Summit Divorce Lawyers

Summit Divorce Lawyers

Compassionate Summit Divorce Lawyers Guide Clients Through the Difficult Process of Divorce in Summit, NJ

Although couples likely never get married with the expectation of ultimately getting divorced, it is not unreasonable to expect that a marriage relationship can naturally reach its conclusion as spouses continue to grow and change as people. When that happens, a couple may agree that they should see a divorce. However, even if spouses mutually agree to a divorce, the issues that must be resolved in a divorce can lead to serious contention even between a couple that still has a good personal relationship. Team Law’s confidential Summit divorce lawyers are here to help.

The experienced Summit divorce attorneys at Team Law have for decades helped numerous clients through the difficult process of divorce. We know that our clients rely on us to provide sound, knowledgeable legal advice to help them make informed, reasoned decisions in their case. We also work tirelessly to protect our clients’ rights and interests and to advocate for their needs and goals where necessary.

Contact Team Law today to schedule a confidential consultation with one of our knowledgeable Summit, NJ divorce lawyers about your legal rights and options and to learn more about how our firm can help you pursue a fair and favorable outcome in your divorce case.

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Divorce Matters That Our Attorneys Can Provide Expert Legal Advice and Representation For

Most divorce cases involve more than just simply ending the legal marriage of a couple. Instead, a court will only issue a divorce decree dissolving a divorce once a couple has resolved the outstanding financial and personal issues in their relationship. The Summit divorce lawyers of Team Law can help you when your divorce matter involves resolving issue such as:

Our firm can help you regardless of how simple or complex these issues might be for you and your family. We know that trying to litigate these issues can cause the costs of divorce to quickly spiral out of control, which is why our attorneys have successfully helped clients amicably resolved divorce issues through negotiation or mediation. Our firm also has the resources to help, including working with forensic accounting and financial experts, when the financial and personal issues in your divorce are particularly complex, such as if you and/or your spouse owns high-value assets or business interests or if you suspect that your spouse may be concealing income or assets to deprive you of your fair share.

Why You Should Choose Team Law When You Are Pursuing Divorce in Summit, NJ

A divorce is a complex process in which a married couple tries to untangle their lives so that they can move on with the separate chapters of their lives. You don’t have to go through the difficult process of divorce by yourself. At Team Law, our Summit divorce lawyers are ready to help you secure fair and favorable outcomes to the issues in your divorce. Our firm was established over 60 years ago to help real people with their legal matters; we are proud to help our clients with their legal needs. Our legal team works diligently to ensure that you are treated fairly by the legal system and that you get an outcome in your divorce matters that meets the goals and needs that you have for your divorce. We will always provide you with legal advice to help you make an informed and rational decision when trying to resolve your divorce issues, but we are always prepared to defend and advocate for your rights in negotiation, mediation, or in litigation and fight to help you get the results you need and deserve.

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If you’ve made the decision to pursue a divorce from your spouse, or if you and your spouse are already in the middle of divorce proceedings, contact the Summit divorce lawyers at Team Law as soon as possible to set up a confidential case review to discuss your legal rights and options and to learn more about how our firm can help you in resolving the outstanding issues in your divorce case.

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About Summit, NJ

Summit is a city located in Union County, New Jersey. Likely named for its position atop Second Watchung Mountain, Summit is frequently ranked by publications and news outlets as one of the top 100 highest income municipalities in the country. The city initially served as a getaway for wealthy New Yorkers and as home to a silk industry; the silk factories eventually moved out and were replaced by significant residential construction. Summit took on its present suburban character following World War II when people who worked in Manhattan looked for a place where they could commute into work from.

Frequently Asked Questions about Divorce in Summit, NJ

How much does a divorce attorney cost?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to predict how much legal representation will cost for your divorce. Most divorce attorneys handle a case on an hourly rate basis, which means the longer your divorce takes due to contentious litigation over the issues in your case, the most expensive your divorce attorney will be. Although complexities in the spouses’ finances can have some effect on the cost of lawyers for a divorce, in most cases the increase in a lawyer’s bill is due to fights between the spouses over the issues in the divorce.

Do I or my spouse have to move out of the house if we get divorced?

It is not necessary for either you or your spouse to move out of your marital home, unless there are allegations of domestic violence. You and your spouse may choose to both live in the marital home and it will not have any effect on your divorce. However, if both of you no longer wish to live together but you cannot decide who will move out of the marital home, the court can award temporary possession of the property to one spouse for the duration of the divorce proceedings.

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