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New Jersey Opioid Prescription Malpractice Lawyers

Award-Winning New Jersey Medical Malpractice Lawyers Advocate for Victims of Opioid Prescription Malpractice

All doctors and medical professionals owe a legal duty to provide competent care to patients.  This duty includes a duty to act responsibly and reasonably in prescribing prescription drugs, such as opioids, for pain management.  Unfortunately, some New Jersey doctors have been over-prescribing opioids for decades. If you or a loved one have suffered the devastating consequences, you may be entitled to financial compensation based on opioid prescription malpractice.

At Team Law, we are passionate about holding medical professionals accountable for their part in the catastrophic opioid crisis that we are now faced with.  In our over 60 years’ worth of collective experience holding negligent parties responsible for their actions, we have recovered more than $650 million in compensation for victims.

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When a doctor’s reckless or careless prescription of dangerous prescription drugs causes addiction, we are here to fight to hold that doctor responsible for medical negligence.  If you or a loved one suffered serious medical harm or death after using prescription opioids for pain management, call or contact our office today. 

Understanding the Opioid Prescription Drug Crisis

Opioids are a form of strong pain management prescription drug historically prescribed to relieve only the most extreme pain.  In the past decades, however, some doctors have begun to prescribe opioids for less severe pain—for example, pain associated with wisdom teeth removal or minor injury. 

Opioids include drugs such as:

Medical Malpractice

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Bringing a Claim for Opioid Prescription Malpractice Under New Jersey Law

New Jersey usually only allows victims to file a claim for medical malpractice within:

With opioid addiction cases, the harm caused by the prescription of the drug may not be discovered until years after the prescription was made.  Importantly, the victim of the negligent prescription may be in no position to reasonably become aware of the malpractice until much later. 

Our skilled medical malpractice lawyers are here to make a strong case for your right to bring legal action against a negligent medical provider based on opioid prescription malpractice, which can be premised upon:

Talented Malpractice Lawyers Fight to Get Justice for Victims of Opioid Prescription Malpractice in New Jersey

In hindsight, most of us are now aware of the dangers posed by prescription painkillers like opioids.  However, even in the past, doctors had a legal duty to prescribe drugs responsibly—which means understanding the risks posed by those drugs.  Many inexperienced doctors prescribed opioids without first evaluating the risks. Others may have even received payments or kickbacks from the pharmaceutical companies manufacturing the drugs.

At Team Law, our skilled team of malpractice lawyers will conduct a full investigation of your case, which includes:

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Medical malpractice cases, including opioid prescription malpractice cases, can be complex and time-consuming.  At Team Law, we are here to handle every aspect of your case. Our skilled medical malpractice lawyers advocate for your legal right to compensation for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering and more so that you can focus on your physical and emotional recovery.

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Prescription drugs provide valuable benefits to countless patients throughout the country.  Despite this, opioids themselves carry the potential to result in devastating addiction from which a patient may never truly recover.  While the vast majority of doctors and healthcare providers execute their duties to patients with the care and skill, opioid addiction can often be attributed to medical malpractice. 

At Team Law, we provide aggressive and intelligent legal representation to hold negligent doctors accountable for opioid prescription malpractice. If you have suffered harm or lost a loved one because of prescription opioids, talk to an experienced medical malpractice lawyer about your options for recovering compensation.

Frequently Asked Questions About New Jersey Opioid Prescription Malpractice Claims

FAQ: Can anyone other than the prescribing doctor be held responsible for opioid prescription malpractice?

Yes. In some cases, we can explore options for holding a pharmacist, nurse, pharmacy or even the hospital itself responsible for the harm caused by opioid prescription malpractice. For example, if a nurse improperly gave you the opioids or a pharmacist failed to question a seemingly large dosage or amount of opioids, they may similarly be held liable for medical negligence.

FAQ: Do any New Jersey laws specifically address the doctor’s duty of care when prescribing drugs like opioids?

Yes. Under New Jersey Code Section 13:35-7.6, the doctor is required to take a complete medical history and physical exam, which includes evaluating the patient’s psychological functioning, history of substance abuse, and the pain involved. The doctor is required to include the following information about the opioid prescription in the patient’s medical record:

– The recognized medical condition that indicates the need for use of the prescription drug,
– The name of the prescription drug,
– The dosage, strength, and number of opioid pills prescribed, and
– Instructions given to the patient regarding how frequently the drug should be used.

Further, except in extenuating circumstances (such as treatment of terminal illness or extreme pain associated with cancer), doctors are not allowed to prescribe more than a 30-day supply or 120 doses.

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