic files in order to get the evidence to support their charges.  A strong defense can challenge the reliability of this evidence–after all, someone outside of your household could have accessed your wireless network.

However, it is not a defense to say that you didn’t know the subject was a minor.  

The number of images involved can also impact a jail sentence.  This is an evidentiary issue that our lawyers may be able to use to reduce the charges against you.

Your specific defense will depend upon the evidence the prosecution has against you and the charges involved.  At Team Law, we avoid cookie-cutter approaches to the law.  We investigate your case with fresh eyes to find any evidence the prosecution may have overlooked or downplayed.  We also examine every piece of evidence obtained by the prosecution to poke holes in its reliability.

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The state of New Jersey takes child pornography charges seriously–in fact, some state penalties might be more serious than the penalties for federal charges.  Fighting child pornography charges alone is never a good idea.  

At Team Law, our dedicated criminal defense lawyers will go to work immediately.  We comb through the evidence to identify any possible defense to protect your future and your reputation.  If you were arrested on child pornography charges, or are under investigation, don’t wait to act.  Call today for a free consultation with an experienced New Jersey child pornography defense lawyer.

Frequently Asked Questions About Child Pornography Defense in New Jersey

FAQ: My teenager was found in possession of sexually explicit photos of another teenager. Can my child be convicted on child pornography charges?

This type of situation has become increasingly common as more teenagers gain access to technology. Technically, it is possible for a teenager to be charged as an adult and convicted for child pornography. The state does recognize that this might not be a fair way to deal with teens who share intimate materials. The New Jersey ‘sexting’ law covers teenagers who share sexually explicit images with other teenagers.

This law is focused on educating teenagers about the problems with this type of behavior. Minors accused of sexting can attend state-sponsored educational programs and avoid prosecution and conviction for child pornography.

FAQ: Are there any time limits on New Jersey’s ability to charge me with child pornography?

Time restrictions may apply, yes. The state generally has two years from the date your conduct is discovered, or five years from the date the subject turns age 18–whichever date is later. If the state waits too long, the charges against you might be time-barred.

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